What criterion for a good computer?

Laptops are increasingly performing with state-of-the-art features and features. The importance of the offer in 2021 makes it difficult to choose a model, even if you are a knowledgeable geek. Want to acquire a laptop? Discover in this laptop shopping guide all the essential criteria to make a choice that encompasses all your needs.

Weight, footprint and needs

Buying a laptop emphasizes the need to move frequently with its model. So it needs to be more or less light so that transportation is easier for you. It is also necessary to determine the objectives related to the use of this device.

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Portable, ultraportable, hybrid ?

The laptop allows you to work or go on the internet. It is usually connected to an external display. It can be a TV screen or a larger computer. This choice is for users who want a simple machine with basic features .

The ultraportable is a thin, lightweight and powerful laptop. It is usually very aesthetic and its finish is very neat. Unlike the classic notebook that produces a slight annoying noise, the ultraportable model is quite quiet. This is a computer that is fast on startup and standby output. It is aimed at users looking for IT performance high.

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Hybrid is a computer that you can use either as a classic laptop or as a tablet. The screen portion of the computer can be detached from the keyboard part. It becomes a touch tablet. By making this choice, you always benefit from operating systems. There are a wide variety of applications that help to use your laptop as a real digital tablet. This is a compromise for even more freedom when using your device.

The gamer laptop

This is a category of laptop PC focused on gaming performance. Gamers will be able to let go the way they want. Computer is not missing of resources. The technical characteristics of this model make it avoid latencies during online games. Most of the time it has a high-performance graphics card as well as a HD or 4K display. It also has an overpowerful processor and a RAM memory, the capacity of which usually oscillates between 6 and 16 GB.

Screen size

The screen size varies depending on the model chosen. For this purpose, PC sizes from 7 to 20 inches are available. The ultraportables have screens of about 11.6 inches. For an even wider screen, go for a 17-inch PC. However, the most used format remains the 15-inch screen. Screen size helps you look comfortably movies, to work or play without difficulty. Small screens are more convenient and portable .

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Comfort of use

Beyond portability, the choice of a laptop should be based on the comfort of use it offers.

Screen resolution: HD or 4K?

Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels in height and width relative to its size. You see smoother characters, and clearer with more detail. You have the option to display more content on-screen on the same surface. For example, your emails and a web page can be side-by-side.

Full HD resolution is the most used by consumers. It corresponds to a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It is designed for 13- and 15-inch computers. This resolution is more suitable for common use.

The 4K resolution still called ultra HD has a definition of 3,840 × 2160 pixels. It is the largest definition available at present. It helps to see impressive details with great precision. It can be found on high-end 15.6 and 17.3-inch PCs .

Keyboard Ergonomics

Ergonomics condition the comfort of using a computer laptop. The keyboard and touchpad must meet certain comfort criteria. You need to have a pleasant feel when using them. Ensure the correct layout of the keys. It is possible to choose backlit keyboards that are usable in total black.

Touchpad Quality

The touchpad is a real plus for your comfort. Still called touchpad, it is a pointing device to replace the mouse on laptops. It allows you to control the pointer of the GUI. All laptops now use it by default. It must be of impeccable quality to make it easier for you to use your PC.

Screen option

The touch screen is easier to handle and fast to use. It is usually installed on small laptops from 11 to 15 inches. You do not need to use the mousetouch or pad to perform your tasks. This option helps you access accurate information by just pointing your finger to the screen. This saves a considerable amount of time.

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Technical Criteria

The technical aspects of the laptop system are to be taken into account in order to achieve a device that performs over the long term. To choose the right one, it is important to understand the role of each of the components of the system.

Processor: the power of the computer

The processor is both the brain and the heart of the laptop. He gives him all his power. It can have between 1 and 4 cores for PCs. The choice is based on Mono Core, Dual Core or Quad Core. This allows your computer to support multiple programs at the same time if the number of cores is high.

The majority of consumer laptops are equipped with Intel Code i3, i5 or i7 processors in 2021. If you only need to do office automation, an i3 may be enough but it is recommended to increase your budget a little and invest in a better performing i5. IF you have intensive use (video editing, image editing, gaming…) you will have to opt for an Intel i7 processor or an i9 processor.

RAM: Speed of Execution

Still called RAM, it is given in Gigabytes. It is used to temporarily store the data to be processed by the processor. The higher the RAM, the more powerful the laptop is. So it becomes faster to execute tasks. You need at least 1 GB of RAM otherwise your computer will be too slow. Laptops are most often supplied with a memory of 4 GB .

