What flower in September wedding?

Romantic wedding, vintage wedding, chic wedding, country wedding, if there is a common point in all weddings, it’s the flowers! Despite everything it is not always easy to know exactly what you want in terms of floral decoration for your wedding, especially when asked a few months in advance…

Beautiful flowers are not lacking, orchids, roses, hydrangea, anemones, chrysanthemums, peonies, amaryllis, scent peas, dahlias… But how to best brief his florist? What information to give him? What room for manoeuvre leave him to avoid disappointment?

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First thing, it is very important to book the florist in advance. Good florists are in great demand and can not take more than 2 or 3 weddings per weekend. So take care of the booker at least 6 months in advance.

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Once you have found the rare pearl, comes the time of the first date. Feel free to bring an inspiration board so that your florist will identify your desires. Then list your requests. To help you, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • The Table Centers

This is often what is given priority to the florist. Decorating your tables will be the main element of your decoration. First thing to define, do you want floral arrangements (rather on roundtables)? Garlands of flowers (rather on oval or rectangular tables)? Or elevated compositions? It will also be necessary to make a potential table plan for be able to give the number of centerpieces to the florist.

  • The Bride’s Bouquet

They will be scrutinized by your guests! So take the time to choose it. What size do you want? What shape? It will have to adapt to your body shape and dress.

  • The groom’s buttonhole

And maybe those of the bridesmaids, fathers, brothers or grandfathers. They can pick up the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet. The groom’s buttonhole is usually slightly larger than the others.

  • The bride’s hairstyle: comb or wreath

And will the bridesmaids have Flower crowns matched to the bride’s hairstyle?

  • The ark if there is a secular ceremony

Round arch, classic or country decoration, to bloom your arch everything is possible!

  • Buffets

If you choose a floral decoration to embellish your buffets, do not hesitate to recycle it between the wine of honor and the dessert buffet for example.

  • The car of the newlyweds

Wreath, garland of flowers or more discreet decoration at the mirrors, there are plenty of ideas to flower the car of the bride and groom.

  • The tips of benches in the church or during the secular ceremony

A large white peony or a small bouquet of roses can do the trick very well. The do it yourself is therefore possible on this item of expenditure. It is also possible to flower the armchairs of the newlyweds at ceremonies, or their chairs at dinner.

  • The petals

A good alternative to cotillons. Most often it is rose petals, which are thrown on the bride and groom at the exit of the town hall or church. Another original idea is to arrange them on the ground to make a way to the hall.

  • Floral compositions

You can have as many bouquets of flowers as you like! There are never too many flowers. Think about containers: vases, cups, pots, cups…

Name holders, candlesticks, candlesticks, candlesticks… All the objects of your decoration can be flowered! Feel free to look for inspiration on wedding blogs or from your florist.

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Then tell your florist your desires for colors or if you want flowers in particular, exotic flowers or field flowers for example. Don’t forget to give her your theme: country, vintage, bucolic, bohemian, magical… The important thing is to communicate the atmosphere you want, without too much clarification so that she can let go her creativity.

Define the budget “flowers”

Assessing the price of flowers is not always simple. Do not hesitate to ask him to budget a maximum of things, to finally remember those who will have the best quality/price ratio in your eyes 🙂

On average a centerpiece will return to you at 50 euros, a bridal bouquet at 70 euros, flower an arch will cost you 200 euros, a buttonhole: 5 euros, a wreath of flowers: 15 euros, a floral garland: 70 euros per meter…

If your budget does not allow you to take everything you want, think about do it yourself! You don’t have to go through your florist for everything. Give him the flower compositions or what seems to you to be the most complicated. And make yourself large country bouquets based on cut flowers, for example. Garlands based on eucalyptus, branchings and ivy can also make a very nice home decoration.

A few last little tips

  • Think about the seasons, we do not find the same flowers in summer and winter.
  • Always give preference to natural flowers to artificial flowers.
  • Think about dried flowers and green plants, they can also do their effect.
  • Be careful not to leave flowers in direct sunlight on D-Day.
  • Trust your florist and do not hesitate to ask her for his opinion!

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