Why should you adopt the BMW Motorrad GPS Navigator 6 for your motorcycle ?

If you are enjoying biker rides, choosing a good bike is not enough. You also need to think about accessories that are suitable for optimal driving. For example, a high-performance GPS will offer you various options for your comfort along the journeys. You certainly suspect that the GPS Navigator 6 model is more and more responsive to the needs of BMW bikers. In this article, find out how a BMW motorcycle GPS is essential for your motorcycle rides.

What’s a GPS Moto?

GPS is a priori a geolocation system that allows to locate mobile using satellite signals. Thanks to the advanced technology, this digital compass is constantly improving and adapting to the use of different machines. Thus, we distinguish the GPS for car, the GPS for motorcycles…

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What makes the special feature of a BMW motorcycle gps is the fact that it has a screen that is sturdy and resistant enough to serve in any season, no matter what the hazards of the weather. In contrast to the car model, the GPS motorcycle has been designed to be used even with the gloves in the hands of the driver. As for its installation, it is recommended to opt for a good fastening system, even if it is firmly positioned the GPS in front of the driver. The device usually has a rechargeable battery.

How to choose a suitable Motorcycle GPS?

Depending on the use for which it is predestined, the choice of Ideal model of GPS Moto can be done according to several criteria.

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To ensure the quality of a motorcycle GPS, first check the waterproofing of its screen taking into account the IPX7 standard. In addition to being around 11 cm in size, the screen must be able to withstand water.


A good motorcycle GPS must have a battery between 5 hours and 7 hours of time. Recharging should also be fast, in a maximum of one hour.


Before purchasing the GPS, make sure it can stabilize on your bike and check the strength of the mounting bracket.


There is a variety of them. The connected options you are looking for are available (radars, alerts riders, hands-free kit, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Why choose GPS Navigator 6 for your BMW motorcycle?

For your BMW motorcycle, the GPS Navigator 6 is the perfect accessory. Here are some reasons to choose this model:

An excellent guide

The BMW Navigator 6 Moto GPS adapts easily to your smartphone. Thus, you can insert a new route into it after finding it on the smartphone. This motorcycle GPS is equipped with advanced TTS navigation that simplifies the description of the environment in which you are driving.

A regular update

Whether it’s weather forecast or real-time traffic data, this 5″ GPS provides you with a regular update. Its display features a circular polarization filter that greatly optimizes readability by reducing glare.

Innovative options

Functions of GPS Moto Navigator 6 BMW are impressive. Among other things, you can avoid the main axes, take advantage of the “round trip” option, listen to musical sounds thanks to the connection between the GPS and your smartphone.

In short, the GPS Moto BMW has many advantages for motorcycle driving. By investing in it, you save in the long term due to its resistance.

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