Women’s mules, the mule shoe to stay chic

With a striking charm and a true passe-partout to refine its style of clothing, the mule remains the mule to wear on sunny summer days. In the following, zoom on this shoe that is not close to disappearing and which is a great success with the fairer sex.

A shoe that has become the must-have in the dressing room

More chic than a ballerina and more comfortable than a pair with heels, the women’s mule is the asset to dress with ease while preserving its elegance. In the blink of an eye, just slip your foot into it to be ready to go out and stray in a pretty outfit that reminds of summer.

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Lightweight as a shoe, the women’s mule can be worn with a skirt, dress, canvas trousers or jeans. For holidays, to go quickly for a drink with girlfriends or to visit a loved one, the flat mule or Wedge sole remains the right trick to complete your dress style.

Fashion accessory from the 50s, the women’s mule has been brought back to the tastes of the day with a variety of models. While some do very dressed, others are an invitation to more freedom. And if you are looking for a quality shoe, find the most beautiful models on mulesfemme.com.

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A cut and models that adapt to your desires

The mule for women is mainly available in two models, the mule totally closed at the front, it seems like a half-slipper and the one that has an opening for the toes. In rainy and/or cool weather, the first model is therefore to be preferred to stay warm.

Flat, slightly elevated or heeled, the ideal option is to opt for a shoe that gives you excellent comfort. It should not cause too much pain to your toes or cause pain on the top of the foot.

As for the color, you are free to choose the one that suits you. To stay trendy, feel free to go off the beaten track by opting for a golden flat mule or a model in a flashy color.

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