What is an enterprise IT infrastructure ?

First of all, you need to know that in an enterprise, an IT infrastructure represents the arrangement between different applications, the online storage service and the enterprise network. This kind of structure allows organizations to streamline and focus IT management to better support growth. The IT infrastructure amounts to being the center of the company’s core and a real hotspot for its business.

The IT fleet or network infrastructure

Let’s go back to its components. In the first place, servers are the main foundations for creating the base of resources in terms of compute power and storage space. They can be in the form of a rack or tower depending on the space available in the room computing (rack definition).

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These servers are used to accommodate data and to place a number of software. This database is used to establish the company’s network and the servers will therefore be interconnected. Finally, online storage spaces in turn complement the architecture by allowing the IT infrastructure to store a large amount of data.

Within a company, staff, applications and data are required to build the company’s expertise. It is therefore in this specific context that the IT role is to allow the interaction of these three actors quickly, freely and continuously.

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The pillars of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure

A business’s IT infrastructure must be to be responsive and relevant to the choice of solutions that will accompany the growth of the company. That is why it has to take into account a few elements.

Application performance is a crucial point. If applications work poorly, they will affect the entire infrastructure and make its productivity and quality lower. Then there is the scalability of the infrastructure. It must be continuously developed in parallel with the activity.

Businesses need to be able to respond to changes without overloading infrastructure or impacting performance.

Finally, a company needs to properly design the IT system structure of its infrastructure to scale storage capacity over time.

This infrastructure needs to be protected to avoid cyber attacks, as these can have a very negative impact on business growth. Companies such as Nomios and IBM help and support organizations in building and securing an enterprise’s IT infrastructure .

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