“WLY* REMISEREDUC.FR”: what is it?

When you check your bank statement, you may have noticed fees that you don’t know where it came from. It appears under the name “remisereduc” or under the label “CB WLY* REMISEREDUCI.FR”, as if you had made a payment by credit card at a merchant. But this name doesn’t tell you anything, so why is your account debited? What can I do to stop these samples?

What is the CB remiserduc fee?

On your account, you can see several credit card payments under the label “WLY* REMISEREDUCI.FR” for an approximate amount of 12 euros. This wording is used by the Rebates & Web Loyalty Discounts website. You will surely notice that these payments appeared after a recent purchase on the Internet. This is because you have more than certainly subscribed to the subscription of this site which offers discounts on your online purchases, from selected partners.

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How Reductions and Reductions Work

Discounts and discounts is a company that offers, via a monthly subscription system, to take advantage of discounts of about 10% on several e-commerce partner websites such as La Redoute, Sephora or Boulanger. This is called a cashback system. This can be advantageous if you make regular purchases on the Internet. If this is the case, you will refund quickly your subscription.

How does it work?

You subscribe to the Discounts and Discounts website and agree to be billed monthly for about 12€. This amount varies depending on the date of your subscription, loyalty offers and the partner you subscribed with.

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At the time of registration, you will see in your personal area all the benefits to which you are entitled Discounts and Discounts. You are entitled to promotional codes, loyalty programs and, above all, 10% refunded for each of your purchases. To register, the site asks you for the details of your payment card. This is why these debits appear as a CB payment.

This principle is very similar to those of MES sites Refundsements.fr or Vivelesreduc.fr.

Join the discount and discount service without realizing it: is that possible?

You were able to join this cashback service either voluntarily or for lack of attention when you made an online purchase. What could have happened? You lacked vigilance and you were seduced by a promising offer. It cannot be said that this is a scam since the terms of the subscriptions are well indicated, but the advertising does not tell everything when you click on it.

To subscribe “without your knowledge”, here’s how it goes:

1 — You make a purchase on the site you know well and just before making the payment, you are attracted to an offer such as “Receive a voucher of so many euros” on the purchased products.

2 — By clicking, you are redirected to one who asks you to enter your credit card information, as well as the card number, visual pictogram and the expiry date. It is indicated that you will be charged a small amount in exchange for the voucher.

3 — It seems like a good deal, but you had to check the terms and conditions before checking them! These specify that after a few days, if you have not retired, you will be automatically registered, and therefore deducted on a monthly basis.

And here’s how these mysterious samples WLY* REMISEREDUC.FR appear. So be careful when buying online, so as not to fall into the trap again.

Contact details to contact RemiseReduc

To resolve your debit problem, you can contact Discounts and Discounts directly, or Web Loyalty, to try to find an amicable solution and stop being charged. However, be aware that response times can be quite long.

Contact Customer Service by phone: 0800 908 444 It is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

You can send an e-mail to: serviceclient@remisesetreductions.fr;

Or a letter to the following address: Discounts and discounts — ANRH — 27 rue Michelet 92000 NANTERRE

How do I cancel your subscription?

Unsubscribe from discounts and discounts is a process that you can take at any time. There is no minimum commitment period.

To do so, contact the company by phone, mail or mail using the contact details indicated above.

Otherwise, you can do this from your personal space by logging into the site. Then go to your profile and unsubscribe. You will receive an email confirming your unsubscription.

If the deadlines are too long to get an answer. You can call your bank adviser and ask him to oppose bank levies.

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