What to do to become a licensed kindergarten assistant?

Are you planning to become an accredited kindergarten assistant? What are the steps to be taken to exercise this profession with an accreditation? What training is needed and what skills are expected to be a kindergarten assistant? All the answers to your questions are here.

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  • an accredited nursery assistant
  • Become a nursery assistant and change her life
  • Accreditation of a nursery assistant
    • Documents to be gathered for an application for accreditation
  • The steps to become an assistant Kindergarten
    • What the Kindergarten Assistant Accreditation Says
  • Training to become
    • a Kindergarten Assistant A beautiful job, which is not as easy as it seems
  • Kindergarten and private life assistant
  • What insurance when you is a kindergarten assistant?

The profession of a certified nursery assistant

The profession of a kindergarten assistant is a beautiful job. It involves caring for young children. The nursery assistant therefore participates heavily in the education of the young child or the children to be kept.

The maternal assistant is present in the life of the child as a childcare professional for a given period, and under accreditation. Every nursery worker must have an accreditation in order to be able to practise legally and professionally with children.

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Become a nursery assistant and change your life

Anyone wishing to change their professional life and become a maternal assistant must adapt and invest. Becoming a nursery assistant means putting in place many changes to promote the right reception of children.

This is essentially valid if the reception is done at the home of the nursery assistant. In MAM (Nursery Assistants House), the most important changes will be made in terms of personal involvement , especially for working hours and compatibility with privacy.

Accreditation of a kindergarten assistant

Regardless of the number of children that the kindergarten assistant must keep, her approval must cover the maximum number of children she will keep.

Before starting a professional activity as a nursery assistant, it is essential to apply for accreditation. Depending on your department of residence, you are informed of the information meeting in which you will have to participate, by the PMI (Maternal Child Protection). We then provide you with a Approval application form .

Documents to be collected for an application for approval

A number of documents are required to complete your application file to become a kindergarten assistant. You will be asked:

  • A copy of your ID;
  • If applicable, a copy of your residence permit with the authorization to engage in a professional activity;
  • A valid medical certificate attesting to your ability to do a profession in the care of children;
  • A photocopy of your certificate of residence;

For a renewal of your accreditation, you will need to provide your kindergarten assistant schedule.

The steps to become a nursery assistant

To become a kindergarten assistant, a visit to the PMI will be made. The PMI verifies your eligibility for the accreditation of a kindergarten assistant . This eligibility is assessed according to various criteria:

  • Abilities and skills;
  • Proficiency in the oral French language;
  • Personal qualities;
  • The ability to organize and availability;
  • Knowledge of the profession and the role of maternal assistant;
  • Material conditions of reception and security;
  • The environment of the place of reception;
  • The presence of animals at the place of reception;
  • The arrangement of the means of communication;
  • Transport and travel;

The services offered by the nursery assistant are reviewed by the PMI and a child care provider will contact you to discuss any observations made, if any.

Once your file has been studied, the Departmental Council gives you an answer and notifies you of the decision to grant an accreditation to become a nursery assistant.

What Kindergarten Assistant Accreditation Says

In the reply of the Departmental Council and in your approval, you will have information on:

  • the number of children you are entitled to take in your home
  • The age of the children you can accommodate;
  • A clarification on the type of welcome you can offer.

If the response of the Departmental Council is an adverse opinion, an appeal is possible within two months. Good to know: the deadline for obtaining an accreditation to be a nursery assistant is three months , generally speaking.

Training to become a kindergarten assistant

In order to become ASMAT, only one training exists and that is the one you will need to follow in order to practise your profession. The kindergarten assistant training is divided into two separate parts:

  • 60 hours of theory on the basics of child care;
  • 60 hours of practice An exemption is possible for all holders of a CAP Petite Enfance.

Being an accredited nursery assistant implies a commitment to comply with all applicable child care regulations. It is for this reason that it is essential to follow the formal training of a maternal asssitant: you are in good standing, trained and operational.

The parents of the children you will be reassured of your skills and value as a kindergarten assistant.

A beautiful craft, which is not as easy as it seems

The profession of kindergarten assistant is a job demanding and tiring. You also commit to keeping pace and constraints of the profession. Sometimes your schedule can be up to 50 hours of on-call per week .

Your autonomy, your ability to organize yourself and your patience will make a difference. It is important to know how to question ourselves when you want to be a kindergarten assistant. Your tenacity and recoil will help you through the less easy periods (2-year crisis, etc.)

Nursery and Privacy Assistant

If you decide to become a kindergarten assistant, be aware that your privacy will not be changed. Your accommodation must absolutely be up to the norms . Protection at the corners of tables, protection of electrical outlets, management of wages, children, parents… As well as the emotional management that all this implies.

Adapt your accommodation with complete serenity with the purchase of adequate equipment, and your work will only be facilitated with children.

What insurance when you’re a kindergarten assistant?

One last important aspect concerns your insurance as a kindergarten assistant. You are working at home: your home must also be able to be protected from any incident that may occur due to the presence of young children.

You will be obliged to take out professional liability insurance in all cases, before the reception of the very first child. In addition, insurance specific to your trade can be offered: ask your insurer.

If you decide to start as a kindergarten assistant or maternal assistant, you now have all the keys to successful your professional project .

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