Where to place your TV in the living room?

Have you just built or renovated a house, and now you move on to the layout of living rooms? First step: the living room! If you want to install a real TV corner to spend a good time with your family in front of a movie or a series, an adhoc layout is necessary. The layout of a living room is not always easy, especially when it comes to a living room that you share with the rest of the family! To help you, here are 10 practical tips to create a personalized TV corner that is pleasant to live on a daily basis for the whole family.

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1. Choose the location of the TV cornerDiscover 10 tips for setting up a TV corner in the trend

First step in arranging your TV corner: decide its location within the living room. Most of the time, chooses to install his TV in the living room for purely practical reasons: the living room is usually the room that has the most space, quite simply! It is also the room that accommodates the sofa. It is therefore estimated that TV will be more comfortable in a living room than in a kitchen or in a bedroom. However, it is still as simple as that. You will have to look closely at your lifestyle habits . Do you spend more time in your kitchen than in your living room? If, yes, consider installing a small TV against a kitchen wall. Another possibility: if you have a games room, for example, the TV lounge area can find its place too!

Regarding the orientation of the TV, it is advisable to never place the screen in front of a window or light fixture, as this would cause reflections that would prevent you from seeing the screen image correctly at certain times of the day. True, the latest TVs have anti-reflective treatments , but the purists will tell you that direct light prevents you from visualizing colors and contrasts well! If you can not do otherwise, make sure that the windows in front of the TV have blinds or curtains so that you can close them if necessary.

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2. Choosing the style of your TV cornerToo much light? Install blinds or curtains to avoid visual discomfort. Source: Pinterest

The style of your TV corner should adapt to the style of the decor of your living room, it makes sense. However, this does not mean that traditional or retro interiors cannot accommodate an XL flat screen TV! Just blur the brand new side of your TV a little bit, for example by integrating it into a furniture with retro accents or in a angle to make it as discreet as possible.

Conversely, if you have a very design interior, there are tips to give an original side to your TV corner: the color frame to surround the TV (artwork style), the hanging TV, the colorful pop poufs…

Source: Pinterest. A colourful living room with a built-in TV on top of the fireplace

Source: Pinterest. Sobriety and modernity with this XXL living room and its black lacquered TV furniture

3. Integrate TV with brilliance in the existing decorA TV integrated into a bookcase cabinet. Not stupid, right? Discretion assured!

If you have a very classic or vintage style of interior, or a minimalist, sleek interior, it will be worth avoiding mistakes in style. For example, we can opt for a wall TV combination , that is, a piece of furniture that spreads along the entire length of the wall and which at the same time serves to accommodate the TV: bookcase, CD or DVD cabinet… Here are the different styles that exist:

  • Library: The TV is integrated in the center of a wall-mounted library. Neither seen nor known, hidden in the middle of the books, it is part of the decor!
  • Closed cabinet: when not in use, the TV (placed in the center of the cabinet) can be hidden by sliding doors (automatically or manually).
  • The mirror: the TV is hidden behind a mirror. A system that is used extensively in the bathrooms because it helps protect the TV from water vapors.

If the living room is adjacent to the dining room (or blends with it), a pretty contemporary industrial style dining table made of steel, or retro chic in ceramic (imitation Italian marble — see model below), can also highlight the TV corner. These contemporary table models will certainly inspire you.

4. Attach his TV to the wall? What optionsDesign table in glass and ceramic – imitation marble. Source: monsieur-meuble.com

If you do not want to opt for the classic option of putting your TV on a cabinet, or if you don’t have enough room for a TV cabinet, you can attach it to the wall. An ideal option for families: when mounted on the wall, the TV is not likely to be knocked down by a child!

There are several types of TV brackets on the wall: fixed brackets (which no longer move once installed), tilting brackets (which can be adjusted if necessary), or swivel brackets (where TV can rotate from top to bottom or from left to right).

5. Convenience of use: choose the right TV standSource: Pinterest

Do you prefer to install your TV on a cabinet? Still it is necessary to choose it for maximum viewing comfort. The choice of the TV stand depends on several criteria: the style chosen for your TV corner, the dimensions and weight of the TV, the other devices to store on and in the cabinet…

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You will have the choice between several types of TV furniture:

  • The classic cabinet, the size of a low sideboard. This unit will only fit your TV, and your equipment can be stored in the drawers.
  • The wall cabinet, wall mounted and has shelves, for storing CDs, books and DVDs. It is ideal for saving space.
  • The wheeled cabinet, so you can easily move your TV and rearrange your TV corner according to your desires.
  • The TV bench for storing other electronic devices and objects.
  • The hanging cabinet, for an original TV corner!

6. Tailor-made furniture for TVSource: Pinterest

If during your research, you can’t find the TV stand of your dreams, think about custom-made furniture . It is possible to find affordable bespoke furniture, or even make it yourself. At least, we will be sure that the furniture is adapted to its desires, both in terms of dimensions, storage and aesthetics!

7. Install your TV at the right height

The TV should be positioned at the right height to avoid neck or neck pain back, especially if you do not have a swivel support. To determine the right height, just watch the TV for 1 hour and see if the height is right for you before fixing the wall cabinet or permanently installing the TV stand.

8. Add StorageSource: Pinterest. How to calculate the correct height of the TV?

Storage is important for the TV corner to be tidy. TV equipment (remote control, cables, sockets…), electronic devices (DVD player, game consoles…), CDs and DVDs… Everything must be stored in its place. So be sure to integrate storage into your TV corner, whether it’s crates, drawers, or shelves. Also think of cable covers to prevent your TV cables from getting damaged !

9. Choosing the sofa and armchairs

No TV corner without comfort furniture! Plan sofas, armchairs, ottomans or more to gain comfort when watching TV and having a good time with family. As with the height of the TV, it is important to test sofas and armchairs before definitively deciding: do you want armrests? A file? Comfort must pass first of all!

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10. The distance between the TV and the sofa

Last tip: the TV should be at a good distance from the chairs to limit eye strain. The ideal distance is 3 times the length of the diagonal of the screen of your TV, at a minimum. And then, the greater the distance, the more you can be watching TV for a family friendly time or we will go in!

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