How to create a chatbot for free?

Chatbots… maybe you’ve heard about it already. In short, you can communicate with a machine via chatbot. There are many ways to deploy a chatbot. This allows you to use it in an informative way or purely for entertainment. But how does a chatbot work exactly? And how can you make one for your business yourself?

What is a chatbot?

With a chatbot, you can have an automated conversation with your audience through platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Skype. More and more platforms will allow bots. Chatbots are still in its infancy and will be smarter and smarter. More companies will be deploying this in the future. The advantage of a chatbot is that you no longer need to download an app on your smartphone. So the threshold is a lot lower.

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There are two types of bots: scripted bots and free conversation bots . A scripted bone runs according to a fixed pattern. Based from user input via buttons, a next message appears. A free conversation bot (“smart bot”) allows all types of input. The user can type a piece of text themselves and the bot understands this text. Using an algorithm (via machine learning), an appropriate response is generated.

In this article, we’ll look at scripted chatbots that you can build in Facebook Messenger.

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How does a chatbot work?

You can deploy a chatbot in Facebook Messenger and link to your Facebook page.

People can get to your chatbot by sharing the Facebook Messenger link. You can do this via the “Send a Message” button on your Facebook page, via a Messenger button on your website or via a Facebook ad. In addition, it is possible to start a Messenger bot when someone responds to a Facebook message with a particular word.

When someone clicks the button or link Messenger call open. When they click “Get started” or “Get Started”, you can automatically send Messenger messages to your lead. The “Get started” serves as an opt-in. Once someone clicks it, they’re enrolled in your chatbot.

You can unsubscribe easily. This is usually possible by typing “stop” in the Messenger conversation.

You can expand the chatbot by creating an entire funnel/automation just like email marketing software like ActiveCampaign.

How to create a chatbot?

To build a chatbot, you need a tool. There are multiple tools on the market to do so, such as ManyChat and ChatFuel. You don’t need a sense of programming to build a chatbot. Both tools let you get started for free !

Here’s an example of what you can do with a chatbot:


Based on a new message appears. It is also possible to use based on typed words to trigger a next message.

You can have a chatbot built by me as well. Please contact me for that.

How to deploy a chatbot

  • Place a Messenger button on your website or a Messenger link in a Facebook ad
  • Ask a few questions via Facebook Messenger that can answer your lead by clicking buttons (for example, a Yes button and a No button). That way, you can find out the need of your lead.
  • Based on the answers given, you can send a next Messenger message. You can create different paths based on the answers.
  • Use the Messenger bot to give access to your giveaway or webinar
  • Create a follow-up sequence. For example, send a Messenger message 1 week later with an extra tip or
  • offer Create a quiz or game where you always ask input from the lead. Keep a chatbot fun and interactive!
  • Send broadcasts to your Messenger subscribers when you want to share important news

The functionality of a chatbot is very similar to email marketing software such as ActiveCampaign. This also allows you to tag leads and send campaigns (broadcasts). You can add leads to behavior-based automations.

The difference with email marketing software is that communication is now going through Facebook Messenger. A big advantage is that with a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you have much more “real” conversation compared to email. Through the “Question and Answer” functionality in a chatbot, leads can get instant answers and information and access a webinar or giveaway, for example.

Chatbot Results

In below image shows the results of 3 chatbot sequences. Each sequence consists of multiple messages that are sent over several days. You can compare this to an email automation in an email marketing system such as ActiveCampaign.


As you can see, the last sequence works best. With an open rate of 99.3% and a CTR of 67.8% averaged across all messages in the sequence.

So very high, this shows how effective chatbots can be.

Want to see a live example of a chatbot like that?

Wondering how such a Messenger bot works? Watch a live preview of a bot via Facebook Messenger now:

And here are a few other great examples:

  • Poobot: a fun, interacting bot with different games and lots of images
  • Eva Jinek: An informative bot that allows you to news receives
  • Train: A handy bot to plan your train journey
  • NOS: An informative bot with the latest news every day
  • Jim Gaffigan: a funny bot with lots of images, videos and you can keep up to date with his shows
  • Wholefoods: an e-commerce bot that lets you search through recipes
  • Eneco: a smart bot to pass your meter readings

And you might find this article interesting about how KLM is already using the Facebook Messenger chatbot successfully.

There’s a lot more possible with chatbots, of course. How about sending a Track&Trace code after someone places an order in your webshop?!

Is a chatbot replacing email marketing software?

No, I certainly don’t think so. Chatbots can be deployed very effectively, but ultimately, your email list is your only possession. What if something happens to the Facebook platform? Then you’re all your lost contacts. That’s why I recommend continuing to deploy email marketing in conjunction with a chatbot. With a chatbot, it’s especially important that you send short messages and not too often. Email marketing allows you to send longer messages. What’s cool is that you can ask your chatbot contacts if they would like to receive email information as well. They can leave their email address in the chatbot and store it in ActiveCampaign, for example. That way, you can use both ways of communicating vigorously. To link a chatbot to ActiveCampaign, use Zapier.

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Let Chatbot build?

You can let me build a chatbot. Please contact me for that.

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