Who should arrange a baby shower?

A party now widespread in Europe, the baby shower may be the right time to announce the sex of the baby, designate the godmother or even reveal the first name. A great opportunity to offer many gifts for the mom and her future baby.

As a rule, the mom is not supposed to take care of the organization of the baby shower since she must remain a surprise, but we will see in this article that this rule tends to disappear. In this article we will talk about the organization of the baby shower by the grandmother, dad, godmother and best friend. Want to know more, then hang on!

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Grandma organizes the baby shower

The grandmother, whether she is the mother of the future mom or the future dad, can very well organize the baby shower. The grandmother will tend to organize the baby shower in the small family cocoon or she will feel comfortable preparing the meals and decoration, often at home.

The enthusiasm she will benefit from being for the first or once again grandmother will push her to organize an event that will bring family and close friends together.

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If you are the grandmother, do what you can do best, a good meal and an impeccable organization. As for the invitation of the girlfriends, ask the dad to help you and as far as activities are concerned, ask the best friend to help you. You have enough to take care of.

Dad organizes the baby shower

Although this may be a good proof of love, the organization of the baby shower by the dad is not common. This holiday is originally exclusively feminine. We share the secrets of pregnancy, birth and the little things to know intimacy point of view. Not really the kind of conversation a man is in order General will appreciate discussing for hours (of course there are some and should not generalize but admit that they are not legion).

If the dad wants to organize a baby shower in good shape, he will invite a close friend of his girlfriend to organize it and lend her hand to build the schedule, invitations and meal. The best friend will not fail to honor her during the celebration.

If you are a dad and you still want to organize and participate in it, go ahead. No one can restrain you from delighting your partner and she will be particularly delighted, still make sure that nobody else has thought about it beforehand.

The future godmother organizes the baby shower

Already lucky to have been chosen as the godmother of the future child, she will also be able to organize a baby shower to her godson or godson. She will participate in the making of cakes, cup cakes and other pastries.

She is usually in complicity with the grandmother in organizing this holiday. Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from participating in the service at the table and in the reception of gifts.

It should also be noted that godwomen are also known for offering the best gifts, so if it is your case, open your wallet.

Best Friend Organizes Baby Shower

The best friend is truly the ideal person for the organization of the baby shower. The best friend will make sure to invite people who will be able to spend a memorable time to the future mom.

Being her confidente, the best friend will know who the mother would not want to see and therefore avoid avoiding them. She will choose the best local suitable for the party, choose the theme tastefully and plan activities really interesting.

If you are the best friend, you can do the baby shower at home, or at the grandmother’s. Ask the future dad for advice, he will be delighted to provide you with the answers to the questions you still have.

Mom organizes the baby shower

Technically, the baby shower must be a surprise, it is historically organized by a family person or a close friend. But sometimes it happens that the mother, not being sure to receive one from her entourage, takes the front and organizes her own baby shower.

If so, talk to girlfriends about it, one of them will certainly want to help you. Between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy you can organize it because you will have little pain but this being remains exhausting in your condition, do not hesitate to ask the family or dad a little help.

So, who has to prepare for this holiday ?

If you want to respect traditions, she must be one of the best friends of the future mom, she will invite her girlfriends and close family to it except men.

But these are just generalities, free to organize this event whoever you are for future parents, as long as it makes them happy.

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