What color of paint to choose for the decoration of your bedroom?

When you are about to decorate a bedroom, the question of painting comes to arise. Between the colors that you want and the color that will really be suitable for the room and our need for sleep, how do you choose the color of the paint for your bedroom? Follow the guide, it’s here!

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  • The style you want for your room
  • The bedroom: a rest room above all
  • What colors, what decor trends for your room?
    • Modern room: blue color Nature
    • room: green color
    • Contemporary room: neutral colors
    • Romantic room: purple
    • The room boho spirit: the tie and dye
    • The minimalist room: the fresh colors

The style you want for your bedroom

This is of course the style of decoration that you want to give your room that will make all the difference. The color of a room gives its tone and atmosphere, its mood . For this reason, it is essential to choose the color of paint according to your taste but also the room itself.

If you want to give a special style to your room, the color of the decor should be in accordance with your desires. Rather retro, nature, vintage, industrial, cozy, classic, bohemian, chic, traditional, contemporary …? Deco trends are numerous and the colors that go with them are not necessarily obvious to choose from.

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In order to help you not make a mistake about your color choices, you are given some tracks for painting your bedroom.

The bedroom: a rest room above all

The bedroom is not an innocuous room in the house. A habitat consists of several rooms which have a special vibration and atmosphere. Each piece deserves to be highlighted , with its painting, colours, layout and decoration.

In a room, rest has its place. It is important to be able to choose the color of the paint taking into account the parameter of sleep . For example, warm colors are not necessarily recommended in the main color in a bedroom. Nothing prevents you, of course, from opting for a decoration where you insert small touches of warm colors.

In order to promote sleep in a bedroom, the room will have to display a relatively “cold” paint color. In greens, blues or more neutral colors, for example. The decoration of your room is preferably streamlined , in order to promote visual rest. No matter what style you choose, unclutter The space will promote a beautiful aesthetic in your room but also an atmosphere conducive to rest.

What colors, deco trends for your room?

The color of a bedroom influences sleep and atmosphere. We give you a few examples, to help you project yourself into your room. You should know that the choice of paint color should go with your tastes and personality . That said, the paint color can also reflect new desires, and a change of life.

It is not uncommon to choose to change the color of paint of a bedroom when you want to get out of a comfort zone. When big changes in life appear, changing the color of a bedroom makes it possible to realign itself to one’s desires , tastes and a new frequency.

Modern bedroom: color

Blue is one of the colors most often found in painting in bedrooms. Why? Simply because it is a passe-partout color, a cold color that promotes sleep. Blue is also a color that can easily be declined in many shadesblue .

With a simple blue, you can create a large amount of atmospheres in your room. Choose a hugus of bruises, or a blue wall pan . In painting, please yourself, because a decoration is never definitive. If many people are reluctant to repaint this room, it is primarily because the work to be undertaken is sometimes annoying. In reality, it’s an effort to make to feel good at home and in every room of the house!

Duck blue, overseas blue, deep blue, sky blue… Yellow paint, you balance the blue wonderfully. Color is also a matter of alchemy and feeling. Taking care ofbalancing cold and warm tones is the guarantee of a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom.

Nature room: green color

IF you are rather nature and you like interior decor, then green will please you. Vibrant, emerald on a wall or rather erased and pastel, green returns in strength as a popular paint color.

For a long time, this color is part of the decoration trends of recent years. In a bedroom, the color green can be found in a pastel camaieu. Green is a resource color. You can choose almond green , water greenor sage green , trendy colors.

This paint color is perfect in a bedroom and also blends very well with pastel pink tones, very trendy too.

Contemporary bedroom: neutral colors

To make a contemporary decor in your room, nothing like rather neutral colors. The painting of your contemporary bedroom can be in taupe, gray, beige, ecru or off-white tones.

With neutral paint tones, you can not go wrong in a bedroom. Combine this painting with a sleek and stylized decor and you get a modern and contemporary atmosphere.

Romantic room: purple color

The romantic room par excellence is reinvents! The painting is also revolutionized by the arrival of new colors such as purple. Opt for a wall paint plum, mauve, parma, lilac or amethyst purple color.

Attention, for a beautiful atmosphere In your bedroom, avoid repainting on all walls. Purple is a rich and vibrant color that also needs to be balanced by more neutral tones such as pastel, ecru, off-white.

The more natural the color associated with purple, the more balance and atmosphere will be palpable in your room. To make color reminders with the painting of your walls, feel free to put touches of color on your bedding, as well as patterns . You balance the solid colors and the decor of the room.

The boho spirit room: the tie and dye

Pretty boho spirit for your bedroom? We let you discover the tie and dye . Yes, you read well, this is the same expression as this hair coloring technique. The principle is to highlight colors in the style of deco camaieu of colors.

The paint rendering is superb and makes it possible to highlight soft shades in an original way. The colours are declined and make the decoration of the room alone. Also make color reminders with paint, via deco, bedding, upholstery or curtains of the room. Color gradient is an original way to decorate a bedroom, for example, on a wall pan.

The minimalist bedroom: cool colors

If you are in a period of life where you need storage, on this famous sleek side of the deco trends of recent years, then you will love the cool and cool tones. Create your minimalist bedroom with trendy and slightly frosted colors !

Sober, chic, clean… The color is discreet while setting the tone well in the room. Opt for grays, blues light, greens of gray but also cold white. The natural and arctic side of the color will create a chic and soft atmosphere both in your room.

Because an atmosphere is created with painting but also with the decor all around, do not hesitate to review the arrangement of your furniture and the decoration of the walls. Carpets, curtains, bed covers and other paintings are to be put in parallel with your new painting, for a perfect harmonization.

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