Where can I find fast and secure credit ?

We all happen to have a low in our finances usually around the 20th of the month, we have had more expenses and unfortunately we are missing 200 or 600 euros to finish the month at best. But what are the solutions to compensate for a lack of cash? A new credit offer has appeared and intends to change our image on credit!

Microcredit, a quick and easy way to get money

Microcredit is a small credit of a low amount, usually between 100€ and 1,500€ which reimburses itself quickly. The aim is not to commit over a long period of time as some credit agencies propose. It is very simple to obtain this type of credit because the demand is made entirely online and there is little evidence to provide. Because the amount is lower, these microcredit organizations are more flexible. It usually requires valid identification and proof that you receive a source of income. You get an answer very quickly, very often in the day. That’s why these types of microcredits are called “troubleshooting” credits or to round off difficult month ends.

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Convenient credit available the next day on the bank account

Microcredit is accessible to all and available quickly on bank account. In 24 hours, you have the amount of your credit available and ready to be used. So you can quickly cope with an urgent situation, pay a late bill for example or fill an overdraft. You don’t have to worry about repaying your credit, it is automatically debited to your bank account. The refund is quite short, about 15 to 30 days. The idea is to repay your credit as soon as you collect your salary.

Trust at the heart of microcredit

Trust is an essential point in obtaining microcredit. Indeed, microcredit organizations first lend you a minimum amount of 200 or 300 euros. If it is refunded as planned, i.e. you do not have any incidents or delays in repaying your microcredit, you can claim a more important when making a next request. When you make a first application, you fill in certain personal and financial information as well as documents supporting your source of income, once the first subscription has been validated and approved, you no longer need to provide new documents. You log in to your customer account and choose the amount you are missing for your project. No need to wait for an answer, you automatically have a credit offer made to you.

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Microcredit, a responsible credit

In order not to overload its budget, microcredit is accessible only to people who are not registered with the Banque de France. In addition, you can only have one microcredit at a time and per household. Microcredit remains a troubleshooting solution and is not a solution on the long term. Thus, it is very important to check its ability to repay, because even if it is a small amount of money, you sign an undertaking with the microcredit organization.

What are the players in microcredit in France?

In France, microcredit is very recent compared to our European countries. Indeed, there are no less than 100 credit agencies in Spain or the United Kingdom. In France, there is an agency specialized in microcredit via mobile, Ferratum Bank , installed in Finland since 2005 and present in more than 25 countries worldwide, the organization has quickly become the reference for simple, fast and secure microcredit. Thanks to its unique offer, Ferratum Bank has conquered many customers. Just look at customer reviews to realize that customer service is very close to listens and advises you at best in yourproject.

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