What does ISP mean ?

When searching for housing through individuals or through a real estate agency, advertisements may contain acronyms or qualifiers that are not evocative. To help you decipher these ads, we give you a topo about the jargon used in real estate agencies and on the internet.

Real estate vocabulary in agency and on the internet

Acronyms and abbreviations are numerous in real estate ads. Whether in an agency, in specialized journals or on the internet, the price of a dwelling will depend on the services advertised and described.

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Read a real estate announcement sometimes challenge. It’s about understanding what these abbreviations mean, what they include and do not include in the sale price , but also what they suggest.

Sometimes qualifiers can represent qualities and defects at the same time. For example, a “cosy” apartment can mean “very small”, “the animation” of a neighborhood can mean “noisy”… So you have to know how to find yourself there when looking for an apartment in an agency or on the internet.

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Abbreviations: CC, HC, ISP, SH, DPE…

In an advertisement for the sale or rental of real estate, in an agency or on the internet, the advertised price may include or exclude amounts that are crucial to you. These prices allow you to know whether the price of the apartment or house is within your budget .

The first times, Abbreviations such as CC, HC or ISP appear as Chinese in the eyes of the neophyte who seeks to make a real estate investment. With experience, any real estate offer is decipherable. Here we give you a quick lexicon of common abbreviations in agency or on the internet.

Real estate: common abbreviations in agency and on the internet

AL: for rent

AV : for sale

BEG : good general condition

CC : charges included. It can also mean commission included.

Heating or Cg : heating

DG : security deposit (for a rental)

DPE : Energy Performance Diagnosis

And/Etg : floor — important if no elevator

FAI : agency fees included. This means that the price of the advertisement includes agency fees

Fn : notary fees not included, to be taken into account and added to the selling price

Gge : garage

HC : excluding charges — relates to the sale price or the amount of the rent

Imm : building

Mezz : mezzanine

ND : Not available. Sometimes associated with DPE that can be blank

Pft ét : perfect condition

Ground floor : ground floor

RC : cadastral income

RDJ : garden level (ground floor on garden)

Bathroom/SB : bathroom

SDD : shower room, understand “without bath”

SDP : floor area of housing

Stay: stay

HS : living area

TBE : very good condition

ISPs: what to understand about Agency Fees included?

If in a real estate advertisement, in an agency or on the internet, you see: “Selling price: 235 000€ FAI”, you can already know that you will not have to account for agency fees in addition to the advertised sale price.

On the other hand, a sale price and an agency advertisement that does not detail the abbreviation FAI will undoubtedly mean that agency fees are not included in the sale price…

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