With what to equip the kitchen of his restaurant ?

A new restaurant needs a number of essential elements to operate effectively, efficiently and economically. Some of these elements may be obvious. Here is a list of the great categories of cooking equipment you will need for your restaurant!

From the dishes

If there is nothing to serve food, there is no restaurant. You will then need tons of cutlery, plates, bowls, ramekins, cups and glasses. Consider how many tables you can set up in your restaurant and the number of customers you expect to serve at each service when determining the quantity to buy.

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Freezers and refrigerators

All restaurant kitchens require a refrigeration system. Without a refrigerator, you can not retain the freshness of ingredients and prepared foods. Freezers are also essential for inventory management because it is much more profitable to buy 300 steaks and freeze them than buying 10 steaks a day.

Multiple models exist, especially in terms of freezer. For a restaurant kitchen, we recommend a chest freezer: bigger and more convenient for catering use!

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Stoves and hoods

If your restaurant plans to prepare something other than salads and ice cream, you will need a stove. The stove is the engine of the kitchen, so it is important to choose one that meets your needs. As the cookers Home, restaurant cookers can be gas or electric.

Remember that any operation that uses heat to prepare food must be equipped with appropriate ventilation equipment. Kitchen hoods, which are found on stoves and grills use fans to suck grease, moisture and heat through filters out of the kitchen. They can be custom made to fit any place.

Kitchen equipment

Think about the tools you would need to run your entire map. Pans of all sizes, saucepans, hobs, whips, fish spatulas, ladles, bowls of all sizes, table scrapers… The list is long and varies greatly depending on the type of food you want to prepare.

Work plans and cutting boards

Preparation tables, countertops and cutting surfaces are essential to any restaurant and come in different sizes. Choose stainless steel surfaces. This robust corrosion resistant material does not absorb food bacteria or meat juices. It can also withstand cleaning agents used in kitchens.

As for cutting surfaces, choose cutting boards made of plastic or wood. Plastic boards are easier to disinfect but can develop deep grooves that can hide bacteria. Wooden boards are usually harder to clean than plastic ones but do not develop grooves as easily.

Today, to manage a restaurant successfully: you need technology and equipment that can follow. That is why it is extremely important to equip your kitchen with qualitative household appliances. To do this, go to a household appliance store near you like PRO&CIe for example. Pro&CIe also offers online sales, a big plus if you need to get delivered and like to compare before buying.

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