How does a Messenger chatbot work?

ChatBots can work as marketing machines if you use them properly. In Facebook Messenger , it’s a great opportunity if you know how to use it. Someone who made his work out of it is Robin Keijzer. Here are the topics covered:

  • Introduction Robin Keijzer
  • What are Messenger ChatBots?
  • Are ChatBots relevant to entrepreneurs and small businesses?
  • Messenger Marketing is personal marketing
  • What is the power of ChatBots?
  • Can you build a ChatBot without technical knowledge?
  • How do you care for a personal tone-of-voice?
  • Are there rules?
  • What can you share in Messenger chat?
  • Why are ChatBots the future according to Robin?

As an entrepreneur, Robin Keijzer once started an Aquarium Webshop and quickly came to the use of Facebook Ads by selling Aliexpress stuff. After a lot of trying and burning a lot of money, he managed to get his first sale! He was convinced that Facebook Marketing really needs to be used as a Tool.

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In early 2016, he came into contact with Messenger Bots through an American Facebook Group where she shared all the new updates to Facebook Marketing. After that, it went fast. Currently, he has more than 17 Messenger Marketing customers and is busy training other online marketers to become Messenger Marketing Specialists through the platform.


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Tell me, who are you Robin? I am a young entrepreneur (1995) who helps other entrepreneurs get in touch with their audience/customers through Facebook Messenger. I help them get the conversation back.

Don’t be a transmitter.. get personal contact and sell more. A real conversation with your target audience is where the money lies.

This is literally the piece I always have tell. Actually, I do nothing but get more sales from that crowded Messenger inbox of customers.

Where does your interest come from Bots? The most interesting thing about ChatBots is that it all goes automatically. You set something once and hundreds or thousands of people who go through that ‘trajectory’ and are automatically assisted while I’m just having lunch. At the end of 2016, I came into contact with Messenger Marketing when I did an internship at a start-up. This start-up gave me the space to deploy Messenger Marketing and that was very pleased. The results were really bizarre high. At that time, I didn’t realize 100% how this was going to work out.

Then I knew: I want to help others use Facebook as a tool to make businesses more successful.

What Are Messenger Bots?

Facebook Messenger was released as Open Source software at the end of 2016. Just like WordPress. In fact Messenger Bots bits of code that respond to other pieces of code, but because it’s now Open Source, companies can cast those pieces of code into a simple form, making it very easy to create a Messenger ChatBot on their own. You don’t need a coding experience to create your first Messenger Bot 🙂

KLM has been deploying ChatBots for some time now and not without results! Below is an example of their Bot.

Are Messenger Bots relevant to entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Messenger Bots are super relevant to entrepreneurs! Every company has to have one. The ‘problem’ is that having one is not equal to a successful Messenger ChatBot.

A Messenger ChatBot won’t succeed unless you’re in the right way in your current marketing strategy. I see it as a complement to!

Many ChatBots are stupid at first… as they say. ChatBots need to learn… but learning can only be done if there data comes in. So once a ChatBot doesn’t have any users, it’s standing still. A good Messenger Marketing Plan is the key to a successful Messenger ChatBot.

Messenger ChatBot parties are available where you can create your first ChatBot free of charge within 10 minutes. You will have a limited number of options. Want all options? Then you’ll have to switch to Pro versions and pay. Overall, those costs are very low for what Messenger Marketing can achieve. So it pays back quickly. Very important so.. because time = money. Below is an example of creating a Messenger Bot in ManyChat.

These types of parties make it easy to create a ChatBot and work efficiently with it. You can work effectively and see the results you get right away. The best thing about Messenger Marketing is that you see LIVE what your audience is doing in your Messenger Bot, so you can indent right away where needed. I have for years email marketing done and not watching LIVE always annoyed me. Often only after a month or two looked at the mailing sent.. that’s way too late if there are problems in that sent mailing.. you don’t have the opportunity to update LIVE.

Messenger Marketing is the most personal marketing tool ever!

Each subscriber walks its own path.. Just like email marketing, you can use first names and surnames in messages. But because you’re really interacting with your target audience, more sales come out. You can also ask questions and shape the rest of the Messenger Funnel. Think of: “When do you want to receive marketing tips in Messenger?” For example, as soon as someone responds between 10:00am and 14:00. The ChatBot recognizes that and marketing tips are only sent between 10:00am and 14:00. So super handy!

Chatbots enter at companies. A chatbot is always online, see it as an employee who works 24/7. How good are these chatbots in human interactions now?

— Barton Archer (@barton_archer) August 1, 2018

But more is possible!

Suppose you have a Facebook page where people send messages from different countries? With a Messenger ChatBot, you can greet each person in their own language:), which makes it very personal and fun to continue the conversation.

Suppose I have a sole proprietorship, and I business coach for entrepreneurs. I offer coaching packages, Skype Consults, and free eBooks and Webinars. How would I be able to deploy Messenger Bots? And why?

Messenger ChatBots can be used for many things… from giving away an e-book to ordering food in a restaurant.

Imagine you’re a sole proprietorship and you have a physical jewelry shop. You can put a poster in your showcase with a workshop action. For example, a workshop that deals with cleaning your jewellery. People can come by for free to learn how to clean and clean their own jewellery. So it always looks like new. People then need to scan the Messenger QR code of that poster and then have to sign in to Messenger. Once they scan that code, they receive a message in Messenger and get the option to sign in on their own. Once they are logged in, they will receive a certificate of registration in the form of a ‘digital pass’ that they should and should be able to present on the night of the workshop. This is accessible because everyone always carries their phone digital pass. So there’s nothing left to print.. and forgotten is almost impossible or someone has to forget their phone what happens rarely 🙂

In Messenger also has an option to send reminders. So, for example, one more message is sent to all registered visitors a week before the workshop is held… that the workshop will be in 7 days. Also 24 hours in advance is a good option to indicate again what time it starts and where it is. In Messenger, you can integrate Google Maps as well. By sending information so proactively, you’re really going to take care of the users and unconsciously people want it.

