What is borrower insurance for ?

To get a real estate loan, you must take out borrower insurance.

Why buy borrower insurance?

The real estate loan insurance protects you and your heirs from life risks such as death, disability or unemployment. Two types of insurance contracts are offered:

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  • The individual insurance contract,

Also known as “insurance delegations”, this borrower insurance contract is tailor-made. The profile of the borrower and the amount of the loan are taken into account in calculating its cost.

  • The group insurance contract,

This collective agreement is negotiated by a bank with an insurer on behalf of its clients. How to compare real estate loan insurance?

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There are several types of contracts available on the market against the risk of death and disability. It is essential to compare them before making a choice.

Libre Assurances advises and accompanies you to :

  • Analyze the warranties and prices offered,
  • Find real estate credit insurance at the best price.

It is possible to play the competition since 2010, as well as enjoy it!

What is the delegation of insurance?

The delectednesseacute; gation of insurance is an opportunity for a borrower to take out insurance for his real estate credit from a different organization. Since 2010, successive laws have liberalized competition in the mortgage insurance market:

  • The Lagarde Law,
  • The Hamon Law,
  • The Sapin Law 2.

The borrower can select guarantees that really correspond to his needs, depending on age, sex, state of health, personal and professional situation, place of residence, sports activities performed. All types of contracts are affected by the insurance delegation. Minimum benefits (death, permanent, permanent incapacity for work) must however be included in the group contract of the lending institution.

For any question or request for a quote on real estate loan insurance, the Libre Insurance team is at your disposal.

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