What was the first chatbot in history?

A chatbot is an automated interlocutor. Responding to command. The first chatbot was developed in 1964 and was the first bot to actually pass through the Turing Test. A chatbot can be used for a number of things including ordering food. Want to know what the Turingtest means? Or would you like to learn more about how to deploy chatbots? Read this blog.

How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot participates in a typed conversation. It is often through a dialogue where the visitor types in a question and the bot answers it. The bot can not only answer questions, but also ask questions, such as a quiz, or make an announcement to keep others informed about certain developments, for example. There are also chatbots that are menu-driven. They can present a visitor a choice or play a game like the game ‘1 against. 100’.

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Like people, chatbots often have a call sign that allows them to participate in the conversation. Most bots are designed to solve a service and behave like a typical computer program created to help through a command line. A common command is “help”. Most bots follow the whole conversation and store things in their “memory.” As soon as the visitor says they need help, they can ask back about the previous conversation which makes it more human.

The history of chatbots

The chatbots are certainly not new. The first bot was developed in 1964 and was done in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by American computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum. He developed a chatbot called ELIZA to show communication. was possible between man and machine. ELIZA stimulated a conversation between a psychotherapist and his patient, where ‘she’ gave users the illusion to understand them.

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Chatbot ELIZA is still available at the moment. Although ELIZA is not very intelligent, many people unconsciously attributed human feelings to this bone. This is also known as the Eliza effect. ELIZA was also the first chatbot to pass the Turing Test developed in 1950. This test means that the computer communicates with a person. If the subject doesn’t recognize it’s a bot then the test has passed.

Now Chatbots

****0 chatbots can help us on the internet. Instead of searching for yourself relevant information a chatbot provides us with the information. The advantage is that we spend less time searching for the right information. But you can use a bot for not only to find relevant information. But even when ordering a book, a chatbot could be used. The bot stores the last book you ordered it and which books you searched. Based on this information, more relevant books from the same writer, writer or genre may be offered at the next visit. A chatbot can also be used when ordering food. The bot will remember what you ordered and offers it the same next time. They do this to make it easier for the customer if they want to order the same again.

How intelligent is chatbot?

A chatbot works on pattern recognition. There are one or more patterns that can come along. There is a different action associated with each different pattern. That act may consist of giving an answer. For example, if the question is “what kind of weather will it be tomorrow in Utrecht?” then the bot in its place names database must connect to the Internet service that provides the weather report to provide the correct answer. The bots aren’t very smart. To the question “are you back in Utrecht?” will come the same answer. Because the bot links the word “again” to the place name.

The application of chatbots

Chatbots is increasingly being deployed by companies to support visitors in their conversation. Because chatbots are automated systems, it’s cheap alternatives to answering many questions. Chatbots can be used as customer service, among other things, or they have a more marketing oriented role. When deployed for the second option, the marketing oriented role, they are often deployed on a Messenger platform such as Windows live Messenger. This is done because a bot has easier access to the right audience.


****1 Chatbots can be very useful for businesses. They can be used as customer service and therefore become a cheaper workforce. A chatbot can also be used when ordering a book or movie, giving the visitor more relevant content on the next visit. When ordering food, the chatbot is also used frequently, they offer the same dish you ordered before. A chatbot can so be very useful. But be aware that they are not always very intelligent and can make bots mistakes as well.

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