What jewelry with a floral dress?

Impossible to miss, the floral dress is THE dress you need to have in her dressing room right now. What model to choose, which shoes to wear with and inspirations looks: we take stock of our new bohemian favorite.

Wear the flowery dress well: the right basics

Fresh, romantic, modern and bohemian, the floral dress has everything to please us, and few are still resisting its undeniable charm. A few tips to always wear the dress flowery .

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Know how to choose your floral dress

The B.A.BA to wear well the floral dress is obviously to choose it well. We recommend that you choose according to your morphology, then according to your tastes and trends.

In terms of shapes, the flowering dresses of the moment are rather fluid and straight , or slightly trapezoid.

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The advantage is that it is a cut that goes well with almost all body shapes, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the flowery dress of your dreams.

For the length, it is a little more delicate. Fashion is to maxi dress , that is to say to the long dress, but it is better to be great to wear an ankle length…

The smallest ones will have every interest in prefering a Short floral dress.

Regarding the motifs finally, please note that they must be “your size”: the smallest of us would be drowned under XXL flowers, so it is better to opt for medium or small flowers.

Conversely, if you are tall and/or rather luscious, bet on XXL floral pattern.

From a strictly stylistic point of view, you are advised to avoid the liberty pattern, which, if it is not a fashion fake step, is not quite the trend of the moment.

Prefer slightly larger flowers, which are much more in vogue this season.

What shoes to wear with a floral dress?

What to put on foot when wearing a flowery dress? Proughly what you want in fact, and this is by the way one reasons why we love the flower dress !

It will work very well with a pair of sneakers, with flat or heeled sandals, with pumps, ankle boots… And even boots in winter!

Choose according to the occasion and the cut of your dress.

What jacket with a floral dress?

A fresh wind assaults your pretty flowery dress? No problem, several jackets can work with a flower dress !

For example, you can pair it with a denim jacket, a boyfriend blazer, a trench coat, a vest in large stitches… We talk about it a little lower!

Ideas looks to wear the flowery dress in summer

Summer is clearly the season of the flowery dress : it is beautiful, it is warm, the grass is green and the sun shines… That good reasons to put on a pretty flowing and colorful dress to spend a wonderful day.

For a holiday spirit look, feel free to pair a straw hat with your floral dress , with sober and clean leather sandals, you will be the most beautiful on the market!

Turn your floral dress into an evening dress by wearing a pair of heeled sandals and beautiful (and big) ethnic jewelry: XXL earrings, wooden bangle, natural stone pendant… Fashion is bohemian-chic, enjoy it!

Think of carrying a large thin fabric scarf to cover you when the night gets cool.

Our Favorite Fall Looks in Floral Dress

It’s the back to school, the cost comes back, but it’s not a sufficient reason to store her flowery dress in the closet !

the contrary, wear it with a fringed suede jacket and a pair of santiags to embrace the western-chic trend in the city, with an oversized blazer and white sneakers for a super stylish casual look at weekends, or with a trench coat and a pair of pumps for the office! On

Ideas of outfits for wearing the flower dress in winter

Wearing the flowery dress in winter is a more delicate hair, but far from impossible.

  • For example, you are advised to put on a warm sweater on your dress, a pair of opaque tights and your favorite boots.
  • Add a woolen leather coat to stay in a casual style, or an officer’s coat to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Note that it will be easier to wear a dress in dark shades than a pastel flowery dress when the thermometer flirts with negative temperatures…

Spring Looks in Floral Dress

We also love the flower dress in spring , obviously!

Combined with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, it’s the perfect look to enjoy the first rays of the sun on the terrace.

We also love it with a biker jacket and leather ankle boots, bare legs, for a very trendy rock-chic look at the moment.

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