Why does a man run away from a woman who likes him ?

A man who ignores the woman he loves, which could be more confusing…

It took you a long time to find your soul mate. And it’s finally there: you fell in love!

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You met the man of your dreams. He is gentle, caring and generous. This man is handsome and jumps you with love. This makes you want to think about the future and build a future with him.

You’re on a little cloud and you see life in pink. You’ve already made plans for your next vacation, or even for the rest of your life.

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For his part, he seems happy too. You feel like he’s in love with you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

But, just when things took a more serious turn, he took his legs to the neck. You can’t reach her anymore, he ignores you and you don’t have it. not seen in days. What happened?

At that time, a whirlwind of emotions invades you and you question everything: what did I do to make him flee? Is that my fault? Is he cheating on me? Does he love me?

Take a breath of air and analyze together what happened!

First of all, you need to understand that it has nothing to do with you. The problem is with him: he may have insecurities or, quite simply, he has become frightened. Do not question your qualities or the sincerity of your relationship. If he walked away from you, he has a good reason. But this one probably has no connection with you.

So here’s a question you need to meditate on: Was he really in love with me? Indeed, one of the reasons why he runs away may be the fact that he has realized that his feelings were not as deep as yours.

So, before you cry this relationship or depressed, try to detect the harbingers. Before trying to figure out why he left, we suggest that you first check whether he was in love with you.

Article plan

  • How do I know if he is in love?
  • Signs that prove he’s in love
    • 1. He is attentive and takes care of you
    • 2. It puts you forward
    • 3. It does everything to satisfy you
    • 4. It is likely
    • 5. He’s jealous
    • 6. He gives you compliments
    • 7. He wants to spend time with you
    • 8. He is doing projects
    • 9. He answers right away
  • Why does a man flee from a woman he loves?
    • 1. He is not emotionally free
    • 2. He is afraid not to meet your expectations
    • 3. He did not want a long-term relationship
    • 4. You fed his ego
    • 5. You were too tied
    • 6. He doesn’t want to be the one who says it’s over
    • 7. He’s afraid to suffer
    • 8. He is proud
    • 9. You have different goals or beliefs
    • 10. It is in a difficult time
    • 11. He needs to get out of the emotional whirlwind
  • What to do when a man runs away from the woman he loves

How do I know if he’s in love?

Men and women use different modes of communication. And, sometimes when you look at your relationship, you may feel that he is not in love, simply because he does not say it out loud, like you.

This can cause doubts because sometimes you seem close while other times it seems distant to you; you feel that at one point he is present and the other is absent. You then question his love for you but also the sincerity of your relationship.

You try to understand his behavior, seek advice from your friends and analyze his intentions.

To help you distinguish the false from the true, we suggest you take a look at the following signs: here’s how to know, without a doubt, that he is in love with you!

Signs that prove he’s in love

In general, men are quite easy to understand: their behavior does not leave much room for doubts. Yet we still have to understand these signs!

Women are more in communication, while men are in action. After all, since they were small, have learned to hide their feelings and to be strong and manly. So do not conclude that he does not like you because he does not tell you, change your conception of the proofs of love and look at his gestures and actions!

1. He is attentive and takes care of you

He may not say “I love you” every day, but he asks for your opinion on important topics and sensitive issues. He has a great interest in your ideas and is aware of your intelligence.

2. It puts you forward

As soon as he was certain of his feelings, he introduced to you his relatives and family. He did everything he could to make you feel comfortable and facilitate the first contact. It will behave courteously when you decide to introduce your friends and relatives (if you have not already done so).

3. It made everything to satisfy you

To the extent of its possibilities, of course! He knows what you love and is happy to offer you something you love. He knows how to fill yourself and there is no shortage of little attention. But be careful! You need to pay attention to every little detail: something that may seem insignificant to you, perhaps very important to him (for example: you like croissants in a particular bakery and he made the effort to go to the other end of the city to buy them for you).

4. It is likely

A man in love can get hurt when you criticize him or point his finger at one of his shortcomings.

5. He’s jealous

It can start at a quarter turn if someone stranger approaches you: it’s not a lack of self-confidence, but a real fear of losing yourself. When he looks at you, he does it with passion!

6. He gives you compliments

Men sometimes find it difficult to say “I love you,” but their gestures do not deceive. He loves your dress, he’s gonna tell you! He loves your smile, he will tell you jokes to make you laugh! Her actions are more important than his words, but sometimes this is the problem: women like to clearly express what they feel.

7. He wants to spend time with you

He does not run away in the middle of the night while you sleep next to him. He makes regular appointments and arrives on time. He’s present, mentally, when you’re together. He may even tend to want to rush things.

It may frighten you initially, but it is a very revealing sign of deep feelings that a man feels towards you.

8. He’s doing projects

This is the most direct sign he can give you. He wants to go to the wedding of his cousin (which is scheduled next year) with you. He plans your summer vacation and talks about moving in or buying an apartment together. At that time, you can be sure he’s crazy about you!

9. He answers right away

When you send them a message, they don’t wait a day (or more) to reply to you. He does it immediately because he can’t help but talk with you. You make his days more beautiful and chat with you (not even messages), makes him happy.

Did the enumeration of those signs that prove that a man is in love helped you better understand your relationship?

