What are the trendy colors for a bedroom?

We all spent a lot more time at home last year. As our lounges and dining rooms have become action-packed home offices and classrooms, our bedrooms have become the ultimate sanctuaries of rest and retirement. So, to follow the 2021 decor trends, it’s time to give your intimate room a boost and make it even more relaxing and special. That is, in addition to changing some furniture, also consider enhancing the shade of your walls with a new tone! It is indeed the easiest way to turn this area into a haven of peace and comfort. But with so many color options of adult bedroom paint, it can be difficult to choose. To help you, we’ve put together the best ideas that will definitely change the mood of your space. Read on to discover Star shades and get our advice!

What are the most modern adult bedroom paint colors in 2021?

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Colors in the bedroom can affect the quality of sleep. That is why you need to choose the scheme of shades very carefully, taking into account its influence. Maybe you’re passionate about red? It undoubtedly attracts attention and is suitable for active and emotional personalities. However, experts recommend not to use this color as the predominant color in your private space. So, what are the tones that are suitable for the bedroom and at the same time, who are on the front of the stage in terms of decor trends? We try to answer this question in the lines below. Record, remember that it does not matter if you prefer light or dark shades for your walls, always choose a color that relaxes you and helps you relax.

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Cozy and chic white room

Indeed, it is the neutral colour par excellence, which is why it is widely used in decoration. It admits to be combined with the most sophisticated tones. Fresh, clean and crisp, white is neither cold nor warm, making it a universal shade for a bedroom, no matter its style — modern, traditional or rustic.

White color is associated with serenity and peace. A totally white bedroom appears as an oasis of calm, inviting relaxation and rest. When white is used pure, it is important to play with the different textures and sources lighting so that it acquires different shades. For example, you can enter more intense color notes in small quantities, enhancing the attractiveness of the space with high contrast.

The best way to use white without it seems austere is to add carved wooden furniture and a sheepskin rug. Also add artwork and vivid lighting to bring out tones and patterns.

For more information on decorating a white bedroom, check out our dedicated article!

Pastel Blue Room

A little more unsaturated and definitely more sophisticated than turquoise blue, pastel blue has shades of green and brings lightness and energy in a bedroom. Soothing and stimulating at the same time, this is one of the best adult bedroom paint colors if you want a serene and bright space.

A soft blue is like a breath of fresh air when you enter the room. It adds ethereal and dreamy quality to every space but also offers great versatility, making it particularly suitable for this area of the house.

Match pale blue with neutral or even lighter tones to compensate for it. This will open the space. It is an ideal choice for coastal and bohemian interiors. Mix it with other pastels, eclectic furniture and woven accents for a chic and whimsical look. Linen bedding and a side table made of natural material contribute to this simple and incomparable elegance.

Black in the bedroom

If we often think of bright white and clear, crisp shades when trying to optically expand a smaller space, there are also good reasons to choose darker tones. In fact, ink shades are known to amplify smaller rooms, besides they create the ideal mood for sleep and rest. The black color in the bedroom makes it special and intimate in a way that you could never get with a lighter shade.

Paint colors for adult bedroom: cream

Who said beige was boring? Reliable, versatile, warm and subtle, this is one of The most fashionable adult bedroom paint colors of the moment. This light shade contrasts just enough with the clear, crisp interiors, while injecting some heat into the space. It also evokes long walks on a sandy beach. In order to perfect the decor, add cheerful touches of color to the decor and cushions.

Terracotta color room

The room breathes the heat with its walls thanks to the color of terracotta. The fact that this tone is unexpected makes it perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with mural but do not like bright neon lights and playful pastels. If you do not dare to paint all the walls with such a striking color, you can use it on an accent wall or bet on light tones for bedding, carpets and curtains and create a contrast. An imposing work of art also breaks the dark atmosphere. Finally, the combination of terracota and white paint is very elegant and gives dimension to the room.

Bedroom with yellow walls

To create an intimate environment, nothing better than a warm color in a variety of shades and in combination with a lot of wood. You’ve never imagined how beautiful yellow can be in a bedroom. This sunny tone also works great when you also incorporate accent pieces with metallic finishes for a glamorous aesthetic. Think about bronze hanging lamps and stools with interesting frames. In this way, you will accentuate the personality shiny of the yellow.

