Become a mystery customer and earn money

The mystery client is an activity whose missions sometimes make a smile. But did you know that by becoming a mystery client, you could round off your endings by earning some money? Whether in a restaurant or in store, the mystery customer has simple missions that serve the company that appeals to him. We’re talking about the mystery client job.

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  • What is a Mystery Customer?
  • The company and its mystery client
    • Why call on the mystery client?
  • Mystery client missions Become a mystery
    • client Mystery client: the expected skills
  • And after the mission of the mystery client?

What is a mystery client?

It’s a job that’s not as mysterious as it seems. The mystery client is a person responsible for controlling the quality of the service sold by a company. The mystery client is somehow a fake customer, paid to evaluate a service.

Mystery client missions are mostly pleasant to fulfill, low constraint and make it easy toround off the ends of months .

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The services to be evaluated by the mystery customer can take various forms: food in a restaurant, cosmetic sector, reception in a particular store, tester of video games or even holidays… The possibilities are vast. Discover with us the missions of the mystery client.

The company and its mystery client

A mystery customer is responsible for quality control. He is anonymous and unknown to the company to which he is required to go to carry out his control and evaluation. A company calls on a customer mystery to keep an eye on the quality of products and services sold and offered by the company’s employees.

Why call on the mystery client?

An agency can make available its mystery clients for the needs of a company. Need toimprove a brand image , to better target its customers, review the quality of a product… The reasons to appeal to the mystery customer in a company are numerous but aim at improving the services.

By collecting information from a mystery customer, a company is better able to respond to and understand the needs of its customers. The use of the mystery client is a system of self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a company.

Mystery Client Missions

  • Go to several sites to carry out its missions of control;
  • Control the quality of a product or service;
  • Rate and evaluate according to his or her feelings, on many criteria;
  • Record the customer relationship;
  • Testing products;
  • Make specific requests and appreciate the answer;

As you will understand, the missions of the mystery client do not stop at the satisfaction survey. As part of their misions, mystery clients are briefed . They must prepare themselves for their task before arriving in the undertaking concerned by the control.

The expectations of the company sponsoring the mystery client can be very high. In this case, the agency that distributes mystery customers will choose a somewhat more experienced person so that this surprise visit is perfectly carried out by the mystery client.

Become a mystery customer

You Are you looking for a job supplement to earn some money? Why not become a mystery client for a few weeks or even months, to make you extra income ?

Being a mystery client is an experience to do. The job and the missions are rather friendly, little stressful and quite pleasant. On-site, since the main mission of the mystery client is to test, they will not really realize that he is working. That said, you must have certain skills to become a mystery customer: money deserves itself.

Mystery client: expected skills

As a future mystery client, here is what will be expected of you:

  • Your mission requires reliability and seriousness;
  • You have the ability to score, step back, fair judgment;
  • You pass very well for a lambda customer
  • ; You must be able to move from site to site;
  • You know how to “pretend”;
  • You like to test products, dishes, etc.
  • You like to make a new experience from time to time;
  • You know how to argue an assessment;
  • You adapt to the requested mission;
  • You know how to be discreet;
  • You are comfortable both oral and written;
  • You have good spelling control;
  • You like to write reports based on your experience;

The mission of the mystery client is a full-fledged job in the field, but will not necessarily bring you the equivalent of a monthly salary. If you depend on a mystery client agency or an interim agency, make known your availabilities and desires.

Some missions and visits can really be appreciated and offer good compensation if you are at the right time and place.

And after the mission of the mystery client?

After you have been on the ground to carry out your mission and satisfaction survey, you are usually asked for an investigator’s report. You write, rate, evaluate your shopping purchases and tests as accurately as possible.

Your services serve to improve the brand image of a company, so make sure you take the most neutral, common and natural behavior possible during your visit.

If you match the desired profile for a mystery client, your agency can call on its investigator in a regulatory way.

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