What is aesthetic gynecology ?

Aesthetic medicine intervenes in the treatment of several parts of the body. Among these are the intimate areas of the woman. In this case, special mention is made of intimate aesthetic medicine or aesthetic gynecology.

The benefits of aesthetic gynecology

Submitted to the pressure of time, the female genitals undergo a number of assaults. The latter cause vulvar atrophy, irritations and difficulties during sexual intercourse. As a result, aesthetic gynecology appears as the best solution that presents itself to the fairer sex. It allows them to overcome these problems and to regain their privacy.

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Along with aesthetic medicine, this form of treatment is also aimed at ensuring the beauty and rejuvenation of people. It also aims to correct the aesthetic problems of female genital assets. Most of the time hyaluronic acid injections are performed to solve these complexes. For more information, talk to your doctor.

The course of the operation

Upstream of any operation, it is essential that the gynecologist pay special attention to her patient. The woman needs to be listened to, to feel relaxed and confident. That is why during the consultation, the doctor should not fail to approach every aspect of the issue.

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As a result of the interview, the specialist conducts an analysis namely: a gynecological and dermatological evaluation . Then, in working with the entire team of the medical center, the professional responsible for the treatment will take care of your genital tract.

By the way, when talking about aesthetic gynecology , note that many acts come into play. Among other things, it may include stimulation of the G-point, vaginal rehydration, increasing the volume of the labia labia or the treatment of scars in the genital sphere. Whether it’s one or the other, the best decision to make is to turn to a qualified professional.

Precautions to take and some tips

Before making injections on the intimate part of the woman, several precautions are required. First, taking anticoagulant (or aspirin) should be removed from your habits, ten days before the session. Then, to avoid the risk of infection, use the eggs that you will prescribe the doctor, three days before the operation.

After treatment, you need to:

  • Move away from public places (swimming pool, hammam or jacuzzi), for at least 10 days;
  • Refrain from intimate intercourse for five days;
  • Escape any activity that may affect the party concerned for a few days (cycling, horse riding, etc.).

In addition, it is rare to notice side effects after care. In some cases, redness, swelling or other forms of transient inflammatory reactions may be observed.


Like other forms of treatment, vaginal injections have contraindications. So be careful not to use them:

  • In the vicinity of the urethra and clitoral sphere;
  • When you experience allergies faced with certain elements that participate in the composition of the product;
  • In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or during menstruation;
  • If you have a vulvo-vaginal infection.

By and large, more and more women are turning to aesthetic gynecology in recent years. However, not all treatments are equal. Therefore, always take the trouble to choose the best specialist for youroperation.

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