All about the hedgehog

The hedgehog is one of those animals walking in the garden. These small animals often seek quality shelter and can take refuge by nest near your home. If you are not sure how to react to the presence of hedgehogs in your garden, you are told everything in our article about the hedgehog, an animal to help and monitor.

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  • hedgehog, welcome visitor to the garden under conditions
  • How to feed a wild hedgehog in need?
    • The hedgehog, eater of slugs and snails?
  • When and how to feed hedgehogs?
  • Give milk to a hedgehog? Careful!
  • Adopt wild hedgehog found in the garden?
    • Injured Hedgehog: Contact a Veterinarian
  • Manipulating a Wild

The hedgehog, welcome visitor to the garden under conditions

The Hedgehog is primarily a wild animal, and therefore it is worth respecting its nature. It is not often seen hedgehogs walking around the garden. When this happens, everyone can be tempted to want to feed or look after the hedgehog .

The concern is that the animal we consider to be misplaced in the garden really knows very well what it is doing and why it is there in your garden. This cute animal does not need to be offered abundant food, which is unfortunately the first reflex of the human being . Sometimes, of course, this altruistic gesture can save his life, but still it is necessary that the hedgehog be in very bad shape to be able to make such a decision.

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If the hedgehog you saw walking around your garden seems to be in good shape, it is not injured and continues to move, the best attitude to take is to leave him alone . Hedgehogs often make their life nightly in the garden.

How to feed a wild hedgehog in need?

The hedgehog, first of all, is not at all a vegetarian animal, contrary to common belief. Hedgehogs feed on small insects. Their diet varies according to the seasons, but in general it consists of beetles of the type rifle, earthworms , caterpillars, earwigs, centipedes, flies and sometimes mosquitoes.

The hedgehog, eater of slugs and snails?

Well, no! We go to your great regret deconstruct for you the myth of the hedgehog that eats slugs. Hedgehogs are not so fond of garden slugs . Useless, if you collect an evil hedgehog, from him present a feast of slugs.

It is unlikely that he will be tempted. The same applies to snails. Occasionally, the hedgehog will afford a slug (as we can go to a small brewery not very good), but it remains very limited as a choice. Hedgehogs will fall back on slugs and snails if and only if they do not find enough insects to feed.

same idea received for snakes The : the hedgehog does not necessarily feed on it greedily!

When and how to feed hedgehogs?

A bad hedgehogs seem to have gone astray in your garden and you are wondering if you can feed it, and in what way? If you meet him, chances are that the hedgehog has come out of its hibernation period, or it has not yet entered it.

The food adapted to a Hedgehog hanging out in your garden will consist of:

  • Protein;
  • Fats;

Nutritional intakes essential for the survival and good health of the hedgehog are present in many ready-made hedgehog mixtures. These mixtures can be found in garden centres and pet stores. Dehydrated insects, flour worms… The hedgehogs will feast when you bring this mixture to them in a flat plate , preferably.

Be careful to place a flat bowl filled with water next door, so that the hedgehog can thirst thirst without the risk of drowning. If you choose to feed a hedgehog, remove food and water in the day, clean the containers and put the full ones back in the evening. You will avoid the presence of other animals who want to feed during the day.

Give milk to a hedgehog? Careful!

Another idea received about hedgehogs: do not give them milk. Nothing is natural about feeding a hedgehog with cow’s milk, or another animal, by the way! Milk strongly promotes diarrhea of the hedgehog, which can be fatal to him. Hedgehogs are not wired to withstand lactose and are not made like us human beings.

To digest the lactose molecule, one must possess in your body an enzyme that facilitates digestion and assimilation. Careful! Inflammation of the intestine quickly arrived. It would be sad to want to help a hedgehog and be responsible for his death.

Remember that the hedgehog, clearing the garden of many small insects, contributes to the maintenance of the garden. So do everything to protect the hedgehog if you see him walking in search of food. Be sure to leave him his freedom, he will thank you by keeping health.

Adopt wild hedgehog found in the garden?

It is formally not recommended to attempt to adopt a hedgehog found in a garden. Remember that before falling on you, the hedgehog probably had are small lifestyle to lead.

If she’s a female, maybe she was looking for food for her little hedgehogs. If it is a male, he may be looking for a female in order to reproduce and help safeguard the species.

So avoid recovering a very healthy hedgehog and leave as much as possible free of his movements. Children will enjoy discovering this beast but it is essential to leave a wild animal in the natural state . The main risk, disrupting the rhythm of life and habits of this small fragile animal, is to cause his death.

Hedgehog injured: contact a veterinarian

If you collected a sick or injured hedgehog, bring it to the veterinarian if possible. An animal health professional will be better placed to know how to deal with a wild hedgehog found in the garden.

If you have any doubt about the attitude to adopt to a misplaced hedgehog, do not make a hasty decision on his diet.

A wild hedgehog is very different from domestic hedgehogs and will not have the same behavior. If you absolutely want to adopt a hedgehog, ask a pet store and contact the nearest veterinarian to find out if this type of practice is recommended. Do not follow the modes blindly: animals remain animals, happy in nature, in a natural environment.

Handle a hedgehog

If you absolutely need to handle an injured or weakened hedgehog, take as much as possible leather gardener gloves. You will avoid getting hurt with spillswild , but also improper handling of the animal.

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