What is a Messenger Chatbot?

What are chatbots and what is their acceptance by customers? What are the benefits of chatbots for companies? What types and applications are there and which are the best chatbots? You can find out why chatbots can efficiently support customer service in this editorial.

In short: everything about chatbots

  • Chatbots are text-based and automated dialogue systems on WhatsApp & Co.
  • Chatbots need to consider the specifics of messenger channels
  • The acceptance of chatbots stands and falls with the knowledge of them
  • The benefits of chatbots include cost reductions (up to 30% &), availability (24/7), etc.
  • In reality, bots have long been used by brands such as BMW, Nestlé, Migros and much more
  • The effort required to create a chatbot is low and success is quickly visible

1. chatbots definition

A chatterbot Chatbot or bot for short is a text-based dialogue system that allows chatting with a technical system. He has an area for text input and output that can be used to communicate with the system behind it in natural language.

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Source: Wikipedia

The “chatbot” idea has existed for 50 years — and it has been working on it for just as long as long. The channels that make the use of bots meaningful are new: the rise of messengers to become the most popular apps ever. Since 2016 at the latest, when Facebook announced a platform for automated communication at the f8 conference, chatbots are considered one of the most promising digital trends. A quick Google search delivers just under 33 million entries on this topic.

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Messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Chinese WeChat have now become the most popular apps for billions of users. Messengers are increasingly becoming platforms that offer the services used to by websites and apps because fewer and fewer people want to install new apps all the time.

The programs required for this are called messenger bots. Customers can already communicate with companies using messenger bots. And that without the restrictions of fixed office hours, annoying call center queues and other obstacles that exist due to cost reasons.

2. Chatbots and messenger channels

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the leading messenger channels in Germany. Companies can realize bots on them. However, the respective specifics of the channels should be considered first and foremost, because WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are clearly different, namely, while WhatsApp is the channel for dialogue and long-term customer loyalty, Facebook Messenger is particularly suitable campaign-oriented marketing and lead generation with chatbots.

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For a long time, Facebook Messenger was the primary channel for chatbots. This has changed with the rise of WhatsApp to become the world’s most popular messenger. WhatsApp chatbots are on the rise worldwide and especially in Germany. There are many reasons to choose a WhatsApp bot:

  • Target group: In addition to boys, over two-thirds of those over 65 years old also use a messenger app.
  • Automation: With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, your company can once again save up to 80% of effort.
  • Efficiency: Your company can receive an average of 60% customer enquiries via WhatsApp answer faster than by phone or email.

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3. The acceptance of chatbots

It is always read in statistics that people do not want to interact with bots. The reason is mainly due to the fact that many people don’t even know what a chatbot is. They are more likely to associate the term with “killer robots” or “work shredders.” If you ask more closely how the PIDAS study did that, a different picture appears very quickly. With the keyword “digital contact”, more than 88% of Germans can imagine interacting with a chatbot.

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4. Enterprise benefits of chatbots

Chatbots are nothing more than automated dialogues. The advantages of using virtual assistants for the entire area of digital communication and especially customer communication can be clearly demonstrated:

  • ⌚️… you can take up to 80% of common requests (saving resources)
  • 💰… you contribute to cost reductions of up to 30% in first level support
  • 🤖… they are available 24/7, never sick or on vacation
  • 💡… you’re constantly learning and becoming more effective
  • 🏎… you’re very fast — but also patient when the customer doesn’t have time
  • 🧠… you don’t forget anything and remember data (e.g. customer numbers, etc.)
  • 🚧… they are low maintenance and don’t need to be updated regularly

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5. Types of chatbots

There are different types of chatbots, but they initially have nothing to do with their fields of application or the industries in which they are used.

  • Rule-based bots are virtual wizards that provide users with predefined answers (but can’t do anything with predefined questions)
  • Chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI) can have intelligent conversations with customers due to AI and natural language processing (NLP).
  • Application-oriented bots connect rule-based and intelligent dialogue systems.

The areas of application of chatbots are diverse, but often refer to the areas of staff/HR, marketing or service/consulting in industries such as e-commerce or automotive.

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6. Application areas of chatbots

The hype around chatbot has given way to reality. Companies pay a lot of attention to the added value that automation of dialogue brings. Companies such as BMW, Nestlé, Migros and many more use bots in three major areas of application, namely marketing, consultancy/service, and staff/HR.

6.1 #FollowNow by BMW

We receive approximately 3,800 requests from customers, of which we answer approximately 3,000 automatically. Callback requests have dropped 60% and the referral rate has risen to 90%!

Albert Rösch, BMW

In the case of BMW Munich, a chatbot used in customer service. The chatbot now answers more than 80% of customer inquiries.

If you want to know more about this case, download our exclusive case study BMW Munich now: 60 percent fewer calls thanks to WhatsApp service! download free of charge.

6.2 Healthier Kids by Nestlé

The WhatsApp bot Healthier Kids gives parents nutrition tips for children for parents.

6.3 Search for apprenticeships by Migros

Migros WhatsApp Bot helps young people find apprenticeships

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7. Chatbot: little effort, quick success

Programming FAQ or customer service chatbots is not rocket science. For starters, a chatbot that provides specific answers to certain questions is sufficient. He should be able to remember what questions he couldn’t answer. Simple messenger bots that are to be used in customer communication should first focus on answering recurring questions and forwarding customers to the right service employee for more complex or individual questions.

❗️ Note: As part of the October 2020 updates to the WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp announced that the company must ensure that customers are handed over to a human colleague through a WhatsApp bot. This is done by handing over to a human agent in chat, by providing a phone number or email, web support or support form. With MessengerPeople’s chatbot builder, you can easily and quickly create an efficient chatbot that ensures this handover to a human colleague.

With the chatbot builder and advisory support from MessengerPeople, we have Bot set up within a week. He is already answering 50% of the requests.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & co-founder at T1TAN GmbH

You and your company can easily and quickly implement these targeted automation via chatbot builder. This results in efficient and cost-effective collection and processing of customer data. The chatbot builder is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. As you can see in the video below, it’s not difficult in practice to create an efficient chatbot:

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The best software solution for using chatbots in customer communication

With MessengerPeople’s software solution, you and your company can…

  • 👨‍⚖️… use messengers like WhatsApp & Co. in customer communication in GDPR compliant!
  • 🤖… realize simple & efficient chatbots for first-level support via chatbot builder in a short time!
  • 💬… communicate synchronously & asynchronously (time-delayed) with customers via WhatsApp etc.
  • 📲… Receive & send multimedia content, which simplifies the process of handling customer inquiries!
  • 💻… centrally edit all messages via messenger (WhatsApp Business API, Apple Business Chat, etc.)!
  • 🚀… integrate customer service via messenger quickly and easily into your existing CRM!
  • 💰… service costs through fair pricing (none setup fee, no minimum runtime)!

You can get a first impression of our product here:

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