Why use a strap for your move ?

The move changes with the straps! More than just a slogan, this statement is a cry truth thanks to these tools that allow you to lift the most massive objects with ease!

How to use the straps?

Straps, as their name says, are wide bands that must be arranged under the object to be carried. People who need to move the furniture simply have to pass their arms through the holes of the straps and then slowly straighten. And there, as if by enchantment, the imposing chest of drawers, the rustic buffet or the safe hovers in the air between the two movers! Entry-level models cost 30 euros. Straps allow lifting objects weighing up to 350 kilograms.

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Small story of moving straps

These straps are an American invention. The boss of the company that patented them has long worked in the move. Like most inventions, this one by a simple observation: when you want to lift a massive object, the problem is not its mass, but the distribution of the mass in question. The method used by the straps is similar to the architectural techniques that allowed to remove columns in cathedrals to bring in more light, moving with a moving strap is to transfer the mass between the shoulders.

Why use the straps?

First of all, because lifting massive objects a priori will no longer be a problem. Then, because almost every adult in the house will be able to use this accessory without problems. Finally, because the operating system is not complex. The straps make it possible to do family work that was absolutely necessary to entrust to professionals, because the straps are convenient for moving over long distances and for moving objects within the house, for example, during moving work.

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The principle is the same, it takes just two or three people to tilt the object forward, then backward to introduce the straps underneath. The rest is just a classic lifting operation… and synchronization between the two people carrying the object, because the best is to walk alpas!

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