What laws to tax tax?

Tax tax is now at the heart of French concerns, with a preference for investment in rental real estate. Placing your money is tantamount to making it grow to profit, while benefiting from income tax cuts. Law after law, the possibilities and legal conditions of tax exemption are presented to you.

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  • tax with Pinel law
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  • tax in LMNP
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  • tax and law Censi-Bouvard
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  • tax with the Girardin law
  • The Malraux law: the tax tax in heritage
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  • tax and Cosse law
  • The law LMP (Rental in furnished Professional)
  • Tax tax with historical monuments Tax
  • tax with the tip of land deficit
  • The naked property
  • The law Denormandie and tax

Tax tax with Pinel law

Investment in the new is fashionable. The Pinel law is a tax system aimed at restarting the construction of new housing. The buyer claims a tax reduction that can be up to 63 000 euros maximum. For your investment, you have the obligation to invest in a new property located in defined areas. You must also commit to renting your property for a period of 6, 9 or 12 years . The tenant you choose must meet the established resource limit.

Tax tax in LMNP

Betting on furnished goods can be a good tax tax solution. The LMNP status is one of the oldest tax niches in France. You become the owner of a property and at the same time collect rental income that is not taxed . You also benefit from a VAT recovery.

Tax tax and Censi-Bouvard law

With the Censi-Bouvard system, you also reduce your income tax. The condition: an investment in service residences (tourism, students, EHPAD, etc.). By choosing furnished rental real estate, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 11% of the price of real estate without taxes.

Tax tax with the Girardin law

The development of overseas territories has the rating in tax exemption. This device is dedicated to rental investment in overseas. You can benefit from a tax benefit of up to 50% of the amount of your investment , subject to eligibility conditions. A rent ceiling must be additionally respected, as well only resource caps for your tenants.

The Malraux law: tax on heritage

The Malraux law allows you to invest in beautiful stone and to tax very simply. Establishment in 1962, this measure allows owners who are engaged in the restoration of historic property located in defined areas to reduce their taxes up to 30% of the amount of work costs .

Tax and Law Cosse

The Cosse law is the most recent property tax tax law to date. It allows any owner renting property at moderate rates (to households in need) to deduct up to 85% of the rental income collected from their income taxes.

The law LMP (Rental in professional furnished)

The LMP Act is an attractive tax system. In terms of taxation, you have the status of renter in Professional furnished. You can then benefit from a deduction of the amount of your charges to the real, a deduction of land deficits or a VAT recovery .

Tax tax with historical monuments

Want to contribute to the preservation of heritage ? The Historic Monuments Act of 1913 allows wealthy purchasers (very high tax rate) to turn to historic buildings. You rehabilitate buildings and heritage, with the aim of living in or renting them.

Tax tax with the land deficit tip

This fairly unknown tax system is not capped, unlikethe majority of the tax arrangements proposed by the State. The land deficit is not taken into account in the overall cap on tax niches. The land deficit can be combined with other tax relief devices .

The Nude Property

Dating back to the early 2000s, the naked property allows you to acquire real estate at a lower cost. You transmit assets without transfer rights and reduce your SFI .

The Denormandy law and the tax

The Denormandie law (2019) aims to encourage investment in the old, for renovation. Some municipalities are eligible; the owner agrees to rent for 6, 9 or 12 years and can thus benefit from a tax reduction of up to 63,000 euros.

There are many tax laws and mechanisms: inquire and get advice!

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