Who was the first person to convert to Islam?

In this article I will discuss my teen’s identity search concept. When your child converts to a new religion, it is a complete life change that can shock you.

Here are some tips that, in my opinion, would be very helpful to parents trying to cope with the conversion of their child.

It could also be useful for anyone whose child is converted to a new religion.

My child wants to convert to the Muslim religion, for you parents, this news comes without warning. We’ll see what you need to know about your teen’s decision.

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You are in shock and your concern is normal, but you will have to see your teen’s future in a new eye.

You are wondering what to deal with your teenager who just converted.

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A benevolent education and Supportive

My teen wants to convert to Islam

That’s it. Your teenager has just informed you that he wants to convert to Islam . You receive the news as a sword in the back and like any answer you remain puzzled in the face of the news without being able to open your mouth.

It is understandable to be shocked or even upset, do not judge your child too quickly, it will keep him away from you, which is usually the last thing that parents want.

Fortunately, you will find between these lines what to comfort yourself and how to make peace with your son on the new path he has drawn.

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What you need to know about your teen’s decision

First, respect your teen’s choice to convert to Islam, hoping that this choice comes from himself and be sincere.

It’s a personal choice that you should not immediately refute with the reverse of your hand on the pretext that you are against it. For a teenager who wants to convert to Islam, there are several reasons for this. Teens are, by nature, very influencable and manipulable beings. It is to see if he is not manipulated by someone around him and that choice comes from himself.

None will tell you not to contradict it because, it is the best way to see him rob. What you will have to do is try to contradict him on his practices in relation to what is actually written in the Quran.

In a country like France where you can encounter sects with dubious practices everywhere, chances are that your teen will be manipulated or attracted to this religion by someone from his or her influential entourage.

It’s up to you now to do your little inquiry to find out what that it is exactly.

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Normal anxiety

For the parent you are, your concern is normal and well-founded to the extent that this is your most absolute right.

It is not easy for a mom or dad to see her son move overnight towards a religion with full amalgam given the promotion of that religion in the media around the world.

What is said throughout the day and that maintains the mistrust of each other is that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, mutual help between brothers and sisters, freedom when we see branches of extremists who only sow horror and astonishment to mourning families. What Islam do these activists without heart or faith claim?

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See your teen’s future in a new eye

All done, you must see your teen’s future in new days. There are Muslims who practice but dress normally, work like everyone else, who continue to have very good parent/child relations with their parents and who live their time.

However, you have to do vigilance your creed and ensure that you counter your teen on practices that will run counter to what is normally written in the Quran. If your teen left the scene one morning after big fights without saying anything, it’s because problems remain.

Teens sometimes act on a whim without any preparation. For most people, being a Muslim is very poorly perceived.

So you have a duty as a parent to protect your son. So you need to think about reassuring him if he raises doubts or if he is afraid. A fear that is justified in part by the fact that there is a lot of media disturbance around day on the Muslim region.

Your teen needs your benevolence because a teenager rejected or dismissed in such a situation will tend to turn to unadvisable places of refuge.

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What to do with your teenager who has just converted to Islam?

Faced with your teenager who has just converted to Islam, keep yourself not to panic. Tell yourself that because your son wants to become a Muslim doesn’t mean he’s ready to take up arms to fight in Syria or be fundamentalist or terrorist.

Avoid as much as possible to get him to choose between you and his new religion. This does not bode any better tomorrow in your favor. Wherever possible, read the Quran to foster dialogue between you and your teen.

Your son will see by this way that you hold on him, even if you are not on the same side as him.

Avoid engaging in unfinished speeches referring to acts of violence indexing Islam or Muslim fundamentalists anything that is unrelated to your teen’s decision or attempts to change his mind. To some extent, try to get your teenager to give you the reasons for his or her choice without showing too much importance. If it is not too much to advise you, try to know always by discussing with your teen what he knows about the fundamental texts of Islam.

For your teenager, always show affection so that he knows that you will stand by him no matter what happens.

In any way, you know your teen better. Even if you do not know his motivations in substance, if your doubts persist about his choice and your concerns are gaining ground day by day, get help from a more enlightened person such as a mosque imam or a parent support association for newly converted Muslims to know what to do.

If your intentions go in the direction of making him change his mind, it is up to you to find the right arguments to dissuade him, otherwise you will only have to help him on the path he has set for himself.

Overall, this is going to be difficult, but remember that everything revolves around your child. Whatever their religion, you should always see him for what it really is inside and not for what is different outside.

Anyone who has questions about Islam or conversion, please send me a message.

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