What is the best clearomizer currently?

You’re a fan of vape? What are the best clearomizers of the moment? Choosing your clearomizer and electronic cigarette requires you to take into account the essential criteria. Resistance, power in ohm, quantity of steam produced, aesthetics and practicality of the tank, experience of inhalation, vape and draft… All these criteria will help you choose the clearomizer that suits you.

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  • Choose your clearomizer according to your preferences
  • Your smoking habits and your clearomizer
  • Clearomizer, resistance, ohm, steam… All criteria of choice
  • The eliquid Relax, the best ally of your clearomizer?

Choosing your clearomizer according to your preferences

Let’s be clear: we’re not going to introduce you to a clearomizer that will revolutionize your vape experience. When you go to a cigarette electronic, it is a set of criteria that must be taken into account.

Just as every smoker will have his preferences of brands, taste, “cigarette moment”, the vaper will also have his little “tricks” that make a clearomizer can match him and not another. Another person may quite be of a different opinion. Here we give you the criteria for choosing your electronic cigarette and clearomizer.

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Your smoking habits and your clearomizer

The best clearomizer will obviously depend on your vape style. And this is the eternal question: knowing which clearomizer is efficient, pleasant, aesthetic, durable, simple to use… What matters above all is the experience of the user , from use to filling liquid products, passing through satisfaction with drawing and vape.

Your So habits are to switch to fine comb to find out which clearomizer will suit you best. To choose your ideal clearomizer, here is the essential question to ask yourself: what is your vape style?

  • You have a tight vape style
  • You like a more aerial and direct vape

You should know that when you just start electronic cigarettes, one tends like any weaning smoker to reproduce the same habits as when you were a smoker. Everyone is looking for past sensations. Years of smoking will dictate your way of smoking and therefore vaping.

The concern is that an electronic cigarette is not used at all like a conventional tobacco cigarette.

If you are new to electronic cigarette and want to keep your habits and satisfaction (so as not to change everything of a sudden!) , then we recommend electronic cigarettes like MTL (or mouth to lung), which will reproduce sensations very similar to those of a conventional cigarette in terms of vapor/smoke. It’s indirect vape. Indirect steam clearomizers include the Nautilus GT Aspire or Innokin’s Zenith.

If on the contrary you are rather “aerial vape” and you already have some experience in clearomizer and electronic cigarette, then you already need to know some things about clearomizers. Your aerial vape clearomizer offers a thick, flavored cloud. The aerial and direct vape corresponds to knowledgeable and experienced vapers.

Clearomizer, resistance, ohm, vapor… All selection criteria

The vape style already writes the choices well. Other criteria for choosing when you need to buy a new one Clearomizer are quite technical:

  • The capacity of the tank : the liquid reserve must go to you. Not enough, nor too much. The size of the clearomizer will be adapted to the size of the tank. Some vapers like discrete clearomizers, others use real “war machines”. Vaporesso makes a clearomizer that allows the change of pyrex tube.
  • The value of the strength or resistances of your clearomizer. If you use nicotine loaded liquids, then our advice is to take higher ohm resistance values. Do resistance and ohm tests and make your opinion: that’s how all vapers work.
  • The filling of the tank : if the filling of your clearomizer is done from the top, the practical side will be retained, but again, opinions diverge. On some clearomizers, the filling of the tank does not not done from the top.
  • Airflow adjustment : here is a handy steam feature. A clearomizer does not necessarily have this function, which increases satisfaction. You adapt the clearomizer to your convenience. The passage of air and steam does not require you to adapt: it is the clearomizer that adapts to your desire for steam!
  • The change of resistance. Since you have to change the resistance of your clearomizer regularly, as much as this change is simple, practical and effective.
  • The presence or not of the drip-tip function: very convenient for perfectionists (but not only!) of the clearomizer.

In summary, to find the clearomizer of your dreams, it is necessary to test and make your opinion. Clearomizers exist in many brands: Vaporesso, Aspire, Innokin, Eleaf, Tank, etc. All clearomizers have their specifics: resistance, steam, ohm, tank… It’s up to you to find the clearomizer that suits you in the long term . The value for money of a clearomizer is one of the most difficult values to give, because each experience is unique. So, rather Eleaf, Vaporesso, Aspire, Innokin and many others?

Good vape!

The eliquid Relax, the best ally of your clearomizer?

Now that you know how to choose your clearomizer, there is still one essential thing to vapour the best possible: Choose your e liquid. Most often, you are tempted to take a liquid at the bottom of your home, for a convenient side. However, unlike a tobacco office where a pack of cigarettes will be the same in Marseille, Paris or Brest, the eliquid can be very different. Here are the criteria that you must take into account:

  • The first inspiration is going to be decisive. Thus, the choice of flavor is the first thing you’re going to have to think about. If you are already a smoker, we advise you to go on liquid with a taste of blond or brown tobacco. You can try fresh mint e liquids to the rigor. If you start with vaping, there too do not go into too sweet tastes, because you might be sparkling by yourself.
  • Nicotine levels: This information is especially useful for former smokers. If you smoked less than 5 cigarettes a day and your clearomizer has a power between 10 and 30w, your e liquid should have 6 mg/ml nicotine. If you smoked between 5 and 15 cigarettes, then you will need to upgrade to 12 mg/ml. Finally for heavy smokers, 16 mg/ml should allow you to satisfy your needs. If you smoked more than 2 packs a day, then you will need to look for liquids with nicotine salt. This substance is absorbed more quickly. You can find e liquids up to 20 mg/ml. For non-smokers, be aware that you can also find liquids without nicotine.
  • The composition of the base: you probably noticed by looking at the different e liquid, the product is always composed of a so-called neutral base with a mixture of propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG is the support of the aroma. The higher the propylene, the more fluid the liquid will be, and better suited to the beginner. VG is this material that will make your liquid smoke. On the other hand, the taste is lost in this smoke. Ideally for smokers, you can choose a PG/VG ratio of 50/50. For a beginner vaper, you can look for products with a ratio of 70/30, in order to enjoy the more pronounced tastes of e liquid. Know that there is, an alternative to propylene glycol. It is the vegetol that allows to obtain products less irritating to the throat.

Be aware that whatever happens and regardless of the composition of your product, you risk coughing the first two or three times, but fortunately this irritation should quickly disappear.

To answer the question in this paragraph, one of the best e liquid available on the market, is certainly the product Relax from eLiquide France, because you have the eliquid Relax which has a perfect combustion due to its pleasant base in the mouth and little irritating. It also offers a nicotine level of 0 and 18 mg of nicotine. At the perfume level, the link will send you to a taste of blond tobacco, but other fragrances are available according to your tastes and voshabitudes.

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