Choosing a bluetooth hands-free kit

Want to buy a bluetooth kit? To make calls, listen to music and use your phone safely in the car with your free hand, follow the guide! In our article, we give you tips on how to choose your bluetooth hands-free kit. Quality, options, features, aesthetics or performance … We tell you all about the bluetooth hands-free car kit.

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What is a bluetooth hands-free car kit?

If you are a driver and you use your phone diligently, you know probably the use of a phone in a car is dangerous and prohibited. This is why the bluetooth hands-free kit was invented. A Bluetooth hands-free kit allows you touse your phone in the car . You can receive calls, put music and control it via simple means.

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Thus, you stay safe by keeping your hand free. Because safety when driving is paramount, the bluetooth hands-free car kit gives you access to essential features while allowing you to drive without bothering yourself.

A Bluetooth hands-free kit is an electronic equipment that can be used in the car. Having become indispensable, with the many new technologies of today, the Bluetooth hands-free kit has been established among users.

A small device and not earbuds

The Bluetooth hands-free kit comes in the form of a small device that can be used as a speaker. So you don’t use earbuds. The Bluetooth hands-free kit really allows you to be free of your movementBluetooth and stay focused on the road and your journey. You can continue to communicate with your loved ones by car and phone without having to touch anything.

Your phone automatically connects to your bluetooth hands-free kit when you take your car. Turn on the Bluetooth feature and transmitter on your phone. The Bluetooth hands-free kit of your car then makes a receiver and transmits all the sounds that pass on your phone.

Calls, music… You use your bluetooth hands-free kit as you like in your car. Just be warned that your communications and calls are made directly via Bluetooth . It can just be embarrassing if you carry colleagues in your car and want to have a private conversation. All you need to do is turn off your Bluetooth on your phone.

Advantages of bluetooth hands-free kit

The Bluetooth hands-free kit is very convenient because it takes up little space in the car. It remains very discreet as equipment. The Bluetooth hands-free kit is no easier to use, because the main purpose of this type of equipment is not to prevent the motorist from concentrating on his road.

In addition, the Bluetooth hands-free kit is completely legal , since it does not require any manipulation on the part of the user. Indeed, in France, it is strictly forbidden since June 15, 2015 to drive a vehicle with a Hands-free kit, or with a Bluetooth headset. That said, the bluetooth hands-free kit does not fall into any of these categories of equipment.

Before you buy a hands-free kit, make sure that the Bluetooth functionality is present on it, otherwise you may be at risk to your safety at the wheel — and that of other road users.

How to choose your bluetooth hands-free kit?

Various criteria make it possible to get an opinion on the various models of Bluetooth hands-free kits sold commercially, in specialized stores or online (Amazon e-commerce).

The first criterion is to check that your hands-free kit has bluetooth functionality . If this is not the case, you take risks behind the wheel and you may be verbalized, of course, given the regulations in vigor.

Brands such as Aigital, Besign or Avantree offer you their design of the Bluetooth hands-free car kit. Among the criteria to remember before making your choice, we consider:

  • The price of bluetooth hands-free kit;
  • The battery life of the bluetooth hands-free kit;
  • The aesthetics of bluetooth hands-free kit;
  • The simplicity of use of this wireless technology;
  • The possibility of synchronization with GPS;
  • The quality of audio, for calls and music;
  • The speed of charging the bluetooth hands-free kit via the charger (wired connection);
  • The ability to synchronize not one phone but several on the device;

On the internet and online, you will definitely find the best models of Bluetooth hands-free kits for your car. We advise you to do a store test and make comparisons. Word of mouth also works well regarding this kind of device. Your consumer feedback can also help you make your choice of bluetooth hands-free kit model.

If one can be tempted to choose the cheapest product, rest assured that sometimes the lowest prices do not necessarily mean the lack of quality. The brands of Bluetooth hands-free kit manufacturers offer all the prices for their products. What will vary will not necessarily be the quality of the product but its options and practical features .

Ready to buy bluetooth hands-free kit? Make your own opinion by testing Bluetooth hands-free kits in-store. The most important criterion is ultimately to check compatibility with your phone . You also need to make sure you can fix your hand kit free bluetooth inside your car. Your phone can also be secured in the passenger compartment without impeding you visually.

Today, some car models also offer Bluetooth connection , but this is not the case for all vehicles. When buying a used car, the best thing is to adapt it by buying a hands-free bluetooth kit for your car.

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