What chatbot for WordPress?

We already wrote about the pros and cons of adding live chat support to your WordPress website. However, if you’ve decided that live chat support for your WordPress website is a good choice, you should also have a solution for the times when no one is available to talk to visitors. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, chatbots have improved in recent years. Also, more and more people are willing to engage in the conversation with a chatbot. To get you started, we’ve put together the 5 best chatbots for WordPress in 2021!

Top 5 chatbots for WordPress

#1. Treasure ($69 per year)

Technically, this is a live chat extension for WordPress. But you can integrate wSchat with Google’s Dialogflow to set up automatic answers to customer questions. And that results in one of the better chatbots for WordPress. Wchat also provides integration with Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WSdesk. While this chatbot makes great use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it’s especially advisable if you plan to use Diaglogflow.

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#2. HubSpot (free)

HubSpot users are probably familiar with their CRM solutions. The HubSport chatbot integrates seamlessly with this and allows you to provide a personalised user experience by leveraging the data you’ve already collected. All you need is a HubSpot account. Then it’s easy to link chat functionality and add it to your WordPress website.

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#3. collect.chat (free or premium subscription starting at $24 per month)

Collect.chat fills the gap between third-party chatbot builders and live chat plugins for WordPress. Although collect.chat is basically free to use, you probably have here not much; you can use up to 50 replies per month. If you expect to need your chatbot more often — and that’s the point when you use it to generate leads — you’ll need a premium subscription.

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#4. Chatfuel (starting at $15 per month)

Although Chatfuel is promoted as a chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger, the tool also offers the ability to create your own chatbot for WordPress. Like many chatbot builders, Chatfuel allows you to pre-program your bot’s conversational flow with a series of blocks. You decide what information you want to provide and what questions you want to ask. A great and very affordable option.

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#5. Botsify (starting at $40 per month)

Botsify is a very user-friendly chatbot builder. Instead of leveraging artificial intelligence, you can integrate Botsify with tools like Google Docs and Slack to capture the data coming in. If you’re looking for a simple WordPress chatbot that helps you gather leads information about leads, this is a great solution. If you’re not sure if this is a good choice for you, you can try Botsify for 14 days for free.

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