What sentence for a betrothal application?

Even if we talk more often about marriage application, one can also apply for engagement. This request can be made in a very romantic way, for example during a candlelit dinner. But for all those who want to leave a trace of their request, a request letter in engagement for her is a nice idea. To inspire you, here is an example of a letter.

Example letter of engagement application for her


We have been living a wonderful love story for several years now. As soon as we met, I felt that my life was going to change. Thanks to you, together, we have taken a fresh start and my days have become better, full of this shared happiness by your side.

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Yes, since the first day, I feel like I’m living a nice dream. All Around Me I seem more beautiful, different, life has taken a new flavor for me. I could even say that my life finally makes sense.

Your presence alone is enough to give me a smile, close to you I feel blossomed . Your proofs of love and all the little attentions you give me every day make me the happiest man in the world.

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In your eyes, I saw tenderness and love and I learned to love you every day even more. No word can express my gratitude for what you brought me. You showed me the world with different eyes.

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I can’t stay away from you anymore, my dearest dream is to spend the rest of my life by your side. To move forward together, to realize our common dreams, to realize our projects, to build our couple, to to love each other and always be there for each other.

“I wanted nothing but these eternal engagement, our bodies stretched by the chimney, touching each other, and I dare to move, lest one of my gestures suffice to drive away happiness.”

This quote from the writer and poet Raymond Radiguet is so true my love… It describes so well what I feel by your side. The magic of our moments spent together, the alchemy of our bodies and hearts, and the desire to grasp the fleeting moment, to make it a moment suspended, out of time, lest it stops and never happen again. It is to have the chance to share intense moments with you again and again that I am writing this letter to you.

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This letter from ask for engagement to the wife of my life

You bring me everything I can hope for in my life, that’s why I decided to ask you in an engagement. I want to do things right, even if it may seem outdated, I think the opposite. I like this idea of moving forward with you step by step, hand in hand. With you I want to be romantic, to be passionate. To put our love at the top of my existence, to make our couple an absolute priority.

I can bring you joy, love again and always, for I wish only one thing, spend the rest of my life with you!

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Deep inside me, I know you’re the woman of my life. You made me better and I like to think that I bring you happiness too.

You’re a woman who owns all this that a man can desire to live happily and I hope to have the chance to one day be able to call you my wife. Not for you to be mine, for you to belong to me, but for us to be united for life.

Before that, I would like to solemnly ask you to become my fiancée. This is indeed the primary purpose of this letter. Do you agree to become my fiancée, my wife in the future ? The one I’m gonna blow up with for the color of tablecloths or flowers on our wedding day?

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Do you want to accompany me to live a new adventure with me, that of our engagement?

I look forward to your yes, my future fiancée . I love you with all my heart, and much more.”

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