What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

A website neither seen nor known by Internet users is useless. SEO is the key to the success of your online presence. A well-referenced site receives visits. SEO allows you to value your site.

But what does SEO mean? This is a ranking established by search engines. It is based on the quality and relevance of web pages in relation to requests made by Internet users. Many criteria are taken into consideration when performing this classification. So reference your site is to optimize the chances that it will appear among the first results of the ranking. There are several search engines, but the best known are Google and Yahoo. Each of them has its own criteria of relevance.

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SEO and SEA are precisely the most popular SEO methods. You are wrong if you think SEO and SEA is the same thing. If you want understand the difference between these two techniques, this article is for you.

What is SEO and its importance?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, in French, search engine optimization . This SEO strategy therefore aims to improve the SEO of a website. SEO is also known as “SEO”. Its goal is to make a site appear in the first page of the results in a free and natural way. It consists in referencing the site on well-defined keywords, which are chosen according to the theme of the website to optimize.

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SEO is a set of techniques aimed at offering a website better positioning in search engines . This requires the choice of keywords to integrate into the various contents of the site. This also concerns site structuring, loading speed, e-reputation and many more. A successful SEO is the best path, which is more free, to take if you want to attract users to your website. It can take time to implement it, but the results are sustainable.

What is AES and its Interest?

The SEA is the shorthand of Search Engine Advertising or in French advertising in search engines. This is a marketing method similar to SEO, aimed at improving the visibility of a site on search engines , but this time in a paid way. It consists in purchasing advertising spaces and keywords corresponding to the activity or service offered by the website. The purchase of keywords is made according to an auction system. It is therefore necessary to be willing to pay more to get a better visibility in a saturated market.

Sponsored links do not appear among the results obtained through SEO. You will find them above and on the right of them. In addition to the cost of the keyword, the ranking of the site in paid search engine results will be based on other criteria. These include the quality of the content, the choice of keywords, the loading time of the site, the density of content and incoming links, the frequency of updating, etc.

The difference between SEO and SEA

  • The cost of both methods

SEO and SEA are both SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools. There are several differences between these two strategies. The first is their cost. If SEO costs nothing, the SEA can be very expensive for the website owner or advertiser. In SEO, you can position yourself any keyword of your choice, without paying the slightest penny. It is simply necessary that your site meets the different search engine relevance criteria to get a better ranking in the results. In SEA, you can position yourself on the keywords most relevant to your activity, for a contribution whose amount varies according to your theme.

SEO and AES are also distinguished by how the results are achieved. When you reference your site according to the natural or free SEO method, you will get a place among the so-called natural results. When you reference your site according to the paid SEO strategy, your site will not appear in natural results, but among sponsored links. If your site appears among the first natural results, it is that your site is well optimized and meets the majority of the criteria imposed by search engines.

The ranking of paid results varies depending on the price of the keyword and advertising space purchased by the site owner. It also depends on the Quality Score of the ad. The advantage of sponsored links is that you don’t pay until your link is clicked. However, it should be emphasized that the more your links are clicked, the more visible they are and you will have traffic.

This means that paid SEO is a technique that allows you to instantly obtain excellent positioning in search engines. The results are instant. Since this method is paid off, a substantial budget must be provided to achieve good results with this method. SEO is a strategy that can be slow to implement. The work can be tedious, but to achieve stable results.

  • The quality of traffic obtained

Paid referencing allows to obtain a very qualitative traffic. It allows precise targeting of the audience interested in the advertiser, through the purchase of relevant keywords. The return on investment is optimal with this method. By contrast, natural SEO allows to boost the visibility of a website in a sustainable and natural way. Your presence on search engines is guaranteed with this method.

So, which of the two strategies to choose? Both are interesting. Please be aware that the SEA can help you optimize the SEO of your site.

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