How to create a chatbot?

Chatbots jump out of the ground like mushrooms. And that’s right, because with a chatbot, it’s possible to generate more leads than using an old-fashioned contact form.

At Stormtig, we specialize in chatbots. In the meantime, we’ve created chatbot flows with different programs for hundreds of companies, and we’re happy to share our favorite tools and give you tips on what to look for when you build a chatbot yourself.

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated interlocutor and is a merge of the words “chat” and “robot.” A chatbot provides automated answers to visitors’ questions. As a result, a chatbot often works much faster live chat, where a real person answers. However, a real person is often able to give better answers than a robot.

What a chatbot looks like in the back. Stupid vs smart chatbot

Chatbots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are dumb chatbots with just one flow, where the chatbot doesn’t respond to a visitor’s answers. For example, a chatbot asks, “What’s your question?” After completing the question, a chatbot reports: “Thank you, we will contact you by email or phone. You’ll hear from us!” A stupid chatbot works great on most smaller websites, with the goal of collecting leads as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, we recommend creating multiple flows ****1Example of a chatbot on Stormy. . This means there are multiple routes. Depending on a visitor’s response, a path is taken. For example, a chatbot asks, “What are you looking for?” and then gives three options: ‘A New Car’, ‘A Second-hand Car’ and ‘A Bicycle’. When a visitor clicks “A Bike”, the chatbot answers “How nice you’re looking for a bike! Do you already have one brand in mind? ‘ and then shows a list of brands. All of these answers are programmed in advance.

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Smart chatbots have automatic answer recognition. For example, a chatbot asks, “What can I help you with?” A website visitor types: “What are the shipping costs in Belgium?” The chatbot recognizes the words “shipping” and “Belgium” and answers automatically. This means that the chatbot is linked to a database of keywords and answers. Does the chatbot not recognize a comment? Then a ‘fallback’ answer is given, such as: “Sorry, I don’t recognize your question. Would you like to speak to a customer service representative?” The smartest chatbots are linked to multiple databases

. Suppose a woman looks at a nice dress in a webshop and asks “What’s the delivery time?” , the chatbot checks if the product is in stock. In addition, the first name is recognized because the woman is logged in. The answer: “Hi Sonja. Yes, we only have a few pieces of this dress in size XS. We can make sure this dress is at your home tomorrow. Shall I book a dress for you right away?” Chatbot Programs

There are hundreds of chatbot programs now, and some programs offer a free subscription, such as Quriobot (, up to 500 chats). We advise you to get started with professional software right away. The cost varies from around 15 euros per month to 100 euros per month. Our two favorite tools are Continually and BotStar. Continually is free up to 1,000 pageviews per month or cost 17 euros a month (up to 10,000 pageviews p/month, on annual billing), while BotStar costs $15 a month for 500 chats per month. Even more economical chatbot? Stormy works with BotStar, allowing us to subscribe to BotStar for just 10 euros a month. In addition, we’re happy to help you build your chatbot, so contact us if you need help. Chatra

Chatra is a new chatbot program. Live chat functionality is free. Want to try the chatbot’s capabilities? Then you can test these possibilities for ten days without obligation via this link. After that, you pay 15 euros a month per agent. You can take advantage of a variety of features, such as automatic triggers and automatic responses. This works as follows. In Chatra, go to Settings and then ‘Automated answers’. You can add answers to choices a visitor makes. For Targeted chats & triggers, you can choose a custom notification based on a specific condition (e.g. current URL, site time, location). Suppose someone sniffed on the “Our Team” page for more than forty seconds, you can send a message: “Do you want to meet our team? Send an message!”



Continually is by far the easiest chatbot software. In addition, is free up to 1,000 page views via this link. The software looks licked. On the other hand, you can’t create super smart chatbots with it (like BotStar). Continually offers more than enough possibilities for 95% of websites. For example, Continually has its own bot builder. You can visually arrange your flows here. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a preview of your bot. Suppose you’re using a multi-choice block, you can connect answers to new blocks. That way flows are created. ****3Part of the bot builder’s screen in Continually. One advantage of Continually (compared to BotStar) is that you can specifically indicate where a bot appears. In the case of our customer livestock feed.Now we show a different bot on each product page. Go to the “feed potatoes” product page, you’ll see that a specific bone appears for feed potatoes. Our statistics show that a specific bot for a landing page works better than a general bot for all pages, and Continually has more options: showing only a bot outside of opening hours, to new visitors, returning visitors, via a particular channel, or mobile. visitors.

