What lighting for a high ceiling?

High ceilings are of great beauty. They help create an open and airy atmosphere. But they are also accompanied by a number of practical problems. How to illuminate such high-rise rooms for example?

Don’t worry anymore. You will always be able to rely on dmlights experts to solve this problem. We will now give you some tips to help you choose the right lighting for your high ceilings.

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High ceilings vs. empty spaces

First of all, we distinguish between a high ceiling and an empty space.

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The average height of ceilings in new constructions is between 2.50 and 2.70 m. In many homes of master, the free volumes are even larger. The distance from the floor to the ceiling is likely to reach a value equal to or greater than 3 m . In this case, we talk about high ceiling.

Some apartments and houses of a respectable age are even higher ceilings. Photographic source

Empty spaces? It’s another story. These open spaces stand on two or more floors . Their height quickly reaches 5 m. This situation does not go without some constraints. Not all pendulum suspensions have a sufficiently long cable. Similarly, recessed spotlights must exhibit a greater light output to illuminate the floor.

A large glazing overlooking an empty space. Have you ever discovered the Zeppelin suspension proposed by Flos? Photographic source

This is how we illuminate a high-rise space

The possibilities are legion. Here are some examples of lighting of high ceiling spaces:


Whether it’s a dining room, a stairwell or an office hall, pendant lamps are always a source of great elegance. You can choose from several thousand models. Classic or modern, bright or discreet colors, made of glass or synthetic material… there is something for everyone.

In our online shop, you will discover some “high” suspensions. The Mizu proposed by Terzani measures for example 250 cm overall. Therefore, this suspension is perfectly suitable for empty spaces.

In this regard, the cluster installation of several lamps of the same model is an option to explore. Hang them at different heights to add a fancy note.

Tip : Don’t forget to check the length of suspension. It differs from one luminaire to another.

On the left the Mizu, on the right the Atlantis, both offered by Terzani. Photographic source

Recessed or wall mounted spotlights

Spots show unparalleled adaptability. Even recessed in a high ceiling. However, you will need to consider the distance the light must travel. In extremely high ceiling spaces, you will need to install more powerful lamps to get the same result.

Floor lamps

Illuminating a table installed in a dining room with a ceiling that is roughly 3 m high is not an impossible mission. On the other hand, the problem is gaining complexity in an empty space.

The installation of floor lamps is an interesting solution in this regard. These standing lighting fixtures are characterized by a curved collar. The lampshade moves smoothly over the table to ensure satisfactory lighting vertically. If we move the table a few centimeters to the right, the floor lamp accommodates it without problem!

Top lighting without light point on the ceiling? Street lamps solve the problem.

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