What red wine for a wedding?

Are you in the middle of wedding preparations?

The wedding dress is chosen after long hours of fitting! Sir still hesitates on his costume, the table plan creates the debate, the witnesses are in the starting blocks…

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And the wines and champagnes in all this? What to drink at the cocktail ? Rather white or red? 1, 2 or 3 wines? How to anticipate volumes, what budget?

What wine for your cocktail or wine of honor?

It is the first wine tasted by your guests and by the bride and groom. Let’s say that it is always necessary to treat this entry in matter that will mark the beginning of the festivities.

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Several choices are available to you:

A Champagne: Give preference to a Brut champagne or even better a Blanc de Blancs that will match perfectly with the aperitif.

A Crémant: From Alsace, Jura, Burgundy or Loire, the Cremant will bring you a beautiful freshness.

What wines for your meals?

A the picture of the table plan, the choice of wines from his wedding can be a real puzzle.

We’re just here for that. To allow you to find the most beautiful chords according to your wedding menu.

Some tips still to choose the wines:

For the entrance: a dry white wine (Burgundy, Loire, Alsace) to accompany dishes based on fish or shellfish. A red wine with little tannic (Burgundy, Loire, Beaujolais) will offer a nice entrance to the palaces of your guests.

For the dish: Everything will depend on the type of dishes.On red meats or game, we will leave on a rather full-bodied red wine.On poultry in sauce or white meats, a white wine with a beautiful roundness and fat will do the trick.On fish, go on a white wine with a beautiful freshness.

For Cheeses: We still have the habit in France to associate it with a red wine. Surprise your guests with a nice white wine.

For dessert: Bubbles to finish dinner! Champagne Brut, Rosé or Blanc de Blancs will allow you to finish the meal in beauty!

What quantities of wines for your wedding?

The number of bottles will of course depend on the number of diners.

You still need to ask yourself a few small questions that will allow you to refine your estimates.

How many people will drink alcohol and who will not drink it? — Will my guests sleep at or near the wedding venue? — What is the profile of my guests? Rather quiet with reasoned consumption or good living with festive consumption? “At what time will the festivities end?”

The answers to these questions will then allow you to work more precisely for your estimates.

Here are some ways to define your quantities of wines for your wedding.

For the cocktail: — Champagne or Crémant: 1 bottle for 3 people— Rosé: 1 bottle for 4 people

For the meal: — White wine: 1 bottle for 4 people—

Red wine: 1 bottle for 3 people

For dessert: — Champagne : 1 bottle for 3 people

Why Choose Find A Bottle for Your Wedding?

1. Our proximity You will be in contact with David, the wine expert of Find A Bottle. David will be your only interlocutor and will be there to accompany you.

2. Our Approach:Of course we rely on your menu to establish your wine list. From the cocktail to the end of the evening, we offer the best food & wine pairing.The goal is to find you wines at the best value for money, original and adapted to your personality.

3. Our producers:Find A Bottle will never find thousands of references. We select only the products we like, live from the best areas.

We spend our time visiting our producers, sharing a moment of life with them. Because wine is not just a product, but human history and how they work are just as important in our approach.

Find A Bottle gets Site Excellent rating on Verified Reviews 5/5

A Customized Approach

The goal is to accompany you from the beginning of your wedding preparation.You send us an email to david@findabottle.fr or directly via our contact form (see below) indicating the date of your wedding, the number of guests and your menu.

It is from now on that we come into play:

  • Telephone interview or face to face (Paris region) to learn how to get to know you better and better understand your desires.
  • Pre-selection of the different products according to your desires and your menu
  • Send by post of a tasting box (6 bottles) or tasting in our Courbevoie premises
  • Telephone interview or face to face (Paris Region) to finalize with you the selection
  • Delivery by specialized carrier on the site of your choice
  • Health!

Want a Bio Wedding?

We work live with a large number of fields converted to organic farming and biodynamics. Almost 60% of our producers are ORGANIC.We can easily offer you wines from all regions of France, in reasoned struggle, in organic and even biodynamic.

Discover all organic wines What if we go on craft beers?

The wink to your guests! Offer Craft Beers specially labeled for you.An extra nod for your guests.

For cocktail, evening or next day

Find A Bottle can offer you a beer maker as well as the barrels of the best Craft Breweries .

Request for information

Name First name Email Telephone Date of marriage Number of guests Download your menu Describe your wedding and your desires in a few words Send For your wedding, think Security!

To allow everyone to make the most of your wedding, here are a few things to do to spend an evening in peace.

— Remember to book accommodation near your wedding venue for all your guests.— If your wedding venue is a little remote, a shuttle service can be set up for your guests.Find out with bus companies in your area. The cost is not so high.— Think to give your guests breathalyzers at the end of the evening.

We wish you good wedding preparations! Do not hesitate to contact us for advice!

Name First name Email Telephone Date of marriage Number of guests Download your menu Describe your marriage and desires in a few words Send

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