Trend: coffee table in apple boxes

The great deco trend in recent years is the recovery of objects and upcycling. Wooden pallets, wooden apple boxes, boxes of wine bottles… Everything is good to find the pretext of tinkering a little on Sundays. We want to talk to you about wooden crates in more detail. Want to make your own coffee table in wooden crate? It’s gone!

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  • Vintage decor: the trend of the moment
  • Find quality wooden crates
    • Deco challenge: find 4 beautiful wooden cases Prepare wooden
  • crates: sanding, etc.
    • Paint, varnish, stain…
  • Assemble the wooden crates: your table
  • takes shape Placing wheels and reinforcement
  • Your table at the top of the unique decor

Vintage decoration: the trend of the moment

The vintage, the retro, the old reviewed and corrected and updated… All this is part ofupcycling , this ability to take old objects to transform them into new, efficient and operational.

We collect wood pallets, construction site bumpers, but also wine cases and apple boxes. To make his coffee table super retro, nothing like 4 large wooden boxes assembled together! You get a unique item you are proud of, that you will take care of and that will make a sensation in your living room.

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Because today it is more and more enjoyable to stand out with real unique furniture, we offer you to play the game and make your own coffee table in DIY mode!

Find quality wood crates

The first thing to do before embarking on the DIY adventure is to find wooden crates in very good condition. They may require sanding and care, of course. The most important thing is that they are neither vermoulued nor rotten .

To find thick apple crates made of wood, nothing like to mock on the garments, or in flea flea flea flea. It may even be possible to find them on the Internet through online ads. The ideal is to find the 4 at the same time, especially for the dimensions of the wooden crates.

Deco challenge: find 4 beautiful wooden crates

Depending on the region, dimensions and thicknesses may vary. Your decoration idea will become more clear as you think about your future wooden coffee table.

When it comes to wood quality and thickness, it’s up to you to judge what you want. Wood can be stained differently, depending on the species. The thicknesses of the boards may vary. For uniformity and Good homogeneity of your coffee table, it is important to check the thickness of the boards that make up your wooden crates.

Do not hesitate to go to the front, on farms or in orchards, see if the owners of apple farms hold this kind of little treasure that is the old wooden crates used by their ancestors.

Prepare wooden crates: sanding, etc.

You have managed to gather your 4 beautiful wooden crates and here you are in front of a mountain of things to do… Don’t panic, all the steps that follow are very simple. As with any wooden object that needs a little care, it will be necessary to pass the following steps:

  • Dust and clean crates;
  • Sanding the wood with coarse grain and then fine grain;
  • Nail parts if necessary, to ensure the strength of the table;
  • Find reinforcing structures if necessary;
  • Find castors with brakes for your future coffee table: it will be heavy!
  • Buy the appropriate fasteners (anti-splitting wood screws with flat head and not too long) to assemble the wooden crates together;

Cleaning and sanding are the most pesky moments of your DIY and deco mission, but you will be satisfied with it!

Paint, varnish, stain…

Before assembling each crate, you can decide whether or not you want your table to be painted, protected with a stain, or natural, with the “life” marks of wood. You are advised to choose a product that is rather suitable for food use.

Assemble the wooden crates: your table takes shape

For your future coffee table, only one sense of assembly is really logical and possible. The opening of the crates will be positioned on the side. The crates form a large square between them, with a square-shaped void in the center, since the wooden boxes are rectangular.

The best is to assemble each wooden crate one after another, without glue but rather with screws. More environmentally friendly and clean.

Take relatively thin wood screws and assemble the crates to each other, little by little. Thin screws will allow the wood blades not to break. Each crate must be able to hold the shock of the screwing, if the wood is thick enough. The screws should of course be shorter than the thickness of two wooden blades, so that the screw does not come out on the other side.

Place castors and reinforcement

Once all the crates are assembled together, you can add the casters and the wooden reinforcement.

If you notice that the crates are not Totally glued together, use washers in order to fill. Tighten properly so that nothing moves. Your table will have to be sturdy and strong .

For reinforcing slats, place them on the crates (under the coffee table) with two screws at each end and if necessary, two in the middle. Practical: these slats will serve as a support to accommodate casters.

Your castors must have brakes, for safety. The casters are placed at each corner of the table, on each crate.

Your table at the top of the unique decor

And here you have to do is use your coffee table by storing magazines and magazines on the side and using it for summer aperitifs. Nothing simpler than doing recovery: in half a day it is possible to have a brand new piece of furniture and ready to employment.

If you want to improve the table, place hinges and doors, alternating one crate in two: then you will have a closed and secure place.

Your coffee table is at the top of the trendy decor : you can use it as a real wooden storage cabinet. Its peculiarity? The coffee table you just made is unique. This decorative object will itself be able to relive and be used. Your guests will ask you questions about this object that is only in your home!

If you like this kind of wooden crate decor, know that you can make a table with wine crate, or apple crate shelves. Everything is possible with a little imagination!

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