What is the net seller price?

Real estate raises a lot of questions, from both sellers and buyers. The jargon of the sector for example puts a certain distance between professionals and individuals: condominium, bare property, Carrez law, tontine, sale in the future completion… these are all terms to know to exchange with your interlocutors. Today we will try to clarify for you the notion of “net seller price”.

Net Seller Price and ISP Price

The net seller price is the amount that the owner will receive when he has sold his property.

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The majority of sellers, to sell their property quickly, call on an agency real estate. This will have to ensure a number of procedures: administrative on the one hand, and prospecting on the other. She will pay for her work through agency fees . These are not regulated by law, which is why they vary from one agency to another; they are usually found around 5% to 8% of the net seller price. You will probably have understood, these costs add up to the sale price of the property, we are talking about prices included agency fees (ISP).

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Finally, it will also be necessary to include the costs of notary at the expense of the purchaser. The latter will also have to sign the deed of sale with the notary to conclude the real estate transaction. In order not to waste too much time, making an appointment online with the notary remains, to date, one of the most high-performance. But before choosing a notary or notary office, you can also go to the directories of notaries in France and select the appropriate departmental chamber to get the list of notaries closest to you.

Costs charged to the purchaser?

Notary fees or acquisition rights are added to the FAI price. They are normally borne by the purchaser, except in particular circumstances provided for in the preliminary contract. The purchaser will therefore have to pay an amount comprising:

  • net seller price agency fees notary fees

For more details, here is how the calculation is carried out. Imagine Mrs X selling her house at a net seller price of 300,000 euros, with agency fees set at 6%, and acquisition rights of 7% to be paid to the notary. In total, the purchaser will have to pay the sum from 340 260 euros to acquire the property — 300,000 6% (agency fee) = 318,000 euros (FAI price), and 318 000 7% (acquisition rights) = 340 260 euros.

Agency fees, notary fees: negotiable?

With regard to notary fees, acquisition rights are regulated fees and therefore incompressible, so it is impossible to avoid them to date.

On the other hand, do not forget that agency fees are not regulated, and therefore open to negotiation . Some real estate agencies have very low fixed-rate fees, at 2% for example, while others are well above average with 10% fees. Consider revising these rates to preserve your netseller price.

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