Targeting Opportunities in Continually. Continually also has a handy Mailchimp link. You can include tags, for example based on certain answers. This makes it possible to send a very targeted email (and to start marketing automation). You’ll see that your email address list is growing steadily. Continually also has an automatic link with Google Analytics. Chat conversations are tracked as events in Analytics, making it easy to make goals. Also useful is the Google Calendar link. This allows customers to make an appointment immediately. create with you, and the appointment appears in Google Calendar. BotStar

BotStar has a steep learning curve. This means it will take you a few days to get the hang of BotStar well. If you understand all the functionalities well, the possibilities are endless. BotStar uses a visual Bot Builder, where you create a flow. You can use Basic Blocks (to display information such as text, multiple choice answers, video, images), deploy Advanced Blocks (e.g. run a script), or place Action Blocks (update variables, send email, add subscriber). The difficulty lies in connecting the blocks. This is how to start with a Basic Block (e.g. how can I help you?). To save the answer, create a variable and add an Action Block (Update Variable). Only then can you use this information to send an email or store it in database. Creating a chatbot already costs soon twice as much time as Continually. ****5The Bot Builder in BotStar. There are many benefits on the other hand. BotStar can be linked to (an API to better recognize spoken language). If someone type: “I want to book a table tomorrow for 3, please at 7 p.m.”, recognizes the intent (table reservation) and takes the correct dates out of the sentence (3 = 3 people). Without a link to, the chatbot would not understand “3”. BotStar also has its own CMS system that can be filled with data. This allows you to upload all products (including prices, inventory), allowing BotStar to use this data to provide good answers. BotStar also has a dictionary (Keyword Set), where you can link keywords to answers. If someone types a certain set of words — and BotStar recognizes certain words — it will give an answer.

One advantage of BotStar is that you can post a bot on your website, but you can also create a Messenger bot for Facebook. The advantage of a Messenger bot is that you can create a so-called Drip Campaign, where you can send someone multiple messages through Messenger for a certain period of time.

Like Continually, BotStar can be linked to other applications. This can be done via Zapier, but also via Integromat. Both Continually and BotStar makes it possible for a human operator to have a chat conversation, for example because a chatbot crashes. So you can chat directly with a visitor.

Tips for creating your own chatbot

Are you going to create a chatbot yourself? We’d love to give you some helpful tips to help you avoid getting stuck. #1 Write a script

Before you start building, it’s smart to work out a script first. You can do this in Word, but you can also use a whiteboard. Draw the flows you have in your head. If you get stuck somewhere, it’s easy to start over or make adjustments. #2 Start with a Stunner

Seduce visitors to click on the chatbot. You do this with a recruiting phrase. So not “Click here to chat with our chatbot”, but “Curious about the promotional price of this bike? Click here!” or “Today only: 10% discount. Click here to claim the discount code!”

The chatbot on Forza Cycling starts with a stimulating phrase. #3 Multiple Choice Works Better

Continually offers an opportunity to display a multi-choice block as an opening response. Our statistics show that this works better than a generic message. A multi-choice block immediately shows what the possibilities are. It takes a visitor just one click to read the chatbot’s response. An example of a multiple choice block as an opening response can be seen on our website. Note: Use the Multiple Choice Block only on desktop. On mobile screens, the multi-choice block takes up too much space. #4 Choose the Right Thresholds

Want as many leads and filter as possible? you look out the non-serious leads later? Or do you have little time, so you just want to receive serious leads? It’s important to know this. To give you an example, on Stormy, thousands of visitors come to our online marketing blogs every day. At first, the chatbot was very open and as a visitor was able to ask a question quickly. We noticed that multiple questions came in from students or other online marketers every day. Very nice, but this took us a lot of time too. That’s why the chatbot is now designed to find new customers (and there’s no more option to ask a question). #5 Don’t make the flows too hard

A classic beginner mistake is that mega-complex flows are conceived. First start with a simple flow (Opening -> Ask Question -> Name -> Email -> Optional Phone Number ->

Thank You) and then expand slowly. That’s how to keep an overview. #6 A/B testing to measure difference

Do you want the effect of measure a chatbot? Start with an A/B test, where half of the visitors see the chatbot. You can easily start an experiment with Google Optimize, free software from Google. Do you find it difficult to set up a chatbot? At Stormtig, we’re happy to help you build your chatbot. Contact us if you’d like to have a chatbot.

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