What ring to apply for marriage?

After turning and turning the question a good pack of times in your head, the observation is today unappealed, you found your half! The one you think you’re going a good way with, and with a bit of luck, walk the whole road together. It’s time to throw yourself into the water and show him your total commitment. Traditionally, this involves a formal marriage application. Whatever the way, we know that it is almost automatically accompanied by a pretty engagement ring. It is when choosing this strong jewel as a symbol that one can sometimes encounter certain difficulties. What type of ring to choose? What materials? What size? So many questions whose answers, not frozen, will depend on the tastes of the future bride as well as the budget you want to dedicate to this jewel. There is nothing like being able to rely on the advice of professionals in the jewellery to guide you in this choice. Here are some tips to enlighten and inspire you through this thorny step.

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Before discussing the tastes of your half or the budget you have, here is a short reminder about the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring.

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The engagement ring is a jewel that is traditionally offered to its half on the day of your wedding application. If your partner accepts it (we wish you!) , she will wear it on the left ring finger. As a rule, the engagement ring is a gold ring (mostly white) and topped with a diamond called Solitaire . If tradition is that the man chooses the engagement ring alone before making his request, the choice is made more and more often by two, or by the woman herself.

The wedding ring is a gold ring that seals the union, and also passes to the left ring finger on the wedding day. Contrary to what many men think (including us!) , a woman can quite decide to wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring together after getting married. As a rule, investment is more important for the engagement ring than for the alliance. Both jewels are intended to be preserved all life, hence the importance of choosing quality rings.

How to choose a suit for a wedding?

1. What are the different types of ring?

To find yourself in the different types of engagement rings, here are some benchmarks that may be useful to you:

What metal?

  • Silver: for an engagement ring, money is usually not recommended. If its shiny and stainless appearance may seem to be a serious argument, silver is a metal that will age less well than gold and platinum. So it’s not the best choice for a jewel that is supposed to last a lifetime!
  • Platinum: used in high jewellery, platinum is a precious metal that, like gold, has a long service life. Platinum, on the other hand, is very difficult for jewelers to work on, which makes platinum jewelry particularly expensive.
  • Gold: This is the main metal used. Pure gold jewellery (24 carats) is rare because the metal is not strong enough to hold over the long term. The majority of jewellery is made of 18k gold, which means it is combined with other metals. It is this association that defines its color of gold (yellow, pink, white or black). For example, a rose gold is due to a greater amount of copper in the alloy.

What stone?

  • Fine stones (or semi-precious): they are more affordable than precious stones. It is usually not recommended to select a ring with a semi-precious stone. If they may seem tempting, they are of poor quality and may not last for a lifetime.
  • Gemstones: There are 4 gemstones: diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. Diamond is more regularly chosen for this type of ring. This is the strongest stone (10/10 on the Mohs scale). The way the stone is worked also has an impact on its strength

Models approaching those worn by some celebrities usually have the coast. This is the case The ring offered by Prince William to Kate Middleton that you can admire below.

Solitaire ring “Hedone” at OCARAT

2. What kinds of jewelry does she like?

Two elements will then determine the choice of this symbolic jewel: the budget and the desire to please it! This last point is obviously of paramount importance. The idea is to opt for a model that will seduce her for sure and that will remain timeless over the years. This is not a small deal, especially when you consider the amount of brands and rings offered in the jewellery market. However, she may already have a fairly precise idea of what she would like to see around her ring finger in the case of a hypothetical marriage application. Better yet, she probably sent innocently a few signals to which we have not necessarily been attentive. It is not too late to try to decrypt them or to get them up to the surface. During walks sometimes accompanied by a little window lick, it may be that she voluntarily shows a model, a ring style that she finds very beautiful. It is essential to pay special attention to this type of commuting and to “innocuous” remarks.

