What is the best controller for PS4?

What is the best PS4 controller in 2021? I answer this question in two parts. A list of the top 5 gamepads and explaining why it is better to choose a wired controller. Over the years of my gamer, I became a fervent opponent of the used ps4 controllers. Not just controllers actually. But all kind of occasion: consoles, accessories, video games. I’m avoiding as soon as I can.

It’s like when you buy a video game relying solely on the cover… The bitter taste of disappointment is felt from the first minutes of play right? I noticed one thing, the first reflex that the majority of players have, when they are looking for a ps4 controller, is to throw themselves on a cheap gamepad .

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Most of the time, you can not see the technical defects that the controller has, because you can not test.

Also, nothing tells you that it will work within a month or two. This is the risk to take when there is no guarantee . Don’t come to chill afterwards with “But the plastic of the joystick is really from the m***e “, what did you expect with a gamepad at 20€? Of course, one can always find “The” good deal on the Internet, but we are never immune from the worst.

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An example is better than a thousand speeches

But if I may tease you, it’s not without reason. I did the same crap as you did. I succumbed to the easy purchase.

Result😩 : Right joystick taken off, and left joystick that allowed itself to advance solo, just two weeks after my purchase. I fell from a ravine more than once on Horizon Zero Dawn, the first time it’s fun, the tenth time… Much, much less funny.

PS4 controllers are like girls (or boys), you should not throw on the first coming. You might be disappointed. But, let’s go back to our sheep ps4 controllers. On the Internet you have a variety of gamepads for your beloved Playstation, each of them offer quite distinct criteria.

The price range is between €30 and €200, I will explain what differentiates a pro gamepad from a standard ps4 controller following this list of the 5 best ps4 controller.

Razer Raiju — The Best PS4 Controller For Pro Players

We start with the cream of the cream. The Razer Raiju ps4 controller. This GamePad Pro is a very good long-term investment. If you are competing, online tournaments or you plan to become a professional player, the Razer Raiju ps4 controller can give you some decisive victories.

Description: It is slightly larger than the DualShock 4, and looks very much like the Xbox One controller, but with a touch from Sony. All of its buttons have a nice touch side, and the directional cross is composed of individual buttons instead of one of the assembled directional cross of the DualShock 4. You’ll see the difference in hand, just that makes a lot of it.

Joysticks are super responsive. The Sprung TouchPad is a pure pleasure to use. The rear triggers give an unparalleled sensitivity. The manufacturer also added four configurable buttons.

Two on the underside of the controller and two next to the buttons of R1 and L1. As a result, you will never have to move your thumbs from the joystick forever. Those who want to get the most out of their PS4 games without the bling-bling of a ps4 controller Personalized, Razer’s Raiju is a hair of perfection.

  • Live a world premiere. The Raiju Ultimate features action keys…
  • Customize your controller for ultimate comfort and use among others…
  • Razer Raiju Ultimate (2019) – Wireless and Wired Gamepad for PS4 PC (Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Mecha-Touch Action Buttons, Interchangeable) Black

276,45 EUR Buy on Amazon Nacon Revolution Pro — The Best PS4 Controller For Saver Players

Description: If you can not spend more than 130€ for a controller (and I can understand you), the Nacon Revolution Pro is the best ps4 controller on the market. This is the right compromise for those who want more than just a DS4 gamepad without ruining themselves. However, the Nacon controller uses the same layout as an Xbox One gamepad.

Despite its slightly rigid buttons and configurable buttons not very well placed, the Nacon Revolution Pro remains a real Gamepad Pro with very good sensations. The joysticks respond well to different movements and the sensitivity is indeed at the appointment, we press without grimacing the buttons.

Its matte finish promises you long gaming sessions without having your hands slipper.The PS4 Nacon controller even comes with interchangeable “weights” modular to your will. The class isn’t it?

  • NACON Revolution Unlimited. Device type: Gamepad
  • Gaming platforms supported: PC, PlayStation 4
  • Nacon Revolution Unlimited Gamepad PC, Playstation 4 Black – Video Game Accessories (Gamepad, PC, Playstation 4, Analog/Digital, D-Pad, Wired & Wireless, Bluetooth/USB)

163,38 EUR Buy on Amazon HORI ONYX — The Best PS4 Controller For Xbox Regulars

Description: If you are a PS4 player but have always preferred the style and feel of an Xbox controller, I have good news for you. The Hori Onyx controller offers you all the same features as a PS4 controller in a different form.

You get a grip Wider and stronger with offset analog sticks, you get the same gaming feel on your PS4 as on your Xbox.

If you need a headphone jack on your controller, the Hori Onyx is obviously not for you. But if you’re a fan of Xbox controller setup and need a wireless controller, the Onyx is currently your best and only choice. All under the bar of 40€.


