What flowers to offer in winter?

Winter flowers are certainly rare, because nature rests to regenerate better from the first days of spring come. But, a few bold offer beautiful blooms to the delight of gardeners and interiors; flowers to offer or treat themselves for a beautiful holiday season and a colourful winter.

Outdoor flowers to offer in winter

If you have well anticipated the winter season and planted your bulbs in the spring, it is certain that your winter will be blossomed by beautiful cyclamens, resistant winter flowers, whose flowering runs from November to March. However, it is also possible to offer them in a pot in anticipation of a spring planting. The same is true of a wide range of plants that can be offered for terracing or soil cultivation, as their foliage is green and persistent.

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Winter jasmine

Unlike traditional jasmine, winter jasmine offers beautiful yellow trumpets whose flowering occurs in the middle of December.

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The Quince of Japan

With its beautiful colors — white, red, pink… — no doubt the Japanese Quince will please. To be grown in solid or isolated pot or even bonsai, its flowering begins in February until April.


A beautiful breath of forsythias, pretty winter flowers, gives peps to the garden: a beautiful floral gift that will give festive air to all outdoors.

The laurel thyme

With its beautiful white or pink white flowering that begins in November, this beautiful shrub will enchant with the cheerfulness of its magnificent bouquets of small winter flowers.

The Christmas Rose

Perennial and rustic, it grows into compact tufts from which appear here and there pretty purple or pale pink winter flowers that do not stand the heat…


More rustic than its Japanese cousins, the country camellias remain beautiful fragrant winter flowers whose flowering in January is really a pleasure to see.

Winter honeysuckle

If you want to offer winter flowers with fragrances embalming the air, opt for a winter honeysuckle that is discreet, but very pretty flowering

The flowering plum

Also known as flowering cherry, this beautiful shrub offers an extraordinary flowering while intense candy pink that sublimate purple red stamens. Offered in winter, its flowers will appear as early as March.

Winter Vibunnum

Like balls of snow, the winter vibunds bloom in a joyful hodgepodge of scents that embalment the garden: to offer without any moderation!

Winter mimosa

Impossible not to offer mimosa whose golden pompoms seem to pull the outdoors of their winter torpor!

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You can also for many other winter flowers such as sarcococca, mahonias, witch hazel, abeliophyllum, corylopsis, or even the kittens of hazel or willow…

Flowers to be offered in bouquets or at the foot of the fir

If certain events come to the rhythm of your winter — birthday, wedding, baptism… — or if you have room at the foot of the tree, here are some ideas for flowers to offer in bouquets or pots.


Its beautiful flowering that occurs from December to February discovers Beautiful winter flowers whose petals arranged in cheerful frills, which earned it the nickname of a little frog, give a smile all day long. It is easily combined in a bouquet with roses, carnations or gypsophila.


Graceful and fragrant during the cold, this potted winter flower, but also spring when grown in soil, offers one of the most beautiful and elegant flowering of bulbous flowers.

The tulip

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, tulip is a real delight in the heart of winter. Splendid if they are in multicolored bouquets, these winter flowers are among the musts to offer during the winter season.


With its magnificent petals, the amaryllis has something to seduce us! Prefer this winter flower by button or barely open to make the most of its flowering, especially on the occasion of the holiday season. Red or white, it will necessarily match the decoration of the person who receives it as a gift.


Unavoidable orchid! She makes us turn our head with its pink, white or yellow colors and its altier port that deserves a nice pot pot…

The Christmas Star or Poinsettia

With its starry shape and bright red color, Poinsettia deserves the nickname of a Christmas star, especially since tradition combines it with friendly wishes for success. This winter flower is therefore ideal for the holiday season…

The Christmas Kalanchoe

This plant is distinguished by its pretty bright red flowers that make it a natural choice at the holiday season, especially since its flowering is persistent despite the warmth of our interiors.

You now have in mind a wide selection of winter flowers to offer on all occasions, but also to bloom your pretty festive tables. All we have to do is wish a beautiful winter and a good holiday at the end of the year…

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