How to recognize a chatbot

Once you decide to make a chatbot as a full-fledged part of your marketing activities, it’s important that your new digital colleague is human. You can recognize a contemporary chatbot by personality, empathy, and thinking ability. ****0

Billie, Anna, Iris and Nienke. They are not the names of four participants in The Voice of Holland, but names that big organizations gave to their chatbot. The cheerful mascot Billie has been’s virtual assistant for years, Anna arranges your banking business for ABN AMRO, Iris of the ANWB provides you with traffic information and Nienke helps you at Nationale-Nederland with your policy questions. If you don’t know better, you think you’re talking to real people who provide you with the information requested.

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Chatbots dialogs

Scientists’ technical progression in language and pattern recognition and artificial intelligence is increasingly leading to interactions with chatbots that appear credible and humane. Previously, in another blog about chatbots, I wrote that no chatbot is currently developed that has a ready-made answer to everything. Every chatbot drops stitches; the chatbot is ‘even a human. ‘ Managing expectations is therefore an important part of creation. Making mistakes is human, a chatbot is no exception. But a scattered chatbot drives your customer away, because misunderstanding leads to grummy in the interlocutor of flesh and blood. Nevertheless, many consumers are more willing to have a chatbot dialogue than you might think. They also recognise that convenience serves people (read: the consumer who has little time). Long waiting times on the phone are a thing of the past, and you can also ask a pressing question once on a holiday. The condition is that a chatbot responds so realistically that a user feels connected and above all. feels desired.

The right content for your chatbot

The creation of a chatbot is the lion’s share of time writing the right content. Are you choosing a formal or informal form of contact? A hip start-up is more likely to choose for you and you, while the target audience of a financial consulting firm frowns the eyebrows when a chatbot uses slightly too modern language. People are still a little smarter, they simply pierce through a chatbot when the vocabulary happens to be contrived.

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Humour in response to small talk

A chatbot is also an easy piss pole. A significant share of users

test chatbots by asking nonsensical questions or by provoking him by entering fence language. You call that small talk. Ask what the chatbot is going to eat in the evening or what its favorite football club is. Humor is an effective tool that works well in situations like this, it’s like real life. With a chatbot that responds to small talk with emojis or thumbs will score your bonus points. In fact, a speaker at the Chatbot Conference held in April 2018 predicts that conversational copywriting will become a new craft in digital marketing.

What name do I choose for my chatbot?

You can reach a chatbot that’s human not only with powerful content, but also with a good ‘smoel’. Female names are still preferred, but it is not a law of Meden and Persians. According to a CEO of an American chatbot developer, chatbots function even better if they have a female name that was popular 25 years ago. The golden rule when selecting the name is that you don’t name the chatbot after someone on the development team, as it creates too much confusion. The choice of an illustration or a human avatar is also important. The look of your chatbot should fit your organization. The Benefit of a clear picture is that users know it’s not a real employee. Managing expectations, remember? and PauWR; Best of both worlds

PauWR works with start-up to support businesses in the creation of a chatbot. launched a user-friendly platform that allows you to design some chatbots yourself in no time. PauWR has been hooked as a conversational copywriting specialist. Know the appropriate answer to the thousand-and-one questions customers ask. The collaboration combines the best of both worlds in this process: delivers the technique and PauWR thinks about strategy and use cases and writes tailored content.

Your own chatbot in your organization?

A chatbot can become a success number in your organization. As long as you don’t catch the whole cake right away. A chatbot is a process of long breath. It’s wise to sit at the table with specialists if you’re considering a deploy proactive chatbot to improve customer service, customer experience and customer communication that leads to higher conversion rates. We can help you toward an optimally functioning chatbot. I would love to hear from you if you want to talk about the possibilities:

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