Investment in Morocco: Why invest in Marrakech?

With a sublime environment, Morocco is a privileged destination by several people. Indeed, this Maghreb country of Africa has several assets that facilitate investment in the kingdom. Its proximity to the Western powers is a factor that will necessarily encourage profitable investment. The kingdom’s attractive economy, its investment policy and the various free trade agreements with several economic groupings around the world symbolize an important consumer market for investors on all continents.

Discover in this article all the arguments that make the city of Marrakech , a rich hub of investment in the real estate sector in particular.

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Marrakech, a city of dural architecture

Despite the socio-economic upheavals, the city of Marrakech has kept its artistic charm and architectural originality . Rich in history, the structure of the buildings was influenced by a current of oriental architecture. This is evidenced by the festive aspect of souks, markets and especially the streets of the famous Medina. Making a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, the city of Marrakech has comfortable accommodation for tourists. It is then a real nest of real estate opportunities . Thus, the real estate agency CoteMedina will also be able to help you make profitable investments if you decide to embrace this area of activity.

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With its magnificent gardens, palm grove and playful activities, Marrakech is a popular destination for tourists. Solidarity and the warm welcome of the inhabitants make it possible to quickly socialize with the environment. An investment in the real estate sector turns out to be a godsend to make good profits . Your accommodations can be used both as seasonal rentals for tourists, but also for foreign students who come to acquire new knowledge.

The tax and economic advantages of Marrakech

The Moroccan kingdom has often been presented as the best gateway to the African continent and the best channel leading to Europe. This natural asset of nature that the kingdom has favoured some tax exemptions . Thus, we have:

  • C.A export profit tax relief over a period of 5 years;
  • Reduction by 80% of the amount of tax due in respect of their pension in favour of pensioners;
  • A lack of tax on wealth and inheritance tax;
  • Low cost of a young, dynamic, skilled and motivated workforce (€180 per month);
  • The discretion and robustness of the banking system;
  • Insurance of the transfer of invested capital and profits;
  • Economic liberalism and trade agreements with foreign countries;
  • The guarantee of a stable and secure political environment for the smooth running of activities.

The regulations in force in Morocco allow you to make good investments and earn substantial profits. This is an opportunity to increase your revenue streams. However, it is also important to know which sector to invest in get the most profit.

Investment sectors in Marrakech

There are a variety of promising areas where you can invest and easily make a profitable return on your earnings. For example, you have the arts sector, transportation and travel, cosmetics, but also and above all the real estate sector. Indeed, real estate is a very promising area in Marrakech for foreign investors who wish to count Morocco as one of their country of real estate investment. Opportunities for housing acquisition are legion.

Conquered by the comfort of the city, you can, like many other foreigners who have already taken the step, acquire a residence for your stays in the Red City. Depending on your desires, this residence can be located in the very heart of the city with oriental architecture or Medieval . It is up to you to choose the type of home you want. However, the enchanting decor of the interior courtyards and riads of the different units available give your home an originality.

If you have a preference for residences of another type of architecture, land on which you can build are also available. All these palace-worthy accommodations and lots in addition to attractive apartments, are sold at very attractive prices. Whatever type of investment you are considering, Marrakech is the perfect city to develop such activity:

  • Opening a store;
  • Opening of a hotel;
  • Construction or purchase of rental housing;
  • Opening a restaurant, etc.

Some tips to optimize your investment

The implementation Application of several practical ideas can help you make your investment profitable. It is about:

  • Periodically renting your residence : If you do not have time to stay in your home all the time, you can put it on the rental market during holiday periods.
  • Renting your residence : You can also choose the option to rent your home by signing leases for one or several years with Moroccans or foreigners.
  • Marketing on the rental market to ensure your retirement : This investment can be a retirement plan for you. You can rent part of the accommodation and use the rest for personal use.

Once your investment is profitable, you can also sell your home and get the most out of it. All in all accounts, Marrakech is a pleasant and attractive city that has an advantageous regulation for everythinginvestment.

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