  • Officially Licensed by Sony
  • Wireless Connectivity (2, 4 GHz) – Adapter Included
  • ONYX for PS4/PC

49,99 EUR −3,56 EUR 46,43 EUR Buy on Amazon See Also Top 10 PS4 Games to Play in 2020

Azdine·BUYING GUIDE·December 10, 2020·9 min read Sony DualShock 4 — The Best Versatile PS4 Controller

Description: Sometimes nothing beats the original. There is really nothing better for those looking for a PlayStation 4 controller, and play that very little or do not aim for competitions. For lambda use, this is clearly the right choice.

It is rather comfortable to use, and can be recharged with a classic micro-USB cable. The new version (V2) of the DualShock 4 allows data transfer via USB. What does that mean? Simply that anyone who wants to decrease latency can connect their controller to their PS4 and play wired.

It features also a rechargeable battery and can also be used as a Bluetooth controller for your Android tablet or PC, not bad for 60€, huh?


  • Sony – DualShock 4 Negro V2 (PS4)
  • Sony DualShock 4 Gamepad PlayStation 4 Black – Video Game Accessories (Gamepad, PlayStation 4, Digital, D-Pad, Wired/Wireless, Bluetooth/USB)

79,99 EUR −18,88 EUR 61,11 EUR Buy on Amazon Hori Mini Wired Gamepad — Cheapest PS4 Controller

Need a strong controller for younger and smaller hands that is cheap? Or maybe you are a roaming PS4 player who needs something compact. This is where the excellent Hori Mini Wired Gamepad comes in. As the name suggests, this is a wired controller.

The touchpad is missing, however it has a button that replaces it to simulate the click. It does exactly what is written on the box. It is well designed, works perfectly and its size is suitable for the age of the players for which it is intended.

Minor limitations that conflict with very specific games are so insignificant that they are almost not worth mentioning.


  • Officially Licensed
  • Sony

  • Sturdy Ergonomic Design
  • Mini Wired Controller for PS4 – Black

29,99 EUR −3,00 EUR 26,99 EUR Buy on Amazon See Also The 7 Best Car Games On PS4/PS5

Azdine·BUYING Guide·December 10, 2020·10 min read PS4 Controller Wired or Wireless?

You have two important choices when selecting a PS4 controller, wired or wireless. The official Sony DualShock 4 gamepad uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS4, but you can also play wired, including charging the controller.

The main difference between wired and wireless, and why many professional gamepad use connections wired is latency.

What is latency? Latency is the speed your PS4 puts to react when you press a button. I’m sure this moment has already happened to you. You are on a multiplayer game , you make good games with good scores. But you have a black beast. A guy you can’t stop. With each face to face, he is ALWAYS the first to shoot, and you say “It’s a cheater”. Well… not really.

In fact, it may be one, or it simply has less latency than you do. Thanks especially to its wired controller . You may insult him with all the names, you’ll end up ragequit. Wired PS4 controllers provide a faster and more stable connection. By winning only a fraction of a second you make a difference on multiplayer games. Wireless connection is slower, but offers the advantage of not being connected to your PS4.

The Difference Between: Pro Controller & Standard Controller

The so-called “professional” controllers offer different advantages compared to the standard DualsClock 4 gamepad. These pro gamepad tend to be built from better quality materials and are therefore more durable. They also offer a lot more customization and configuration options (especially for buttons).

If you think your controller is not responsive, and your Kill/Killed ratio makes mercy on you, it may be due to your gamepad. Better quality gamepad will help you improve your score. Some controllers also allow you to replace joysticks for more flexible control. This also helps to extend the life of a gamepad by changing the triggers (R1/L1/R2/L2) buttons most used in shooting games. wear out fairly quickly on the two old joysticks of the DualShock 4.

Official, Non-Official Controller: Is It Really Important?

There are only three officially licensed ps4 controllers: Sony DualShock 4, Razer Raiju and the Nacon Revolution Pro. Licensed controllers have the security of never being obsolete, thanks to PS4 updates. However, some unlicensed gamepads tend to be late in updates.

Despite this, we still find unlicensed pro gamepads such as Scuf’s Infinity 4PS regularly updated. They work great with all new ps4 updates. On the other hand, it is unlikely that a cheaper gamepad will have the support of manufacturers to regularly update it.

Note : Only the official Sony DualShock 4, can turn on the PS4 remotely via the Home button. This is a feature that PlayStation does not share with third-party manufacturers.

What is the Price for a PS4 Controller?

For a classic black DualShock 4, you will have to count no less than 50€. And about 55€ for different colors or limited editions. The prices for real professional gamepads start at around 85€. The best of them can reach more than 200€. However, you can find low-end controllers for less than 30€.

Is it Worth To Spend More?

Do you want me to give you the speech from the beginning? No, I think it’s okay. There are inexpensive ps4 controllers that look like bargains. Many of them are far too basic and use poor quality parts. In fact, these wired controllers are not as fast as Sony’s official wireless controllers.

You may end up with gamepads that very quickly damage under the thumbs and components that break easily, everything I hate. Keep in mind that a PS4 firmware update may make it obsolete and no longer run your low-end gamepad. Who would like to save a few euros to buy a controller that will become obsolete in a month?

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