Beyond the symbolic aspect of buying such a piece of jewellery, it must be borne in mind that, in all logic, she proudly sported it on her finger for several decades. In order to make it easier for you to choose, we have prepared a small set of questions whose answers are already in your current environment:

  • Does she wear jewelry and more precisely rings? If this is not the case, it will certainly have to move towards a timeless model and rather discreet.
  • Is it a jewel that she can wear and take on a daily basis? Indeed, in the event that you have views of a solitaire with a coloured ruby, sapphire or emerald stone, be sure that she will dare to put it on her finger in all circumstances (or almost) and with all her outfits.
  • Is she used to wearing discreet or imposing jewellery? If you opt for a prominent diamond, think practicity and daily tasks. A huge stone can make some dream of it while others will struggle to wear it every day. You will find the answer to this question simply by observing what it is already wearing.
  • Who could help me with this choice? Why not ask someone around him to help you and transfer some of the weight of this heavy mission to the shoulders of an accomplice? Whether it’s his parents or her best friend, you’ll find someone who knows her (almost) as well as you…
  • Did she ever refer to the engagement ring her girlfriend Suzie received during her marriage application? She certainly issued an opinion on said jewel, which allows you to appreciate what she likes or not. Provided of course you remember the kind of model worn by Suzie, that’s another story!

3. What if we buy an ethical piece of jewellery?

While ethical concerns are progressing with regard to the purchase of our clothing, they remain even less present regarding our jewellery. Although it is now possible to trace the origin of metals, it is not true for precious stones and the reality of so-called “blood diamonds” is still present. However, we can relativize this by the fact that the top three diamond producing countries are Russia (30%), Canada and Botswana. The three of them account for almost half of the world’s production. Nevertheless, much of it is still extracted in underdeveloped countries, sometimes involved in financing armed conflicts. Guillaume, co-founder of Breidal Ethical Jewelry, tells us a little more about this sector:

“The number of intermediaries in the gemstone trade is particularly high, which makes traceability opaque. In addition, the labels supposed to guarantee the good origin of the stones are not 100% safe. This is the case for example with the Kimberley Process, which is supposed to guarantee the good origin of pure diamonds. But today it is difficult to guarantee the origin of a diamond. The value chain is indeed long, and the diamond attracts poorly intentioned people. As demonstrated by Global Witness (survey in French here), Cameroonian diamonds, certified by the Kimberley Process, can actually come from the Central African Republic. It is this reality that we want to show, while finding alternative solutions that allow customers who wish to buy a natural and traced diamond.”

In recent years, the creation of synthetic diamonds has been spreading. While this practice responds to the problems explained above, it also has an environmental impact 3 to 4 times greater than the extraction of natural diamonds.

“La Jeannette” solitaire ring at Breidal

In this regard, William of Breidal adds:

“The most ethical way of doing things in the world of jewellery is to show complete transparency and allow consumers to make their choice in soul and consciousness. At Breidal, we try to maximize sustainability by offering 18K gold jewelry that ages particularly well, and by designing timeless designs so they can go through the years without getting out of fashion. Also, we do not lie about the origin of our diamonds because we are not yet able to guarantee it 100%”

Also, it is no longer uncommon to find on the market brands that offer recycled gold jewelry. Specifically, this gold comes from the overhaul of unused gold such as old jewelry but also old coins or industrial equipment. Infinitely reusable, recycled gold avoids the extraction of new kilos of gold. On average, it takes 50,000 liters of water, 150 liters of gasoline and 18 kg of sulfur oxide to extract only 20 grams of gold. And this amount will have that more is produced 415kg of CO2. For a ring, it’s more than 12000 liters of water and 750 grams of cyanide, a real disaster for the environment.

4. What budget to spend on an engagement ring?

When you have a little more precise idea of the type of ring that might please your sweetener, the question of the budget you want to allocate to this item will arise. Indeed, it is not obvious to evaluate what can actually be offered to him when the universe of jewellery is unknown to us. As mentioned earlier in the article, the price of the jewellery will depend on the chosen metal (silver, gold, platinum) as well as the size and regularity of the diamond or stone. In great romantic France is a country for which the budget allocated to the engagement ring is rather high. According to tradition, the ring must cost the equivalent of one to two months of salary. The United States is putting the bar even higher, climbing to three months of salary! Of course, it is important Allocate a budget that is up to your means, and your sweetheart won’t blush you if you don’t make a consumer loan to finance this big pebble!

