Who is Sévérine Meny ?

Sévérine Meny is often presented as the wife ofSébastien Loeb . The latter is a famous champion of motor racing. He has won consecutively with expertise 9 world titles. But Sévérine Meny is more than Loeb’s wife. She is also the mother of a daughter and a hitch from the steering wheel . A passion that was at the origin of his encounter with Loeb. We tell you everything about this brilliant woman.

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  • Sévérine Meny: a daughter of a rally pilot From
  • her meeting with Sébastien Loeb
  • From their marriage in 2005
  • Sévérine Meny: a happy mother
  • A competent co-pilot
  • A not very convincing semi-retirement

Sévérine Meny: a girl of a rally pilot

Born on December 12, 1977, Sévérine Meny had every chance to become a true lover of the engine. His father, in addition to being a vehicle dealer, was also a rally driver. Sévérine grew up in a car and racing environment. This is a criterion that predestined her to become a fan of vehicles and speed . Richard Meny, his father, very early became accustomed to the noise of engines and the pleasant sensation of winning trophies.

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From his meeting with Sébastien Loeb

Sévérine and Sébastien met for the first time in 1996 in Nancy. The two young rally drivers were both competing in the final of the Federation Youth Rally competition. One of the facts that marked him most in Sébastien was that he was wearing an earring. When she has to tell about this day, she also remembers that Sébastien was doing the crazy in the parking lot at the end of the event. But the two young people did not get closer that day. They will have to wait for the 1999 Youth Rally contest to be presented by one of their common friends. Sébastien came this time to support one of his friends who took part in the contest. But this time Loeb was no longer wearing a loop. Loeb and Meny are more on the spot and their adventure started.

From their marriage in 2005

Loeb’s marriage dates back to 2005. Sébastien Loeb wasn’t really for a wedding from the start. What mattered to him was the children. But it was little to know Sévérine Meny who wanted a well-organized wedding . His main goal in organizing this wedding was to bring together the members of both families and their friends to make a beautiful and unforgettable party. Sébastien was happy at the end of the day; the event took place in the best conditions.

According to Sévérine Meny , her husband does not have the features of a jealous man. In addition, it is not very romantic. But she is not mad at her, because she is also not very romantic. She’s even less jealous.

Sévérine Meny: a happy mother

The daughter of the couple Loeb was born in 2007, about two years after the wedding. The girl does not see her father all the time. This one is almost all the time on the tracks of the world looking for a new title. He made his thing the famous WRC World Rally Championship .

However, Sévérine says that the first time Valentine got in a car, she was alongside her father. She was barely a month and she was in her cosy. They went around the city.

A competent co-pilot

Sévérine Meny was a pilot. But this adventure did not last long. She thus receives advice from her husband. In addition, she is the co-pilot of her husband when they are rally. For his wife’s thirty years, Sébastien had rented a circuit with a rally car . Sévérine states, however, that she did not wish to be the co-pilot of another pilot. Indeed, it receives several requests or proposals, but it rejects all of them.

A not very convincing semi-retirement

A few days after winning his ninth title, Sébastien announced his semi-retirement. This is news that could certainly have made a happy one: his wife. But this is not really the case, because Sébastien wants to try himself at racing on the road. A new challenge that the world champion has embarked on. To achieve his goals, he will have to train tremendously. For Sévérine, he will not always be at home, but they are sure to be in contact for the long time. Sévérine admitted that she will always be alongside her husband during competitions and training . But sometimes they do not see themselves for reasons of travel. In these cases, the couple is called more than 30 times a day.

For Sévérine, her husband has her infallible support for her new adventures. She knows that it will be impossible to remove her husband’s passion for shopping . It is also a shared passion and she always remembers that this is what brought them together from the beginning of their relationship.

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