Graphics card: display performance

The graphics card ensures excellent display performance for your laptop. It is very convenient if you play video games. It also applies to 3D animations. You need to take a fairly powerful graphics card because it quickly becomes obsolete. She can’t change. The Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card is a benchmark that occupies the majority of consumer laptops in 2021. The main competitor of Nvidia is AMD which is more specialized in gaming.

Hard disk: storage capacity

It allows you to store all your files and programs. Computers typically have a maximum capacity of 500 GB. However, there are some models that offer up to one Terabyte of capacity. You can also choose computers that have two hard drives. As a result, they increase their storage capacity. Also take into account the speed access to data. For example, a hard drive that is 8,200 RPM performs better than the one that makes 6,000 .

Note that there are two types of hard drives to choose from: mechanical or SSD. Mechanics tend to disappear because they are less efficient and more bulky, but they remain cheaper. The most efficient (but also the most expensive) models, are SSD hard drives. SSD storage (solid-state drive) is a high-performance hard drive that has revolutionized the world of computer hardware in recent years. If you want a fast and high-performance computer, this is one of the essential elements!

Battery: the battery life of the laptop

The battery life of the laptop is known thanks to the expressed battery power in ampere/hour and its cells between 2 and 8 . It becomes heavier when it is high performing. This will have to be taken into account if you move your laptop everywhere. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

Connectivity and connectivity

Connectivity is more complete depending on the type of computer you choose. You can have USB 2.0 or 3.0 to connect a phone, hard drive or drive to your PC. HDMI allows you to connect an external display while the VGA is for a video projector.

The memory card reader transfers the data on the camera’s memory card. The Ethernet port connects the computer to the internet via a cable. Computers Current laptops offer WIFI compatibility. They also offer a Bluetooth chip that is used to connect the PC to other devices such as the smartphone.

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The brand of the laptop

From the moment you have correctly identified the criteria that match your need, the brand is a matter of taste. However, we can categorize the major brands:

  • Among the best brands of laptops of the moment on Windows include Hp (Hewlett Packard), Dell, Asus, Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Chromebook;
  • For small budgets, Chinese PC models from Huawei and Xiaomi offer excellent value for money;
  • If you look for a
  • PC gamer, turn to gaming brands like Razer, Alienware and MSI;

  • Finally, Apple laptops remain a benchmark (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) and meet the most demanding expectations in terms of design and performance but you have to put the price!

Note that each brand has its specificities so the best is to do a test to get its own idea before proceeding to purchase.

The budget

The price of a computer varies depending on its brand and type. You need to have between €400 and €2,000 to purchase a laptop.

The average price of a laptop in France is around €550. If you have a very small budget and use restricted, you can move to a mini PC. It can be found from 120€. You can also purchase a 2GB minimum desktop that is starting at €200.

In conclusion, the choice of a PC in 2021 depends on its portability, comfort of use, technical aspects and price. It’s up to you to play now.

Where to buy a gamer laptop?

If you are a passionate player and want to buy yourself a gamer laptop, you can go to the website of lapopspirit. Here you will find a comparison of the best gamer laptops you can find on the market. If you want to have good gaming conditions, you will have to invest a large budget in order to have a powerful computer. By visiting the website of our partner, you will be able to know the parameters at take into account before selecting your laptop gamer.

First you need to wonder what types of games you are going to play on your computer in order to choose which one will meet your expectations. You should know that not all PC games need the same computing power. If you often play old or 2D games, Candycrush or card games, any type of computer may be suitable. If you prefer 3D games that have been released in the last three years, you will have to choose a good graphics card. By visiting the laptopspirit website, you will discover the best gamer laptops suitable for all budgets, with a price between €500 and 2,500€, in 15 and 17 inches.

To conclude: how to choose your laptop correctly?

Still wondering how to choose a good laptop? In front of the number of models available on the market, it is not easy to choose a laptop. The number of questions we will ask ourselves with to make and such purchase is endless!

Which ultraportable to choose? Is it a good idea to choose a hybrid pc? What is the most powerful laptop? What is the best choice between Windows PC and Mac? Does it absolutely need an SSD hard drive? Which Nvidia or AMD graphics card? How much RAM? What size and screen resolution (full HD or 4K°)? How does the battery life be? Where to find your laptop?

To properly answer all these questions, you must first know and know how to analyze the different characteristics of the laptop. We hope this article will have helped you in your reflection and you will find the laptop of your dreams.

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