Perhaps you will be more reassured by browsing online jewelry sites that offer a wide selection dedicated to this occasion. This approach will allow you to familiarize yourself with the many existing models, to refine your search and why not to make this project a reality by placing an order.

From a financial point of view, buying this jewel on the internet can indeed present some advantages that Philippe Boiché, president of the online jewelry store OCARAT shows us:

“Our prices are very attractive, which is explained by the absence of a point of sale as well as our large sales volumes unlike traditional jewellery stores. Our catalogue offers a wide choice and our deadlines are often more short. More than 800 engagement rings are available, making it possible to have very eclectic models to satisfy all desires! We also have our own jeweler craftsman who takes care of special requests and tailor-made creations. Not to mention our advisors trained in the world of jewellery who can answer all the questions, even the most technical.”

In order to give you some notions about the rates practiced, you are offered to take a look at these indications (not exhaustive) which may vary depending on the jewellery stores:

From 40€ and above

If you have a very tight budget but want to create the “Wow” effect, opt for a solitaire with a silver ring and a zirconia stone. Although this association is less qualitative, we find pretty models from 40€.

Julien D’orcel

From 200€ and more

If you are not ready to draw a line on a beautiful gold ring (yellow, white, pink) but your finances are limited, pair it with a cubic zirconia stone and count at least 200€.




Starting at 400€ and above

Despite a limited budget, for you engagement ring necessarily rhymes with gold and genuine diamond. You will find timeless and chic solitaires with a real stone from 200€ in jewellery and 400€ at a jeweller. With a slightly higher budget, you will find more elaborate models with a pretty real stone (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire…) sometimes embellished with small diamonds mounted on a gold ring. Count between 400€ and 800€.


Gold of the World

Between 800€ and 1500€

If you are willing to invest a certain amount in your ring engagement, you can find very beautiful models around 800€. In particular, you will be able to invest in a durable ring with pretty finishes, in 18k gold.






Messika (original models)

Zeina Wedding Rings

At 1500€ and more

Maybe you save for 2 years in the idea of offering her The ring of his dreams. Some women indirectly submit ideas from major brands. In the world of luxury jewellery, you will find jewellery crafted with the finest metals and the most beautiful stones. All of this obviously has a cost since it will have to pay at least 1,500€ for a single ring and up to €10,000 and more for a ring worthy of the Crown jewels!



Some sites to know





Golden Ocarat

Attention, far from us the idea of encouraging you to empty your PEL for the purchase of this engagement ring. It’s up to you to find the right balance between what he might like and your budget. The last step and not least will be to find the right jeweler who will help you balance between these two elements. The most difficult will be to choose from a set of small rings arranged on both sides of the shop. Be aware, however, that the price is often justified by the durability of the ring.

5. What size to choose?

One of the questions that will arise when buying the jewellery is that of its ring finger turn . Generally, it is classified by size, from the smallest (46) to the largest (62). If you have no idea, don’t panic: most jewelers are used to selling you the model they have in store and offer you to come back with the future bride to set her exact size and order the ring. The case is the same when buying online, you will have the option to return the ring to get an exchange. Finally, this size story must absolutely not become a brake or a way to betray you with it.

For the thickness of the ring, the most important element to observe is the length of the fingers . Everything is finally a matter of common sense. An imposing ring on a short finger will give the impression of occupying the whole phalanx! A large enough ring will be recommended for long fingers, while a thin ring will be adapted to shorter fingers.

While it is true that the solitaire represents about 95% of the rings traditionally offered for this type of occasion, nothing is frozen. If you marry him, it is certainly that he does is not a woman like any other. Perhaps she will appreciate a touch of originality in the choice of this piece of jewellery? In this case, there is nothing wrong with choosing a model that has absolutely nothing to do with the classic diamond mounted on a ring. Another option can be to reuse stones present on family jewelry (without bad pun) and mount them on a ring drawn by you with the help of a jeweler.

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