What type of pool to choose ?

In summer, having a swimming pool at home is a real happiness that allows you to enjoy the good weather with family and friends. But when you decide to have a swimming pool, you have to choose from the different options available and the choice is not easy. Thus, many people are wondering what kind of pool to choose. To make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account several criteria such as budget, pool characteristics, pros and cons , and analyze them to determine whether they are suitable for its needs. The information below will allow you to carry out this task peacefully.

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There are two large types of swimming pools available on the Market: above ground pool and buried pool . In each of these categories, several options are available.

Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools are swimming pools very accessible to everyone. Their price is affordable, and their installation does not require heavy work. It is even possible to do their own installation if you are a good handyman and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer or seller. It is enough to lay these pools on the floor and fill them. But at the same time, it may be necessary to do small jobs to be able to enjoy the pool .

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Cases in which work is required are those of a semi-buried pool. The Above-ground pools can have a not very aesthetic appearance. To avoid this, the solution often consists in installing a semi-buried pool. However, the choice of a semi-buried pool may be due to the shape of the plot on which it is to be installed. For a sloping plot , an above-ground pool is not really suitable, but a semi-buried pool, though.

For a cheap above-ground pool, you can choose between an inflatable pool or a pool kit . The inflatable pool is often intended for children, because it is of small dimensions. But inflatable pools, there are some that are freestanding and therefore suitable for children as well as adults. As for kit pools, they can be tubular, steel, or wood .

The ones usually found in a house are wooden pools, as they are very aestheticand the risk of leakage above ground wooden pool is almost non-existent. When choosing a pool, the material and coating are very important elements to take into account. In the case of an above-ground pool however, the coating does not matter much. As for the material, wood requires more maintenance than steel.

What kind of pool to choose:

An underground pool is more expensive than an above-ground pool; both for purchase and installation. In addition, formalities must be completed before installing an underground pool. It is necessary to know that his installation requires that a building permit be obtained, as is the installation of any swimming pool requiring work. Regulations regarding the installation of a swimming pool may exist, so you have to inquire carefully before any purchase.

An underground pool can be made of concrete, stainless steel, or polyester. Each of these materials is durable and strong enough. Concrete pools offer many possibilities in terms of shapes, which makes them highly customizable. In addition, these are the most durable of all. For the coating, there is a choice between plaster, tile, or liner. Although plaster is originally the coating intended for concrete, the liner is the most widely used because of its resistance. But the tile is the coating that offers the most possibilities. You can have different colors and even patterned.

Choosing an underground pool also offers an infinity pool . This type of pool is extremely beautiful and offers unparalleled luxury.

Choosing a pool among the different types that exist is not an easy exercise, but having the necessary information about each type of pool, it is easy to make a choice. It must meet your tastes in terms of shape, aesthetics, dimensionsand of course, your budget .

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