If you Think that only two or three signs reflect your relationship, perhaps it’s time to have a serious discussion with your loved one. Ask him frankly what he feels about you and what he thinks of your future.

If you do not recognize one or two of these signs in your relationship, do not panic! That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you! Give him time to develop his feelings and understand them. Maybe he’s not yet aware of what’s going on.

Finally, if you’re sure that he’s crazy in love with the fool but feel like he’s moving away from you, or even running away, explain why in the way.

Why does a man run away from a woman he loves?

You’re convinced he’s in love with you, but is that true? There are several reasons for the theft of a man. Too in love, he is panicked and does not know how to behave towards you or what to expect from the future.

Not in love enough, he runs because he’s afraid your relationship will become too serious.

Here is a list of reasons that can cause a man to flee from a woman he loves:

1. He is not emotionally free

He always has feelings for one of his ex-boyfriends or someone he’s never been with. He’s struggling to distinguish between these feelings and how he feels about you. He loves you, but he doesn’t feel like he’s honest with you. He doesn’t know how to tell you the truth, so he runs away.

2. He is afraid not to meet your expectations

After some time with you, he realized that he could not meet all your expectations, terms of finance, ambition and prospects. Instead of disappointing you, lying to you or being a loser, he chooses to leave his head, more or less, high. He does not want to stop you in your evolution, nor does he want to ridicule himself.

3. He didn’t want a long-term relationship

At first, you were just a flirting with him. But, little by little, feelings have evolved and your relationship has become more serious. That’s where he started to panic. He is not ready for something long term and does not see himself in a monogamous relationship, at the moment. He is frightened by the idea of commitment.

He doesn’t want to marry, have children or share his future with someone. In reality, he is simply afraid of losing his freedom. He doesn’t want to depend on anyone.

4. You nourished his ego

For him, you represented a challenge: beautiful, strong, independent and intelligent. To prove that it was worth it and that he was the alpha among the other men, decided to do everything to conquer you. Once he managed to get you, the excitement passed and the real feelings settled. But that’s not what he wanted, so he chose to run away.

5. You were too tied

Men need challenges. If you show him that you need him (emotionally, financially, etc…) and that you can not live without his presence, he quickly cares. You showed yourself vulnerable by giving him everything, too fast, and it pushed him to leave.

6. He doesn’t want to be the one who says it’s over

While running away, he try to frustrate yourself and push you to break up with him. He doesn’t have the courage to do it himself so he shows the coward that he is by pushing you to be the one who says “it’s over.” In this case, he will do whatever you hate and behave like the last idiots to make you realize that he is not the right one.

7. He’s afraid to suffer

In his previous relationships, he was injured. For fear of suffering, he fled again. He wants to push you to show him that he can believe in you and your feelings. He wants to make sure you’re in love with him and that he’s not just a passing man in your life. He lost confidence in love and doubts about the feelings of all women.

8. He is proud

Proud and proud men are afraid to take the first step. He sees this as a sign of weakness, they prefer, then, step back and let you do all the work. They want to be the ones who make the final decision and not the ones who put all their cards on the table.

9. You have different goals or beliefs

He agrees to compromise on small things, but for him certain differences are insurmountable: having children or not? Being a believer or not? Where to live? He does not want to upset all his education and his certainties for you.

10. It is in a difficult time

Whether it’s family problems, occupational tensions, worrying health or unstable financial situation: he is not happy. Because he does not feel well, he can not enjoy a romantic relationship. He struggles to fully engage and his head is constantly absent. For him, this is not the perfect time to be a couple.

11. He needs to get out of the emotional whirlwind

Falling in love is awesome! Men are filled with a bunch of emotions, sometimes inexplicable, and you feel like you have wings. But all these emotions get tired. Your man may, quite simply, need to focus on something else, for a while. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, just that he needs to blow!

Did these reasons help you better understand for your man fleeing your relationship?

Perhaps this is a temporary situation: he needs to get together, to understand who he is without you so that he can get involved. Now we can ask ourselves what to do. How to react when your man moves away? Instinctively, You want to do something, you don’t know what, but you feel the need to take action to bring it back.

What to do when a man runs away from the woman he loves

You want to do something before it gets too far away. But what? How can we act without frightening him and making him flee further?

The problem is, you can’t force him to love yourself. You also can not force her to engage in a romantic relationship with you. So the answer is simple: let him breathe!

Give him time to think about what he wants and space to blow a little. I have to focus on himself, analyze your relationship, with a rested head, and answer a few questions: am I in love? Where do I see myself in five years? Is she the perfect woman for me?

If you chase him, he’ll run further, You have to let him go before he can get him back. It’s gonna be frustrating, maybe even depressing, but it’s necessary.

It will also give you time to reflect on your relationship, expectations and the sincerity of your own feelings. Each of you must solve your personal problems and clarify the situation in which you are.

A break can be painful but, at least, it’s simple and you know what you have to see. But when a man in love flees from the woman he loves, he sows doubt. You don’t know what to think or where you are: are we together or not?

It is hoped that the signs we have given you to know, for sure, that your man is in love with you and the list of potential reasons for his flight will help you better understand your relationship.

This will allow you to analyze the situation in which you find yourself and know how to act accordingly. Bonnechance!

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