Which heating mode to choose in 2021 ?

Heating is a necessity to spend the winter warm. However, choosing the heating system is not always easy given the variety of models available on the market. Find out what way of heating you will need in 2021.

The oil heating mode

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Nowadays, oil boilers are renovated and therefore become less cumbersome. Easy to install, the oil heater is best suited to housing that spans a large space . In addition, the fossil energy used by this type of heating is polluting. So therefore, oil heating is neither environmentally friendly nor economical, because the replenishment price can increase depending on the cost of oil used to make the fuel.

Solar heaters

The solar heating system is non-polluting and works thanks to a free energy source, namely the sun. But, its installation is quite expensive. By the way, it is recommended to combine it with another heating system, since it is not obvious to take advantage of this solar energy throughout the year even in the hottest regions. As a result, the secondary system that will be deputy will be able to take over during the winter. In addition, this heating system coupling will allow you to enjoy one and the same energy for both heating and water.

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Wood heating

Wood heating is the oldest system of heating. It is both economical and environmentally friendly . It is even more interesting especially since it offers several choices of equipment and installation. This is the case for example stoves, inserts, wood boilers, etc. It is the heating mode that provides clean and healthy energy. Nowadays, wood heating is renovated thanks to the very powerful pellet stoves that reduce the storage space of wood. However, proximity to a wooded area is much more advisable to easily stock up and fully benefit from this type of heating.


Geothermal energy is the installation of a heating network, which consists in drawing heat from the basement in order to redistribute it in the house. This type of heating is also environmentally friendly and very economical in use. However, the work on installing this mode of heating is very complex and expensive. In this case, it is better to install it in a new construction and especially for a house with a large area.

Electric heating

Electric heating is most suitable for units that have little space like a studio or an apartment . As a result, electric heaters responsible for producing and distributing heat inside the house have been improved to be more economical in terms of energy consumption. However, electric heating remains the most expensive and polluting.

Gas heating

Gas heating easily adapts to boilers, condensing boilers, radiators as well than to heated floors. Gas, the energy at the base of this heating mode is undoubtedly inexpensive, but polluting. In addition, the use of this type of system requires connecting to a common network. There are several modes of heating. It is up to you to choose the one that meets your expectations and above all your budget.

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