What is the fashion trend?

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©Photo Alice Rosignoli

I couldn’t close this week without telling you a little bit about my life, my work. Ah, well yes, necessarily!

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A few weeks ago, the excellent Shopstyle invited me to write a post for their blog. To do that, I had carte blanche. If I tell you about it is that that day, I was gone to tell a slice of life that is obviously hectic and truculent and then… go know why, I went into some kind of criticism against trends.

Not that I do not like “fashion”, let’s be clear. It would be deeply dishonest to pretend that I’m never influenced by trends, whether in my way of dressing or buying. Yet I am sometimes surprised by the reaction of people. Nothing annoys me more than some reflections that I gleam this and there, sometimes even through my (very) loved ones. Under the pretext that I hold a blog where I address sometimes topics say “fashion”, and that I work for a women’s magazine. By virtue of which, I enjoy a very flattering kind of “fashionable girl” label.

Because of this, often I am told rag. As if I was just about that, the rag. Sometimes I’m hated, “oh well, you who loves fashion, what is this summer’s fashion piece? “. Like I’m dressing only with what I’m told to buy. Other times, even, we apologize: “nah but I’m not too dressed fashion, now I didn’t have time to look at the issue this morning, I’m ashamed.” Dressed fashion… without laughing, what does it mean?

I will tell you what my fashion design is. To be trendy is to ignore fashion, precisely. And to understand, finally, that spending your money (which I do very well) is not necessarily synonymous with fashion. Fashion is nothing without the style, which is, if you want my humble opinion, innate. Or something very close that I’m not sure I own, by the way.

So of course, I like shopping. I even think I can say in extenso that I like “fashion”. But out of mercy, let’s not mix everything. And let’s stop believing that fashion would be more serious than a game, than a way to stand out from one’s neighbor, to highlight its attributes or to claim one’s belonging to a particular tribe.

All you have to do is discover the top 10 of the must-have trends this summer (be careful, a trap has hidden in this last sentence!). And as long as you are there, do not hesitate to take a tour of the Shopstyle website and blog: as far as I am concerned, I particularly like the search engine that will allow me to flush out, finally! , a v2 of my Claudie Pierlot (I still believe it). And the trend boards that everyone can deal with pieces from his favorite brands. A real must have, for the shot!

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