How to use a chatbot


Today, customer expectations for businesses are higher than ever. And for good reason: customers usually have a choice of products and services from countless companies. Advertising alone is no longer sufficient to stay under the attention of people in the long run. An individual customer experience with excellent advice is therefore indispensable for successful businesses.

But how can companies reach each individual customer and provide them with a positive customer experience when different needs and wishes need to be met? The key to this challenge is provided by chatbots and conversation AI. Chatbots can be optimally deployed across all industries where businesses face a wide range of customer needs. Customers are taken to the digital hand, guided through the buying process, and receive live assistance and personal advice. Conversation AI is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) and forms automated dialogue system. The digital contact communicates with the customer by deceptively imitating a linguistically fluid dialogue. For example, customer questions are automatically answered and leads are generated through platforms such as Messenger or as a separate chat window on the home page. Learn how Conversation AI and chatbots successfully take the customer experience to the next level:

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Instant communication wherever and whenever the customer wants

Users are accustomed to always getting instant answers thanks to chat programs such as WhatsApp and expect to get answers to their questions even outside of business hours. Chatbots never sleep and are fully operational at any time of the day. With 24/7 accessibility, businesses can offer their customers a communication channel at any time. For example, the potential customer is greeted directly by the chatbot on the front page of the company’s website and provides assistance with any questions. The chatbot can respond live to frequently asked questions directly or help the user with the information they want. A direct conversation makes the interested person feel personally addressed and heard.

Especially during peak times with high customer demand, chatbot offers stability due to its consistently high level of performance and flexibility, enhancing customer loyalty.

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Meet: Your Customer

For a perfect customer experience, a company needs to know its target audience and deliver added value to the customer. A great customer experience doesn’t start with purchasing the product or service, but already with product selection and information collection. Conversation AI not only enables fast communication, but also increases the quality of conversation with the customer through the ability to personalize with an individual approach. AI allows the bot with predefined processes record, analyse, evaluate and respond to customer’s individual requirements. Step by step, the potential customer is guided by predefined questions, which, thanks to keywords and categories, lead to more information about the user. For example, Miele’s chatbot Mila guides visitors through product groups in the AI-driven buying advice, which are increasingly segmented by customer preferences questions during the conversation until a personal model recommendation comes up. This creates a personalised experience for the customer as it is quickly and easily guided through the buying process without spending time searching for information relevant to that customer. With Conversation AI, the entire customer experience, from product selection to purchase to service, can be efficiently and customer-oriented.

The perfect user experience is also created by the customer does not notice if he/she is chatting with a chatbot or human (if the company doesn’t want to communicate it). The transfer is especially smooth when using a hybrid chatbot, which can turn into live chat. If a customer has a specific request that has never been asked or trained before, the chatbot transmits the conversation including answer suggestions to a customer advisor, who continues communication without interruption.


Today’s Data for Tomorrow’s Decisions

For an optimal customer experience, future purchasing decisions and preferences must already be distracted to know customer preferences before the customer knows them. AI data analytics allows companies to know and understand the customer at a deeper level. Price sensitivity, repetition purchase conditions and relevant touchpoints: AI can predict strategy-relevant issues, and companies have the unique “clairvoyance” to tackle future customer behavior and provide the right information to the right customer at the right time. Individually guided in the customer experience, the customer gets the information they need wherever they need, increasing both customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. For example, an online store chatbot remembers that the customer prefers sustainable clothing. Thanks to this knowledge, the customer will be informed about winter fashion in the fall through a personalized newsletter — with vegan leather boots. The chatbot as a personal styling advisor for every customer!


Due to the technical progress of chatbots and conversation AI, individual advice to individual customers is no longer a future scenario. Companies can personally greet, inform, get to know and advise thousands of customers at the same time. As a result, customers no longer get average customer support, but a customer experience that will keep up with them!

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