Once the workshop has been, you can send an offer to all the people who have come. For example, the offer may be a special cleaning cloth including cleaning fluid that is only offered to workshop participants. Of course you can also offer other types;).

Imagine you are an online business coach and have a lot of online activities/giveaways. opt in via Messenger for you. giveaway. You can let people Imagine you have a Facebook Ad running that gives away your e-book. You can then set that anyone who responds the word “book” to that ad will receive their e-book directly in Messenger. Without having to enter their email address first and switch to email and click on a link to a download page. You skip all that kind of steps with Messenger Marketing. And as you know, every step is too much for your potential customer.

As an online business coach, you can also offer Skype conversations as well. I use Zoom ( is a similar Skype only way and much better and more reliable;), so should you use Skype.. check With Messenger, you can let your customer decide when to schedule a Skype/Zoom call. You don’t have to email over and over again about the time you or he/she can. This makes it a lot easier and finer for both. sides.

Webinars and Messenger Bots work really well! Signing up for a webinar can be very easy and fast via Messenger Bots. You can also send reminders again and ask questions that the opt-inner likes to answer in your webinar after opt-in. Interacting with your audience is very important!

Can people who are “non-tech entrepreneurs” build a Messenger Bot? Or is it better to build it?

I have basic knowledge in coding, but also not technical entrepreneurs can build a Messenger Bot, but as I mentioned earlier. Having a Messenger bot is not equivalent to a more successful Messenger bot. Creating a Messenger Bot is done in 10 minutes, but thinking of your bot’s right tone-of-voice and strategy is the hardest part.

The best thing is to have a Messenger ChatBot created and managed by a specialist. Not because it’s so hard… but because Facebook is very strict.. Your Messenger Bot needs to comply with a number of rules and stay in there. As soon as you break a rule, Facebook may well block your Facebook page for an indefinite period of time. You don’t want to… and don’t risk that either. I prefer to create and manage my clients’ Bots so that I have 100% control over what happened to it and the chance of a block is out of place.

What is the unique power of a Messenger Bot?

The unique power of Messenger Marketing lies in personality. The Messenger platform is also very user-friendly and is used by bizarre many people around the world. As soon as people start talking to my Messenger Bots, those people don’t realize they’re talking to a bot… you can set the tone-of-voice and feeling to make it look like there’s really a person talking to you because you’re interacting… and actually communicating.

ChatBots are personal and are conversion samples when properly deployed! — @HulpMarketing

How do you keep a personal tone-of-voice in an automatic message? How do you make that look as real as possible?

Everything in a ChatBot is conceived and written by a person. That could be me or other ChatBot Developers. So you can set/think of the tone-of-voice 100% by yourself. In combination with first names, gender, photos, voice messages, etc., you can make it personal. The trick is to perform this consistently in the ChatBot. At the end of a funnel or message, for example, you can put a voice message or text with: Greetings Robin;). This is indistinguishable from real.

Are there any rules for using Messenger Bots? Because you can talk to anyone like that?

There are lots of rules to keep in mind and if you don’t… then your Facebook page will be blocked and lasts without pardon. it months before you get back to LIVE.

To contact people through Messenger, they must have contacted you first. This can be done through 11 different ways at the moment:

  1. Bar is an opt-in bar at the top of a website
  2. Slide in is an opt-in window that slides in from an edge of a screen
  3. Modal is a pop-up window in the center of the screen
  4. Page Takeover overlay over an entire website
  5. You can place a Button anywhere on your site or through third-party widgets.
  6. Box is an opt-in box that can be embedded anywhere on your site
  7. Landing page is a button landing page
  8. Messenger Ref-ur L is a URL with a ref code that opens your bot’s page in Messenger and lets you get traffic sources.
  9. Facebook adstrack can be used to get users who click on a Facebook Messenger ad on your Messenger list through Facebook
  10. Facebook Comments can be used to send a PM with a request to people who respond to a post. So they’re on your trick.
  11. Messenger QR code is a number of points and stripes around your Facebook page profile photo. When someone scans this photo, it will convert the user into a subscriber and receive a message.

What can you share in a chat?

In Messenger, you can send a lot.. here’s a small grip:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Quick Replies (buttons that only work once)
  • Call Buttons
  • Buttons (this button stays clickable after clicking)
  • Share Button
  • List (enumerations)
  • Emojis

Why do you think Messenger Bots is the future?

Because the era we live in right now… time and attention is scarce.. and this may sound a bit airy.. but it is so..

Giving time and attention to people we do less and less… look is if you look around you now while reading this… Chances are you see more people looking at a monitor than another physical person.. Some couples only see each other a few hours a day, because they’re already working from 9 to 5 and watching TV at home in the evening or sitting on their phones.

And what does this have to do with Messenger Bots and the future?

People don’t want to call customer service anymore, but rather leave a message and hope to be helped as soon as possible. Researchers and specialists suggest that in 2030 all the contact we have with companies are fully automated… and I think so too… we want everything faster.. and Messenger ChatBots can do that.. Messenger ChatBot respond instantly.. within 1 second..

@HulpMarketing: Researchers and specialists suggest that all contact we have with companies is fully automated by 2030.

Even though time and attention is scarce… a personal customer service bot can be the solution… to start that conversation ‘real’ again and help the customer as quickly as possible.

Marketing is about people… not numbers. Marketing goes against people… not against views.

Do you want to make your own bot? That’s possible! Robin has developed a roadmap for all readers to create your own ChatBot. You can find even more info on his website.


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