What type of model should you choose at Canada Goose?

What type of model should you choose at Canada Goose

It is winter and you’re already fixed on the Canada Goose brand? Whether you are a man or a woman the question of the choice of the coat always arises. Precision ski offers you a huge variety of this collection. Do not panic! Here we will help you choose the right coat for you.

The different models of Canada Goose?

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The Canada Goose collection coats are all stylish and beautiful, everyone can be satisfied.

  1. The down jacket
  2. The parka
  3. The Light jacket
  4. The down jacket

The down jacket is suitable for skiing and long walks. It protects you from the cold down to temperatures close to -10 ° C. The Canada Goose Jacket model is perfect for all skiing activities. It is light, flexible insulating, everything to be adapted to this sport. Its characteristics are:

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Canada Goose

  • Quilted
  • Goose down filling
  • Lightweight

It has a Tensile-tech band which allows it to adapt to the movement of your body.

  1. A parka

The parka is adequate for the fight against any bad weather that you may face while skiing. It is ideal for taking long walks in the snow without fear of catching a cold while being comfortable. The characteristics of the parka are

  • Covers the torso
  • Covers the shoulders
  • Covers the back
  • Has a hood

It is not designed for any sustained sporting activity, but rather adequate for walks in snowy forests.

  1. Light jacket

Talking about this collection without mentioning the light jacket is impossible. This jacket, as its name suggests, is ultra-light and made in a waterproof fabric. It protects you from temperatures ranging from 5 ° C to -5 ° C and puts you in total comfort.

One aspect that should not be overlooked is obviously the size. So if you are unsure of your size, take a larger one.

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