Greige bedroom

The greige is a cold and classic medium grey, making it the excellent neutral that gives an impression of warmth and comfort. Its tone is closest to earthy tones. It can bring a contemporary and spacious look and open a bedroom. It is a shade that blends with most colors and creates a soothing environment, especially when there is good mood lighting or plenty of natural light.

It is a universal neutral color, which means it matches many different styles of furniture and decor. You can bring out its warmth by combining it with warm accents and furniture, such as beige or woody upholstery, or else it can blend in cold blue tones. Try to contrast a greige wall with white decorative items for a neat look.

Dark Blue has reserved its place among the top colors of adult bedroom paint 2021

Dark blue is very fashionable in its darker version, almost at the edge of black. It is a deep and saturated blue that dresses the walls to give a traditional and majestic bedroom, with a timeless and dramatic touch. An instant feeling of warmth, comfort and calming is obtained as soon as you enter the room.

Intense blue is suitable for modern and traditional rustic interiors. You need to contrast it with lighter colors to balance the decor. — think of white linens, a vintage rust-orange carpet, a green ottoman or a light wooden table. It blends perfectly with white, gold, silver and different shades of pink for a more daring look.

It is also said to be an introspective hue, inviting relaxation and meditation, so it is ideal to use in bedrooms to stimulate harmony of mind and emotions.

Invite green in all these shades into the adult bedroom

A wide range of colours is commonly referred to as green, although in reality green is only one, the one found in the rainbow, when a ray of light breaks down. But in order not to enter into discussions, we agree that it is a color that admits many shades that, combined with each other, are fantastic. For example, we can choose between these greens that tend towards blue tones, and thus create lively and stimulating environments.

The green colour, in all its variations, offers many possibilities for interior decoration and can be adapted to any room and style. In general, it is chosen to create a relaxing and fresh space.

Green is a secondary color, which contains the energy and strength of yellow, spirituality and depth of blue. One could say that it symbolizes the union of body and soul, establishing a balance between the physical and the spiritual, so it is the sublime choice for the bedroom.

The rich and earthy olive green paint is Apparel par excellence for a stylish bedroom. This tone of paint has cool yellow undertones, which gives it a sumptuous and sophisticated look. And even if he is a little bolder, it remains soothing. The olive shade blends with other rich neutrals, such as darker wood tones, black and white upholstery, or tanned leathers. It will also stand out next to metallic details, such as brass and gold tones, which will make it stand out.

The sage green color exudes traditional elegance. This is a proven classic green and yellow undershades, making it a warmer shade. Sage offers a spring and romantic atmosphere to a bedroom. Its subtle presence makes it a light and airy hue, like a breath of fresh air. It is the perfect mix of energy and of soothing.

Although the sage shade can be very traditional, it can also be eclectic, depending on the furniture and decor of your room. Try to combine it with natural materials, such as cane, rattan, natural woods, linen and jute, to achieve a laminated and textured look.

Lilac bedroom

In metaphysics, lilac color is considered to be the transmutation from negative to positive, a hue that stimulates inspiration and intuition. It is also said to act as a protection against dark forces, so it could be used in rooms to protect people during sleep.

Lilac adapts beautifully to different types of style but fits especially well in rooms Modern rooms, although it is also very common to find it in the color palette of romantic rooms with vintage touches. The same is wonderful in rooms with light wood floors, such as pine, light oak, beech, maple or ash wood floors, creating a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and clarity.

Pink Room

Pink is the obvious choice for decorating a romantic adult bedroom, but to prevent the room from becoming too stuffy, this color should be used in a mix of floral or geometric patterns, for example with vibrant gray or white tones. It’s also a good idea to pair pink with white furniture to keep a fresh and contemporary look.

Adorable for classic, coastal and classic style interiors Traditional, this color can be more intense or more beige depending on the lighting and accent objects of your room. Try to combine it with blue and white decorative objects and natural textures (thick cushions, patterned rugs, colorful artwork, woven seats) to prevent the bedroom’s pink look from looking flat or monotonous.

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