What is the cheapest car?

We all wonder what is the cheapest car in France today. You intend to buy a new car but you don’t want to be wrong? Between dealers, prices sometimes vary, especially if differences in equipment and engines are marked. Insurance premiums can also play on your final choice of new car. We’re back for you on the cheapest new cars of the moment.

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  • The cheapest popular car
  • Dacia Logan, Sandero or Duster
  • Fiat Tipo: a nice model
  • Cheaper car: the noticed city dwellers
      • The timeless Twingo
    • A new and stylish little car?

The cheapest popular car

At the top of sales comes the Fiat 500. Appreciated by much of the population, the Fiat 500 already has a long career to its credit! You will find the new Fiat 500, in gasoline engine 1.2 atmospheric (69 hp) for a small affordable price of 12,990 euros. The Fiat 500 is a small star in the automotive sector and remains a very convenient city car and cheaper than others. A small price for a nice little car with a timeless look.

The Dacia Logan, Sandero or Duster

After the pretty Fiat 500, a place for a highly competitive Renault Group brand, we named the Dacia brand. With its Logan, Sandero or Duster, Dacia makes a poker shot and attracts small budgets wishing to have a car cheaper but also efficient and efficient. True, Dacia is described for the line and aesthetics of her cars. If you are little looking and only account your “cheaper car” budget, then opt for new cars from Dacia.

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The Logan is the cheapest of the lot at Dacia. With a very small price of 7,900 euros on average, it comes with a 3 cylinder 1.0 engine for 75 hp, and the Duster and Sandero are accessible for a little more expensive. The Sandero is about 8,000 euros and the Duster is less than 12,000 euros. Competitiveprices that encourage the purchase of new cars at Dacia. Obviously don’t rely on a negotiation or discount, your prices are already low with these cheap cars.

Good to know :the government bonus on vehicle recovery can lower your rates by around 1,000 euros. Try at your dealer.

Fiat Tipo: a nice model

We then present you the Fiat Tipo, offered in a 4-door or 5-door sedan but also in wagon. With prices starting relatively low for budgets Entry-level Fiat Tipo stands for around 14,000 euros, in 95 hp petrol finish.

Cheaper car: the city dwellers noticed

Among the noteworthy and remarkable urban dwellers are of course the Citroën C1, the Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo. These three small towns are ideal for those who don’t want to take up too much space in the city. With similar platforms, these three cars are between 10,500 euros and 11,300 euros .

Rumors of production stoppage are circulating: business is to be done on these cheaper models of cars. This is the case for any vehicle that is approaching its end of life : your dealer can tell you about it.

Timeless Twingo

All restyled, the Twingo remains nevertheless in the heart of the French. It will only take you a small budget to offer you the Twingo, even if its prices have slightly increased over the years. A basic version in 3 cylinders 65 hp will be found for just over 11,000 euros. That said, on an entirely new model, discounts are possible on this popular car.

A new and stylish little car?

Among the other models we want to talk to you about, we don’t forget the stylish city dwellers:

  • Opel Karl: engine finish 1.0 73 hp for 12,190 euros; bonus on the takeover.
  • Ford Ka : the advanced Ka! It is around 10,450 euros for a 1.2 and 70hp finish.

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