Which utility to choose in 2020?

2019 was an exceptional year for the French utility market. A total of 479,756 new registrations were recorded during the year, up more than 4% compared to the previous year. Another important fact is the French-speaking trio Renault Peugeot Citroën held the lead of the peloton with 146,303, 85,360 and 74,171 trucks sold respectively over the period. Fourth place is Fiat with 37,572 vehicles sold.

Same observation on the second-hand market where all manufacturers finished the year on good results, also up 4% compared to the previous year. Leading the ranking but in a slightly different order, we find our usual trio: Renault (252,784 vehicles sold), Citroën (138,562 vehicles sold) and Peugeot (130,093 vehicles sold). Then arrives Fiat with 69,873 used vehicles elapsed over the period. The most popular are the Renault Kangoo, the Citroën Berlingo II, the Peugeot Partner, and for foreign brands the Fiat DOBLO, the Opel Combo and the Volkswagen Transporter.

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An opportunity market rejuvenation largely supported by the LOA of Opportunities

The second-hand market is also marked by a rejuvenation of rented vehicles. Thus, the number of vehicles from one to two years increased by 25.8% and those from two to four years by 12.7%. The five-year and older segment, which still accounts for 68% of vehicle sales, is slowing sharply with growth of only 0.7% in 2019. This evolution is good news compared to the requirement of environmental and safety standards.

LLD leasing and especially in used LOA contributes significantly to the dynamics of the used utility market and its rejuvenation. Accustomed to leasing for many years, professionals benefit from a large commercial fleet consisting of recent vehicles with reduced mileage and offered at competitive rates.

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Which utility to choose in 2020?

Among the various manufacturer offers, the choice of a utility to accompany you daily will depend on your activity. Your choice will be based on your job, the importance and nature of the material you will have to transport (raw materials, customers’ deliveries, tools…), the frequency of your trips and the number of kilometers traveled. The place where your travel, urban or extra-urban areas, is also an important choice criterion to take into account. Depending on these constraints and objectives, it is certain that you will find the ideal utility among the opportunities LOA offers of your partner Vivacar. Find the top 10 used commercial vehicles!

Used LOA, a safe and economical formula, ideal for professionals

The leasing with the option to purchase used commercial vehicles is a very advantageous solution for all professionals who need to equip themselves with a modular and spacious versatile utility truck for the transport of equipment. Vivacar, No. 1 of the second-hand LOA, is committed to your side with a wide choice of guaranteed utilities from the largest hexagonal concessions. It offers affordable, secure, efficient and flexible LOA financing formulas. You will benefit with the rental with option to purchase Vivacar of reduced and fixed monthly rents for optimal management of your forecasting and mechanical guarantees (for any mechanical, electrical and electronic problems). The optional mechanical warranty also includes maintenance of your used utility and support for the duration of your engagement.

Your used utility LOA with Vivacar

Vivacar, site No. 1 of the opportunity LOA, accompanies you to realize your utility project. After choosing your ideal model, all you need to do is build your file online, in contact with your Vivacar advisor to adjust the characteristics of your LOA according to your professional situation and your needs. The information to be provided is: the duration of your commitment, the number of kilometres you will travel, your contribution (optional) and the optional Mechanical Warranty. After filling in all this information, you will get the fixed amount of your rent, the number of monthly payments, as well as the redemption value of your utility if at the end of your contract you wish to pay off your financing and become the owner of it (you can also decide to return it and renew your commitment on a newer utility).

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